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Download the update here. Check out the latest uploads to the render-ready Podium Browser library. We're adding to the collection almost every week! See the latest. Search the Podium and Podium Browser documentation:. SU Podium v2. Rendering for SketchUp made fast and easy.

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Podium Browser library Podium Browser contains over 20, render-ready components and high quality materials. SU Podium Version 2.


Why should I use SU Podium? Free Trial. Your browser may not support HTML5 if you do not see a video. Latest Gallery Images. Podium Browser is efficiency Podium Browser is a premium content library with over 20, render-ready SketchUp components. Jamie Wood. Download the Zipped. EditInPlace lets you overcome SketchUp's clipping plane by modifying a component or group definition in a separate SketchUp window.

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Read more about EditInPlace here. Download the. By creating a grid of omni lights Omni Grid creates a relatively even source of light over a wide space. It is best for interior rendering. Once you have installed OmniGrid, OmniGrid will be available from the context menu in SketchUp when you select a face. Make Fur plugin is not a Cadalog, Inc.

RBZ file. Learn how to use Make Fur with Podium Browser's 2. Please note: Cadalog, Inc.

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It happens to be a plug-in that will like to use. But we did not create it. Once you have installed SU Grid will be available from the context menu in SketchUp when you select a face.

Please note: Cadalog does not provide support for SU Grid. This is a free plug-in. Read more about SU Grid here. This program will create involute spur gears with or without shaft keys.

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After installing the. Be aware - the involute gears get placed at 0,0,0. They are grouped so you can move and rotate them. Please note: Cadalog does not provide support for Cadalog gear. It is a free plug-in with no support. Please read more about it here. Podium Browser is a premium content library containing thousands of 2D and 3D render-ready components.

Download Podium Browser here.

Safari will not download. Download Podium Server here. Should I download the. It depends on what Browser you are using. Make sure Revit is closed before clicking Next on the Sefaira for Revit installer. Once finished, open Revit and the plugin will be listed in the Add-ins section. Enter your email and password used for Sefaira web application to login to Sefaira for Revit Plugin.

While accessing the web application and downloading the plugins is straight forward, we do have supplemental information on how to handle firewalls, adjust proxy settings, and adjust the default browsers. Search results Show more. Getting Started Accessing the Sefaira plugin in SketchUp Sefaira's energy performance and daylight analysis can be performed on SketchUp models from within the SketchUp modeling environment.

ZIP download above.