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Open the message or document you want to convert to PDF and send as an email attachment.

Mac Outgoing Mail Problems

The document is converted to PDF and attached to a new email message. By default, the URL to the Web page is inserted into the email body and a drop-down menu appears under the Subject line.

Displaying attachments as icons the temporary way

After you convert and attach the PDF to the email message form, type a message to accompany the attached PDF in the email body. Insert the recipient's email address into the To field, and then send the message with the PDF attached.

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You do not need to have the Mail application open to generate and attach a PDF to a new email message. Rebuilding a mailbox should not be problematic, but it is always better to be safe with a new backup anyway. All attachments should be visible again unless you either have to disable or they are in an incompatible format.

1. Use Mail Drop and Similar Cloud Services

Usually, if you are getting an incompatible attachment, they are from the Windows sender and this tip will be helpful to open the Winmail. Also, it is worth stating that very large file attachments are sent via Mail Drop. Assume that those mail attachments are sent from another Apple user with iCloud, thus there will be a downloaded link to the attachment, instead of an attachment.

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  7. Separately, you can also update to the new version of Mac OS Sierra, as of writing this If you are avoiding Mac OS Sierra due to certain problems or some other reasons, obviously you would not need to install anything beyond incremental updates or security fixes for a specific version of Mac Operating System or Mac OS X instead. If the above-described method is not working fine and it has some limitations which can lead to a worse situation for normal users like data loss etc.

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    Thus, to avoid all the shortcomings, it is recommended to a user to select a reliable and effective solution i. It is capable enough to maintain the data integrity, email attachments, folder hierarchy and HTML formatting will remain same. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can understand its layout without talking an expert help. With the help of CleanMyMac X , you can also scan your Mac for other junk files, malware threats, and speed up your machine.

    All that in a few clicks. Attachments in Mail can occupy several gigabytes of disk space on your Mac. Manually removing them to free up space can be a long and laborious process.

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    If you do decide to use a manual method, deleting them from within Mail is the safest option. And remember, even if you delete attachments on your Mac, if you use an IMAP account like iCloud mail or Gmail, your attachments will remain on the server and can be retrieved when you need them.

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