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Grab your stuff while you still can. Overview Specs. Publisher's Description. The files created by Mac Auto Mouse Click software can be stored to desktop or to any other location using Finder, just like with any other software. Double Click on any of the saved file will open up the Mac Auto Mouse Click and will load the contents of the file in it. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to start macro script execution or even to pick screen location of clicking. Please Wait. Submit Your Reply. Summary: Count: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

Using Automator to Record and Play Back Mouse Actions

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. E-mail This Review. E-mail this to: Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel. Thank You,! Report Offensive Content. Select type of offense: Offensive: Sexually explicit or offensive language. By Danrlei, at Sep 29, By Menglay, at Sep 28, By Nils, at Sep 26, When i press the start to play the recorded script, it doesn't start but when i then click on the programm mouse recorder it starts.

Anybody has a solution for me? By maguila, at Sep 25, By VC, at Sep 25, I would like to be able to individually change a delay. By Shynet, at Sep 24, Gloria: There is no option to search currently. Spencer: I'm sorry there is no option this is prevented by how the way Windows is built.

But you can actually use a virtual machine for that. By Spencer, at Sep 19, Could it be possible to make the pointer from this program additional to the one you mouse uses? That way you can do other things as this program is functioning. By Gloria, at Sep 3, This is a fantastic little program! Just one question.

Is there a way to do a search for a certain word of phrase the editor? I have been just scrolling through. By your name, at Aug 22, By Person, at Aug 20, The keyboard doesn't even work with longer records By alcides ota, at Aug 8, By Rafal, at Aug 2, Hi, But could you consider to add event script to be repeated: x times to create a script with little scripts inside, so one could devide big job in small part-jobs. By huh, at Jul 21, By Shynet, at Jul 21, Knolle: You can merge a few scripts using the editor.

About the copy-paste keybind, there is future versions for the current planning but maybe there will be in the future. By Knolle, at Jul 20, For the coming update, are you going to implement a loop for merged scripts?

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So I can just merge 1 script once and loop it X times. By Shynet, at Jul 19, Andrea: So, what are the issues you are facing? George: When does this bug occurs? By Andrea, at Jul 16, I would like to call a script using MRPlayer. By dude82, at Jul 14, By Godonz, at Jun 12, By George, at May 22, By a, at May 20, By Shynet, at May 14, By yehuda, at May 7, By JP, at May 1, By Langitan, at Apr 30, By Lavazza, at Apr 28, By Shynet, at Apr 24, By Albertina, at Apr 10, I want a set specific set of mouse clicks every hour or so, how do I schedule that.

By Lavazza, at Apr 9, Hi, a great piece of software! By the way, is there a way to include how many times the macro will play in a script? Each time I load my script, I have to re-specify "times to play" in options. By nodo, at Apr 5, By Shynet, at Apr 5, Sascha: By creating a plugin you can do this. By andi, at Mar 25, By boat, at Mar 17, Hi Shay, Thank you for coding this wonderful macro - it's been doing wonders for me at work.

By Sascha, at Mar 14, By Shynet, at Mar 14, By Simon, at Mar 14, So as long as I use a combo I guess I'll be fine : Thanks for the Help and making this awesome program. But once I use singleHotkey it happens again. By Simon, at Mar 11, By Shynet, at Mar 9, Cristian: which Windows are you using? By goran, at Mar 8, By Cristian, at Mar 7, Any idea?

By maya, at Mar 4, By hobbit, at Feb 26, By xxx, at Feb 25, By adad, at Feb 23, By asdasd, at Feb 21, By Krognus, at Feb 20, By hennie, at Jan 30, By Shynet, at Jan 13, By John, at Jan 6, I want to be able to adjust the delay time for each delay event, how do I do that? By jeremy, at Dec 27, By Don't work, at Dec 10, By Shynet, at Dec 9, By gabriel, at Dec 9, By Goofy, at Dec 8, This software can't record action " Click and hold mouse".

Someone help me? By Przemek, at Dec 7, By nick, at Dec 7, By Shynet, at Dec 3, This should solve your problem! By Adam, at Nov 30, Parameter name 'index'". By ali, at Nov 29, By userX, at Nov 25, I think I downloaded it from here but I'm not sure. I will download it again from this site and reinstall. By Shynet, at Nov 24, Have you downloaded the original MRP from this site? By userX, at Nov 18, Problem Signature Problem Signature System. Socket OS Version By Shynet, at Nov 18, What exactly the error is?

