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Personal laser printers are just that: with paper trays for typically sheets of paper. But if you're a prolific author, writer or editor - or share the printer in a workgroup, look for midrange and up printers that have larger, and additional paper trays. Many workgroup lasers support adding additional high-capacity paper trays underneath the main printer unit for higher print volumes and more flexibility in paper option choices.

The print speeds of laser are also impressive - especially for color prints. An 8 x 10, full-color photograph might take severasl minutes on an inkjet printer but on a color laser a printout may take only a minute. Expandable paper capacity. Large 5-inch touch control panel.

Strong security features. Includes single-pass auto-duplexing ADF. No NFC support. Big and heavy.

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High purchase price. Bottom Line: Although the Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer Scdn is pricey, its speed, print quality, and low running costs make it an excellent color laser all-in-one for your micro or small office. Pros: Excellent print quality overall. Auto-duplexing ADF.

7 Best Laser Printers For Mac 12222 Review

Competitively low running costs. Fast for its class. Cons: No multipurpose tray. Small output tray.

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Slightly expensive. Pros: Above average print quality. Instant Ink-eligible. Multiple connectivity options. Cons: High cost per page without Instant Ink.

Reviews of 10 Apple Compatible Printers

Lackluster software bundle. Bottom Line: Terrific print quality and competitive print speeds and running costs make HP's OfficeJet Pro good for low-volume printing in small offices and workgroups, especially when used with HP's Instant Ink service. Pros: Fast. Good print quality. Low running costs. High standard and optional paper capacities. Lightweight for its size. High-yield ink tanks available. Cons: Expansion paper trays and printer stand are expensive. Good text and excellent graphics quality.

PCL and PostScript drivers. Low running costs for an inkjet. Cons: Relatively pricey for what it offers. Pros: Excellent text quality.

Best Laser Printer & Copier for PC, Mac, iOS & Android?

Slightly above-par graphics. ADF supports single-pass, two-sided scanning. Cons: Similar printers deliver better graphics and photo quality. Limited optional paper capacity for its price. As Analyst for printers, scanners, and projectors, Tony Hoffman tests and reviews these products and provides news coverage for these categories. Laser printers often dominate the work space and offices. The engines found in laser printer devices often allow them to produce more output in less time.

Top 10 Best All-In-One Printers for Mac 12222 Reviews

Also, while the initial cost of the product itself and the toner cartridge is more expensive, when taken on a cost per page basis, they come out way ahead of inkjet printers, specially if the inkjet makes use of color ink. As with many of the products from this brand, it comes with a relatively affordable price tag, and a simple exterior. It is a straightforward print only device without the added functions found in many of the inkjets.

What you really need

The main reason comes down to cost. Adding color and other features will push up the already more expensive mechanism included in the item.

Printer Compatible with Mac:

So instead of adding accessories, manufacturers has opted to focus on improving print quality and speed. Ideal for high capacity use, it fits sheets in its paper trays, connects to both AirPrint and Android mobile devices and has auto duplex that can save paper. From one of the best known printer manufacturers in the world, Brother comes one of the easiest printing machines to set up.

Software and installer are built in the product itself eliminating the need for inserting a CD in your computer and running a setup program. Once you plug the item onto your computer, just turn in on and it will automatically do the rest. It can be connected through a USB so you can print your black and white document easily.

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  • This is one that offers fast printing in a small package. It can print up to 26 pages per minute and also equipped with auto document feeder and automatic 2 sided print feature. Like the Brother printer above, this only prints and has a very simple design composed of only a few buttons to stop or continue as well as a few LED lights to warn of paper jams and system status.