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When an eBook is purchased it is encrypted so that no one else can read it. This software decrypts the eBook so that it can be read.

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For more information on the various Bookshelf software, please follow the link below. By authorising your computer you will link all your eBook purchases to your Adobe account. This means that you can then transfer those eBooks to other computers. If you have eBooks on multiple computers, you need to authorize each one with Digital Editions prior to transferring eBooks between them. Conversely if you do not authorise your computer, DRM protected items that you have already downloaded or will download later are tied to that particular computer and are not readable on other computers or devices.

Yes, you can. You can buy different formats and also buy books, DVDs at the same time. In fact anything we sell on the site can be added to your shopping basket and will deliver it to you in the correct format. No sorry, once the download has started even if you don't download the entire book, we're unable to cancel and refund your order. However, if you're not happy with the experience or there are content issues, please let us know so we can try to resolve this for you.

Loading your ebook from your mac to your Sony ereader

Please contact our support team who will be able to help. Please make sure before you submit your order you know that you are ordering an eBook and this is the format you want - check here for format details. Please check before you attempt to download your eBook that it is compatible with your eReader or device as we cannot issue a refund once the content has been downloaded. Don't worry, we're here to help! We'll need some information from you to help us solve your problem. Usually we'll want to know what version of Adobe Digital Editions you have, where you are attempting to download your eBook and where in the process the error occurred, a screen print of any error message, what device you're using, browser etc.

Problems don't happen often but when they do they are usually quick and easy to resolve. Click here contact us. You may however put the eBook onto more than one device that is registered to you. Once an eBook order has been placed we cannot refund it regardless of whether the eBook has been downloaded to your computer or not.

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Please make sure that your Bookshelf Software is regularly updated, if it is not the newest version then this may be the reason your eBook is not visible on your Bookshelf. You can download each eBook up to three times from the download link. There can be a number of reasons that an eBook will not open, but the main reason is that the Bookshelf software needs to be updated. Please check that you have the most current version installed on your system. Please confirm you have read all the Frequently Asked Questions and the relevant download instructions before sending an email to ebookhelp hive.

Please make sure you include as much detail as possible e. Your query will be passed on to our technical team who will contact you by email to resolve the problem. We would suggest that you create backup files and store your eBooks on one of the free cloud services such as Google drive, OneDrive or Dropbox to ensure you can still enjoy and access your ebook after the link expires.

Unfortunately, Google terminated their reseller program so Google eBooks are now only available directly from Google Play. Google will continue to provide customer support for all purchases.

To find out if the book you want is available as an eBook, simply enter your search term title, author etc. Or, you can select eBooks from the dropdown search box, enter the search term and only matching eBook items will be returned.

In the search results we also provide details of the eBook format, eBook or Google eBook. This will vary from eBook to eBook as the rules governing the printing are dictated by the publisher. Therefore some eBooks will be fully printable; some will only allow a percentage of the eBook to be printed and some none at all. If you would like us to confirm what can be printed before an order is placed, please contact us as eBooks cannot be refunded once downloaded. Email us at customerservice hive. Posted on Oct 3, AM. Page content loaded. I could not make Sony Reader work either!

I contacted Sony Support Spain and they could not help - no idea if an update will be issued and, if so, when. Oct 4, AM. Oct 9, PM. Oct 9, PM in response to carolinefrommudgeeraba In response to carolinefrommudgeeraba. This is OK for an emergency. But, how do I return borrowed books to Library?

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My temporada solution that works perfectly is to uninstall El Capitan and return to Yosemite. No idea if they will update software etc!!! I have not tried Calibre - maybe this works with El Capitan? Oct 10, AM.

Downloading and running "DriverLoader_1013"

I have this problem too. Calibre works OK for me though. Oct 10, PM. Calibre transfers non-DRM very well, and fortunately the reason why I bought this reader I can still borrow books from overdrive libraries through the device itself over wifi. Oct 15, AM in response to carolinefrommudgeeraba In response to carolinefrommudgeeraba.

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Oct 15, AM. Regarding the DRM issue I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions 4. I then searched for the Adobe Digital Editions folder and dragged the now ePub version of the books to the Reader drive mounted on my desktop. This then transferred the files to my reader. A little convoluted perhaps Oct 18, AM. Nov 29, AM in response to carolinefrommudgeeraba In response to carolinefrommudgeeraba. The Kobo Reader app for Mac has supported my It currently does not find the Seems OSX There is little or no support from Kobo for the Mac side so you are on your own, there.

The Kobo app supported the older models? That I did not know. I used Calibre with mine.

It does a good job of removing DRM, which is handy when you buy a book intended for Kindle and want to read it on a Sony or Nook. Just a note. One detail about the possible dead Sony reader I learned the hard way from experience. I found out about this trick after I had thrown out my old Sony.

Good point. One should always perform a hard reset before junking a device, because sometimes that will revive it. Just to point out that its not Calibre that removes the DRM from books, but added tools from Apprentice Alf that do so. Calibre on its own will not remove DRM, nor is that its intended use. I still have my Sony prs , and while I am more than willing to purchase new books, cannot find an easy way to get them to my reader, so I just snag them from torrent sites, drop on a SD card and plug in my reader and read to my hearts content.

I do not advocate everyone doing this, ie artists deserve to be paid, not to mention the virisus and Spyware you can pick up on a torrent site but not left with much choice. I have been thinking about doing a hard reset, however apparently once reset you need to authorise the ebook again. Is it still possible to do this, so long after Sony quit ereaders? I have an PRS which I lost in moving many years ago. Looking vend it. Hi there! Now the only problem is that my Win10 Computer does not recognize it.

Any help is much appreciated.