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Posted 27 November - PM. So I don't have regular access to my Windows machine, but I'd like to be able to work on editing textures in the meantime on my MacBook Pro.

I have Photoshop, is there any way I can install the Nvidia plugin? AdeptusAstrates Regular Supporter 94 posts.

Normal Maps in Photoshop 3D

My experience is with Photoshop though, and not modding, so I don't know about normal maps or anything. I own the CS5 version and it works like charm Opening and saving as dds.. If you want to save.

Bump Maps in Photoshop 3D

Sunnie Girls, Girls, Girls! Members 1, posts. You will also not have to worry about preserving alpha transparency channels with the plugin, and it does save normal maps. I haven't been about to find a version of the plugin that works on Mac.

Any advice to make better Normal maps?

From looking at the DDS files though it appears that the normal map is a separate file, does that make sense? Could you please try resetting the preferences of Photoshop by following the steps mentioned below:. You are prompted to delete the current settings. The new preferences files are created the next time you start Photoshop. Please, let us know if it helps.

This did not work. The pictures depict my process. I get to step 3 then I get a loading icon and the program keeps loading. The timing of pressing the keys whilst opening can be tricky though. An alternative way to reset preferences,if Photoshop is open, is to go to Preferences - General then choose "Reset Preferences on Quit".

Photoshop 3D – Using Depth Maps, Bump Maps, and Normal Maps

Then press OK and restart Photoshop. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.