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Use the shortest cable possible. Ensure that they are properly connected.

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USB hubs can also cause white noise or audio interrupts. Mac users: Make sure you are connecting directly to your computer and not your keyboard, which acts essentially as a USB hub. Your objective is to have little or no latency while eliminating that white noise. Optionally, adjust the sample rate and bit depth settings to match the project settings in your recording application.

Change power schemes to "Always On". Also change all of the Always On Power Scheme settings to "never".

USB Audio Troubleshooting - Computer Audio Set Up and Troubleshooting - Line 6 Community

Set your Line 6 device as the main sound card on your system: See these Knowledge Base items to learn how:. For more information on PCI Cards please visit. For more optimization tips, see Computer System Audio Optimization knowledge base article. Chipset Error Explanation : If the computer fails to meet standard USB requirements, a possible result the soundcard creates a "white noise burst" at the analog audio outputs. The chipsets we have verified as having this problem are the G, P and X chipsets, although others may be affected as well.

Intel publishes on their web site an Errata that provides a more detailed explanation. Please note that computers that create this problem produce issues with all USB 1. For instance, Digidesign provides their customers with similar information on this Intel chipset problem. Also note that your computer may have this problem even if other USB devices seem to behave normally.

This is because other USB devices like USB printers and hard drives generally use USB's bulk mode of transfer, and do not produce noticeable problems if data is momentarily interrupted, as on these problem Intel chipsets.

USB 1. These Intel chipsets fail to consistently provide the continuous data flow required for the isochronous mode and audio. If you want to know if your chipset is one of the affected ones, go to this link and download the program CPU-Z 1. This program will gather detailed info on your CPU.

Once downloaded, run the program, select the "Mainboard" tab and note the information where it says "Chipset" e. Solution : We do not have a solution that ensures proper performance on these computers. Once these cards are installed, these computers often stop exhibiting the "white noise burst" problem, because the USB implementation on these cards overrides the flawed built-in USB implementation of the computers.

Note : ISA motherboards operate at lower bus speeds, and can slow down your computer and can sometimes cause "clicks" in the audio. We recommend using a non-ISA board. Powered hubs can also create connection issues between our devices and our drivers. However, there have been a few cases where powered hubs actually resolve pops and clicks on certain laptops where the USB ports may not be providing enough power to the Line 6 audio interface. It can be downloaded at:. We have seen these techniques work for other users who are experienced with advanced computer adjustments.

Perform these advanced procedures at your own risk. In some cases, the ultimate resolution was to replace the computer. Speedstep is an Intel efficiency tool that enables the CPU to speed up and slow down according to the load put on it. However it also changes the voltages running through the CPU accordingly and may cause crackles when the CPU steps up and down. C1E is the auto voltage setting that is usually enabled along with Speedstep. This should set the CPU to run at its fixed maximum speed with no voltage changes.

Troubleshooting involves disabling hardware one item at a time, then running the Latency Checker each time until the latency subsides in the checker. It will provide a comprehensible report and find the kernel modules and processes responsible for causing audio latencies which result in drop outs.

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Note: Be sure to read some of the possible root causes for pops and clicks that the developer of this software offers up under the description of this tool. Some of these advanced tips may help you resolve your issue. Hard Drive Reformat: Reformat the hard drive to clean out the registry and remove any problem-causing files. Reinstalling the OS and other applications after a reformat of hard drive may repair previously unfixable problems, and may improve system performance. If the problem has something to do with USB bus corruption, or a problem with power, then increasing the buffer sizes wouldn't change anything.

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We recommend that you consult with a qualified computer technician to verify if this is the case. There should be one or two simple-streamed variants companion app is optional and one to many ADP options audio and video streams are transparently downloaded and aggregated locally, this requires the use of the companion app. In general, the best quality is only available through an ADP option. Changes from 7. Some of those fixes are located in the add-on itself, some had to be made in the companion application the external application that is to be installed along with the extension in order to provide the necessary capabilities removed from Firefox Quantum v As a consequence, Video DownloadHelper 7.

We understand that updating this companion application is a bit tedious if you compare to how smoothly the add-on updates, and we try to keep this requirement as seldom as possible. But in this case, we had no other choice. We apologize in advance. Features YouTube bulk download: it is now possible to mouse-select a part of a YouTube page and request the download of all the videos that are linked from from the selected section.

This is feature was existing in VDH6 but was limited to unsigned videos. Smartnaming is back: you can now again specify for given sites where in the page to get the video file name from, or choose an obfuscated file name for discretion. Try it: open Video DownloadHelper settings and choose Conversion Rules in the dropdown menu Variant preferences editing: as with VDH6, you can now reorder the variant qualities you want to appear at the top of the list.

By default, you need to manually analyze the page from the add-on main panel for the potential galleries to be discovered, or you can change the setup to perform the analyze automatically whenever a page is loaded. Added right-click download commands: right-clicking into a page gives access to a Video DownloadHelper menu. From there you can request the download of a video playing in the page, or perform some top-level commands like opening the extensions settings or requesting the analyze of the page. Blacklist edition: it is now possible to edit the blacklist from the settings, in order to remove an entry that has been erroneously added, or add new ones manually.