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Well, I'm gone. Don't take a chance with this software. It will hurt your business. It was pretty easy to figure out, without going to any documentation. I had a list of 4, email addresses I wanted to send to, with some photos, and it was easy to write up my email, add photos, import the email addresses, and send.

17 Best Email Marketing Software For Mac & PC

The best part was that is worked flawlessly with my EIMS email server. I tried another program which was cheaper, but didn't work well with my email server and had a hard time incorporating jpgs into my email. Been using since 4. Plus, VERY responsive tech support--resolved a reported bug within a day and posted a new version immediately.

What a piece of buggy junk. There are so many bugs its hard to count. The main one being that it will not retain formatting when you try to use stylized text to create an email in this program. Every time you save, close and re-open your file - it comes up with different formatting. What was centered is now left justified. What was left justified is now centered. Maddening and useless.

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I've been using MBM for several years to send monthly mailings to lists of subscribers. It's horrendously slow to send, but the mailings look great, so I consider it to serve the purpose well. However, I was just going through and removing bounced addresses, when I managed to accidentally delete three of my lists.

Their tech support which replied in a day, to their credit , said the files are "removed from the system", and I believe them, as two separate file recovery programs had absolutely no luck. Why not move the files to the trash instead? I don't know. Obviously I'm stupid for not backing the files up before messing with them, but I'd been doing it for years with no worries.

But I still can't believe the program could perform a task so horribly drastic that unbelievably easily and deliberately. Three years of collected addresses down the tubes in a matter of seconds. So if you use it, back up your list files. I've been using this to send good looking HTML emails to our database and couldn't sing higher praises for this software.

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This product just works. Questions were answered almost immediately from the developers when I had one. I purchased the "Ultimate e-mail Toolkit" which contains all four of the MaxProg email programs. Foolish me; I bought them one at a time instead of all at once and spent more money. I now have 6 months of usage experience with MaxBulk Mailer and the other programs and have this to say: 1. Support is even better! It was always very good. You submitted a trouble ticket and received a response within 24 hours.

But now, MaxProg has added a Users Forum. The forum is very easy to use and provides excellent support. I have 5 clients for whom I send out newsletters and email blasts releated to conferences. In addition, this software to send bulk emails has hundreds of integration with e-commerce platforms and other digital tools. Sendblaster is software for sending bulk email that requires a download to work. However, it combines download a web service that allows:.

Constant Contact is another software for sending bulk email that requires no download or installation later. That is only available in English. Still, those responsible for this software for sending bulk emails boast of getting good scores in the ranking TrustPilot. It is offering based on user reviews confidence. Finally, the software for email broadcasting Constant Contact can be expanded with the Plus features. For connecting the emailing with live events, coupons or surveys , among other options.

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Find out here or sign up for a free trial of MDirector. I accept the privacy policy. French Italian Spanish. Best 6 software for sending massive emails September 18, It is economical and thus easy on the pocket. Sendinblue also provides Inbox testing and free plan also. It is available in 6 languages. Get it from here. SendBlaster has been a popular option for years. The software is simple and easy to use.

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It not only helps send out bulk emails but also set up campaigns. The beauty about this software is that it caters to all the basic tools required by a business. It is ideal for enterprises which mostly use emails to communicate. Some of its features include, strong spam check and easy transfer of contacts from various formats like excel, Access, Outlook etc. It also offers a set of basic templates. If you are seeking a frill free software to send out bulk emails then SendBlaster is the ideal software.

It lets the user personalize emails and add features like unsubscribe link. The tracking tool of this software helps keep a tab on the number of people who open the email. The list of best software to send mail in bulk would be incomplete without MailChimp.

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It has been offering email marketing services since the year The email which gets a higher open rate is then sent to emails of the group which got lower open rate. This will allow the user to effectively market their brand. Time warp function allows the user to set a specific time to send out the bulk emails based on the time zone of the contacts.

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Thunder Mailer is a popular choice amongst software that can send out bulk emails. The software is easy to understand and simple to operate. At the same time, it offers a plethora of tools for the advanced users. This software is most suitable for all types of businesses. The list of best software to send mail in bulk would incomplete without Aweber. This reasonably priced software is suitable for if you have a large contact list to send emails to.

The software lets the user to import contacts from various file types such as xls, xlsx, tsv, csv and txt format. The best feature of AWeber is the support that they offer to their clients. While most of the providers in this category offer only email support, they offer phone, email and live chat support. Like the most in this list, AWeber offers many templates to its user to create customized emails. It also has much-needed features like autoresponder and split testing. The software allows easy and useful segmentation of the client database. If you are on a budget or looking for an easy to use platform to start bulk emailing, Mad Mimi is the perfect software for you.