Mac Mouse Recorder

MRP needs internet connectivity only to check for updates, not more then that. By Shynet, at Nov 15, User: MRP is based on it. I can't. What your issues? By User, at Nov 14, Any chance you could make a version that doesn't require the. Windows 8 refuses to install it. By Shynet, at Nov 13, Seems strange, does it crush on start-up or later on? If you uncheck "Check for updates" it shouldn't be making any connnections. By Shynet, at Nov 9, By userX, at Nov 9, As the firewall blocks the connection, the program crashes. By Evon, at Nov 6, By Shynet, at Nov 3, Michael, there is one but you will have to build your own plugin for that.

Pavel: Have you tried in another language that character? By Pavel, at Nov 2, By Michael, at Nov 1, Is there an option to insert variable from a list Example: Insert user name as following User1 User2 etc By Shynet, at Oct 24, By Bas, at Oct 23, No problem, i was just curious. Do you know a simular program for Mac? By Bas, at Oct 22, Great working program! But do you have or are you working on a Mac version? By Shynet, at Oct 22, Hello guys! Kent: Use the "Advanced" button to find the repeat option. Bas: There is no Mac version, I'm sorry By Kent, at Oct 19, Hi, Shynet.

How to repeat the record? I cannot find any option there. By the way nice tool. By Sensi, at Oct 12, Hello Martin, MRP is a macro recording to your input. It doesn't really know "anything" beyond it - which means unfortunately it only works relative to your screen size and start. By Martin D, at Sep 27, Hello, nice tool. It will be nice, if I could select a specific window, open it, fix the size and all mouse moves will be relativ to the window. By Kevin, at Sep 24, Very good App. But would you add a function to disable to link the server to check new version software?

By Man, at Sep 23, By luk, at Sep 22, By sa, at Sep 20, By Shynet, at Sep 19, By Sukhbir, at Sep 17, By DemolkaPL, at Sep 13, By juan, at Sep 11, Que pasa neeeeeeeeeeeng joer tio que movida nen, es sortware este es la verga, me vago en todo lo cagable joer. By asdas, at Sep 8, By Shynet, at Sep 7, BobbyAir: Maybe in the future. Currently there is no plan to add more language By BobbyAir, at Aug 30, German and French would be very interesting!

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By euvidigio, at Aug 25, By uli, at Aug 24, By abdulaziz, at Aug 22, By Dariusz Nowak, at Aug 22, By David, at Aug 18, By edmond, at Aug 17, By jsc, at Aug 16, By jonel, at Aug 15, By squirt, at Aug 13, By Lecter, at Aug 12, By TTT, at Aug 7, By Tony, at Aug 7, By Zeca4, at Aug 7, By mu, at Aug 3, By Shynet, at Aug 2, It should work fine. By Shynet, at Aug 1, By jack, at Aug 1, I see a lot of friends using this software. I'm having trouble getting it to work correctly on my Lenovo yoga pro 2? By fgdsgdf, at Jul 18, By HaaaNO, at Jul 15, By jao, at Jul 14, By Virus, at Jul 4, By Pride, at Jul 2, By Hamad, at Jun 28, By Pravdeen, at Jun 27, By Dk , at Jun 22, By Siuusa, at Jun 18, By Vanguard, at Jun 17, What I'd really like to see is for the title bar to change to show that the mouse automation is currently "playing".

Similar to YouTube, when it shows the little play icon when a video is playing. Also, I find it annoying to have to set the "Times to play scrip" option to 0 every time I open the program. It's be nice if the program could save my settings. Over all, though, the program works great. Keep up the good work! By longtime user, at Jun 16, By chico de mama, at Jun 7, By mama maimai, at Jun 3, By Ralph, at Jun 2, When i tried it to my pc it worked both. By Remy, at Jun 2, How come the advanced option: "Times to play script" does not work most of the time?

By asd, at May 30, By omar osama, at May 30, By Kuba, at May 29, By turk, at May 29, By qudama, at May 28, By Martino, at May 27, By Lolek, at May 26, By hernan, at May 26, By Shynet, at May 22, Hello Chris, MRP does not memorize the state of the caps lock key. Your only option is to set the state manually.

By Chris, at May 22, Hi Shynet, I press capslock key ON. Then I record a script with number keys. I press capslock key OFF. Then I replay the script, the result is not the same obviously. Is MouseRecorder able to memorize initial capslock state in the script and then verify the capslock state before replaying? By Peoz, at May 19, By Jean, at May 18, By muta, at May 17, By Ty, at May 16, By Shynet, at May 15, By tb, at May 14, I'll love your MRT. It's great. Greatings from Germany T. By Guillermo, at May 13, Hello, I am a developer too.

