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Using the 3. Running alsaloop gives : Code:. April 19th, 3. April 19th, 4.

April 19th, 5. Join Date Jan Beans 1, Have a read of the debian bug report that is linked there.

Which Macs are compatible with Ubuntu?

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Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions thus far. Thanks, Ade.

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April 19th, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Tags for this Thread mac mini g4 , ppc hardware soundcard. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Next week I'm going to be doing some bus-level analysis of some communication failures involving the RPi and a certain family of printers.

If you want a kernel that's being actively maintained and a mostly free userspace with the exception of some fairly exotic devel tools , the various BeagleBone variants are pretty nice — a single Gbit Ethernet phy on the base model, but directly attached to the SoC over GMII the wireless models require a binary blob for the WiFi firmware.

If you need gigabit Ethernet, Olimex are building some rather nice boards e. Sure, anything major would have resulted in something that's no longer [mostly] pin-compatible, but would it have really been that hard to replace the BM's afterthought-of-a-USB controller with something a bit less horrid?

Especially given that Broadcom already has other USB controllers that are much, much more capable OpenWRT device recommendation? I have an OpenWRT device but it's ancient and I'm having trouble figuring out what to replace it with. It's been the default cipher in OpenSSH for two years and a large chunk of the web uses it too — you're likely using it more than AES at this point.

You will still be able to install and use Debian on that machine for the foreseeable future. The powerpc ports has been removed from "testing" which means there is no official support and there are no CD images officially available.

Installing Debian on a Mac Mini

However, we are constantly improving support for the unofficial architectures in Debian Debian Ports and therefore powerpc is still receiving lots of love. You just have to use Debian unstable as Debian Ports doesn't have stable or testing releases.

On a sidenote, sparc64 is expected to become a release architecture after Stretch. User: Password:.

What about OldWorld Macs?

Ubuntu has discontinued support for the bit powerpc architecture in Zesty Zappus Log in to post comments. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Ubuntu: A follow-up on bit powerpc architecture Posted Mar 18, UTC Sat by allesfresser guest, [ Link ] You would think so, but perhaps except for the Firewire interface it's pretty poky overall.