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If you plan to travel in the future, you will absolutely need this software. If you plan to work in a competitive field, you will absolutely need these lessons. If you plan on going on a service mission in the future, you will absolutely need this program.

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The way the world is heading, we need to be bilingual at least to survive in this world. What is going to be the best way to become bilingual? Getting the best free learn to speak Spanish download, of course! Learn Spanish with our free interactive lessons. You'll eventually be able to go on a trip and speak Spanish with the natives.

Internet junkie? You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used. Interactive transcript for Carlos Baute song. Learn all the vocabulary in any video with quizzes. Quiz for a popular soccer commercial.

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FluentU is highly recommended for people who are audio-visual learners and want to learn more about the Spanish culture. Duolingo Spanish is split up into units that have a certain theme e. Units are generally divided into two types: tenses and others e. Within each unit, there are sub-units.

Each sub-unit covers about 7 — 10 words. Each unit can have anywhere from 1 — 10 sub-units. Inside each sub-unit, there are six types of exercises that teach you these words, building on what you already know: the voice recording, where you read a Spanish sentence out loud after hearing a native recording; English to Spanish translation of a phrase; Spanish to English translation of a phrase; matching a photo to a word; rearranging words to form a sentence; and multiple choice questions.

Duolingo was designed to be quick to use, so it uses a very focused approach to distill lessons down to the bare essentials. Overall, Duolingo really manages to teach Spanish in a simple way by honing in on the most important words that are most commonly used in daily situations. Price : Free for a demo account. Among the 11 apps here, Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly the most famous learning methodology and sits as the oldest language learning app. Rosetta Stone is designed very differently than most language apps that are on the marketplace today. Instead of learning Spanish through English, it is designed for us to learn Spanish through Spanish.

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On top of its learning component, it also has a platform where you can schedule lessons with a live tutor every other lesson. So if you enjoy practicing Spanish by talking to native speakers, this might be a great bonus feature. Speech recognition within the platform has also been praised because it has been designed to specifically recognise pronunciation of non-native speakers. The enhanced speech recognition really helps offset this.

Overall, I have to say that this is a pretty intensive method. See more information on the official site here! MindSnacks is often a widely praised iOS Spanish app that treats learning Spanish as a game rather than being taught entire phrases and grammar points. In Swell, an English or Spanish word flashes on screen.

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Two choices are then given for the Spanish and English equivalents. Before the time runs out, you have to select the correct answer. And it gets faster and faster every word, so you have to know your words really well to select the right answer quickly! Memrise is a very unique language learning app. There are different modules in the app, and many more lessons in each module. For each lesson, it generally consists of a Spanish word, its English meaning and an audio recording.

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Instead of just rote repetition, it helps you learn through funny ways of thinking about a word. In similar examples, you get ridiculously funny sentences that contain both the Spanish word and its meaning. Download Duolingo. What We Like Unique teaching methods. Learn several languages. Upgrade options. What We Don't Like Must make a user account.

Unfriendly website design. Our Review of Memrise. Download Memrise. What We Like Great for all experience levels. Socialize with other learners. Provide feedback to other users. What We Don't Like Small language selection. Lots of features are not free.

User account necessary. Our Review of busuu.

Download busuu. What We Like Language-specific apps. Several learning modes. Includes a driving feature.

What We Don't Like Infrequent app updates. Fewer languages than similar apps. No Android apps. Download AccellaStudy Apps. What We Like Lots of ways to learn. Apps are easy to use. What We Don't Like Extremely outdated apps. Sparse language selection. What We Like Built for travelers. Unique features. Multi-platform support.

What We Don't Like Learning method seems out of order. Download For :. What We Like Helpful translation methods.