May I modify your program for add more functionalities like analize texts and images and take desitions and run other line of clicks and hits of keyboard. My e-mail is vyro live com Regards. By Marcos, at May 11, By burhan, at May 11, By Shynet, at May 7, By Gerry, at May 7, At the start of the script is it possible to get the handle of the top application on the desktop so it can be placed back on top of the desktop at the end of the script? By nvh, at May 4, By Stricken, at May 3, By lostshadow, at Apr 29, By asd, at Apr 29, By Jewsiah, at Apr 26, By luccie, at Apr 25, By kamal sheikh, at Apr 25, By Kevin, at Apr 24, It would have work great but the MS Dos window just spoild everything if I let my pc start the program automatically with a.

By JUmba, at Apr 23, By Gala, at Apr 23, By Shynet, at Apr 23, That should work. By Jumadi, at Apr 21, Can u make it portable? I use it on public computer that no administrator access, tks :P. By Shynet, at Apr 19, Jason: If you set times to play script to 10 then MRP will finish the script playing at 10 - but you will have to shutdown you computer manually. To do it automatically you have to write plugin. Look for plugins in the search and find the guide. You will simply override OnScriptStop method after counting the number of times your script ran.

Again, you will have to know some programming. By nicolas, at Apr 19, By Jason, at Apr 18, Then I can calculate when I can automatically off my pc, my pc can already automatically off, that's not the problem but I don't know how to write a countdown script. By Shynet, at Apr 17, Jason: If you know how to program, you can write a plugin that will do that for you By Shaun, at Apr 16, By Jason, at Apr 16, Works great but I mis a countdown, like for example if i set Times to play script: 10 then I will like to see countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Then I can calculate arround when I can off my pc. By Jenny, at Apr 14, By carlos, at Apr 14, By Bob Barker, at Apr 14, By Mouse Recorde, at Apr 14, This is an excellent post and I want more like this. I am very glad to be here. I think you will be continue your job. Thanks download mozilla firefox. By Rita, at Apr 12, By jason lemon, at Apr 12, By Shynet, at Apr 11, Jouzeval: It's free, you can use it in your company without any charge! By AvarageBob, at Apr 10, By Jouzeval, at Apr 7, Where is the EULA?

I couldn't find it. Thank you for your attention! By ss, at Apr 4, By chico, at Mar 30, By ssd, at Mar 28, By Shynet, at Mar 21, By Abdulrahman S, at Mar 19, By ice, at Mar 19, By joker, at Mar 6, By Tix, at Mar 3, I ran into a bug! I am Human! By haz, at Feb 23, By daniel, at Feb 22, By tard, at Feb 22, By gaara, at Feb 21, By hamo, at Feb 10, By Knolle, at Feb 2, Oh, "merge with an event" sorry for the "not that much useful comment in "about" :D It's okay, but not fine at all. I think inculding the script isn't that good. Perhaps you can include a newer function.

So if I modify a. How sounds that? By TheOfficialC7, at Feb 2, By andrey, at Feb 1, By Alex, at Jan 31, By ali veli, at Jan 30, By NeuralCrash, at Jan 28, By NeuralCrash, at Jan 21, For keyboard layout By mm, at Jan 17, By Daniel, at Jan 16, I already reinstalled MRP like 10 times still it doesn't work..

Crashes instantly everytime I open: Mouse recorder Pro 2 has stopped working.. By Shynet, at Jan 15, Simply use the "Add" button and assign keys for your scripts. TIS: Yes, it does that by default. By Artem, at Jan 11, Excuse me for my lack of English, but I would really like to find out how in this great program can put my scripts to hotkeys. Can I run one script by pressing one button and second script - by pressing another key? If you can help me put first script on key F1, the second script on F Your work really makes our lifes easier. By TIS, at Jan 11, Hi, I wanted to know if there was any way to make mouse recorder pro record what we do on the keyboard while recording, rather than have to add "Type keyboard event" after recording?

By Shynet, at Jan 10, Good luck! By ketias, at Jan 9, Nice application I want do something. Imagin you record a script for example script. If you do click in this file, the program opens with that script and with a click on Play the scrips run. I want do a shorcut so when you click on this shorcut the program runs the scrips automatically. Is this possible? By disbitch By fag, at Jan 8, By y , at Jan 8, By rasta, at Jan 7, By Victor, at Jan 6, What can I do?

By mr t, at Jan 1, Hi, I'm having trouble looping my sequence. I've selected a certain number of times to replay it, yet it still only plays my sequence once. By me, at Dec 25, I was recomended of this application and I didnt believe it because it sounded to cool. By bob, at Dec 19, By ahmed, at Dec 12, By Janny, at Dec 5, Hi, please provide few details how to use variablekeyboard plugin?

