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I had this game on disc before Apple quit supporting it which is lame, Apple. This version of it plays basically identically on my MacBook. When playing a generals challenge, I can usually make it through one or two generals before it crashes. If Aspyr fixes this, I will happily change my rating to five stars. Aspyr, do you hear me?? Fix it, fix it, fix it!!!

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Its very frustrating - moving up down side to side is tedious, and at times nauseating, i resort to clicking on the mini map to navigate, even if its close by. I researched a bit about how to solve the issue myself, found what i thought would be a resolution adding a few lines of instruction to the INI file via TextEdit but ended up irrepably damaging the file. Bottom line, huge fan of the series overall, but to me the zoom issue makes game unplayable. Late iMac - in overall, the game runs pretty well.

Zoom can be fixed manually!!! Nonetheless, if you upgraded your system to El Capitan, invitations do NOT get through; however, yosemite invitations do get through! Players are still waiting for an update to fix this issue. If you do fix the zoom manually, the game eventually crashes. This happens once in a while-not too often. If you insist to host games for you and your friends, you will need to create a backup of your system, do an internet-recovery, create a second partition, install yosemite on your new created partition, and use time machine backup for your normal first partition.

Mac App Store Preview. It is possible, the Gamedata. However this prevents you from playing with people LAN or online who haven't changed this value. The Gamedata. If this file is not there you can download it and save it in this location. Editing the "Gamedata. Make also sure to set the resolution in this file to the resolution of your screen. Wide screen resolutions like x or x are possible.

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  • If you haven't done this yet: set this resolution also in the "options. Please make sure to do not change the options in-game because it will screw up this changes!

    Download Rise of the Reds 1.5 (for Mac)

    In order to see the Content Directory, you must right click on the game under applications and select "Show Package contents". OK so I just spent over a day researching on how to fix the resolution problem where you are too zoomed in because of mismatching of screen resolution to game resolution. You can potentially fix it with modifications such as Gamedata. The only way to fix it legitimately is to download GenTool which gives more possibilities for adjustment of screen resolution in Options in the main menu of the game. The only problem is that this won't work on the 17 years Ultimate edition pack.

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    Wolf For those wondering. The Origin version of the game does not allow for changing camera height. The accepted solution doesn't work. Would be pleased if someone found a way and added it as an answer.

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    Wallem89 3 3 3 bronze badges. Kevin Kevin But how can I save it?

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    It's not possible to save after changing of MaxCameraHeight to ''.