I need to put growing number by one into my input, everytime script runs. Any ideas how to achieve that? Thank you! I have enabled that plugin, what next? By Shynet, at Dec 5, Hello Janny! Increase value by: 1 Now click on create variable and then close the window.

Auto Clicker (Mac's Only) No Download

By mndmndmnd, at Dec 5, By Shynet, at Nov 29, By Bob B, at Nov 22, Solved my problem putting passwords into every protected note over 40 in Microsoft OneNote. Thanks for your efforts creating this program. By agro, at Nov 20, Hi, I'm running Mouserecorder Pro 2. It seems to be damaged When I tried to install it again without uninstalling don't know how??

Please help! By jhaypee, at Nov 15, By hamza, at Nov 9, By Shynet, at Nov 7, Marcos: You can use parameters like -delay for speed and -count for the number of time to play the script. Just call MRP with the script as argument and these parameters and this should work. By Marcos, at Nov 3, It is possible to save the speed and repetition times of execution of the script?

By Bison, at Oct 24, First, thank you for your effort. This tool is a great help to me when I play games. But now I have a problem. I usually set the times to play to "0". I either have to restart Windows or shut down my computer altogether in oredr to stop the program. How can I fix this problem? By Nero, at Oct 21, By Shynet, at Oct 18, By frank, at Oct 11, By Mary, at Oct 10, I have installed MRP and recorded a sequence.

Download Macro Recorder for Mac

I have set it to re-run multiple times, but I need a 10 minute delay between each time. By emerson, at Oct 3, By jm, at Oct 1, By Thanks, at Sep 24, Thanks for the hint, Shynet. But I still think, a bigger range in the UI would ne be more userfriendly. By vipescorts-girls. Great article. Will definitely copy it to my website. By Mister-D, at Sep 15, Great software, I have the same problem as James, when I pres alt-2 the recording is not stopping. Tried both alt keys left and right Is there another method to stop recording? Greetings, Mister-D. By Nyks, at Sep 15, By Shynet, at Sep 12, Nyks: You can do this by going to the Editor and simply speeding up the script by a certain percent value a couple of times.

This should fix your issue! By James, at Sep 10, By Nyks, at Sep 8, It would be great, to be able to increase or decrease the play-speed in a much bigger range. By Shynet, at Aug 29, JD: Yes, there is check the Edit menu item to show comments. By Leon, at Aug 27, By JD, at Aug 27, Hi, great program just wondered if there is a way to comment out in the script to leave notes to myself Kind Regards JD. By Shynet, at Aug 23, By trebor, at Aug 10, By joska, at Jul 26, By Johny, at Jul 18, By Shynet, at Jul 17, By BwB, at Jul 15, Awesome program, but are their hot keys which will stop the script loop?

Instead of having a battle over control of the computer to press stop. By a, at Jul 14, By juan, at Jul 8, By eddy, at Jul 7, By Jonas, at Jul 5, By alivirus, at Jun 16, By Lucas, at Jun 5, By hoda, at Jun 3, By Daniel, at May 21, By Shynet, at May 16, By Daniel, at May 16, Problema mouse recorder pro. By ruscopybook. Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my approximation. By WattCoatNap, at May 14, I agree with you, thanks for the help in this question. As always all ingenious is simple. By Shynet, at May 12, By Raymond, at May 10, I spoke too soon.

MRP 1 can download and functions, but cannot save scripts. The MRP 1 works. MRP 2 still does not even though it used to. I installed Microsoftframework 4, and there was no change. Any chance that an MRP 3 will be coming out soon? By Shynet, at May 10, Anyway, try to install Microsoft. Having good content can only get you so far unless you also provide a good atmosphere to comment in.

By Raymond, at May 9, Yesterday this program worked, but today it reads that it stopped working and is incompatible with my OS. I haven't installed any different software or Microsoft updates for my Windows 7 computer recently, and uninstalling and reinstalling Mouse Recorder Pro hasn't helped. Any suggestions what I should try next to get it to function again? No error appears.

Auto Typer for Mac

When I attempt to open the program, there is a pause. A window opens that reads "Mouse Recorder Pro 2 has stopped working. Windows in checking for a solution to the problem. By Shynet, at May 9, By tanmojojo gma, at May 5, By hotpapir. All I can say is WOW!! You have stunned me with the amount a valuable reading here.

By harpd, at Apr 7, By mike mcavoy, at Apr 5, By Nikolaj, at Mar 29, By Shynet, at Mar 24, By , at Mar 23, Bonsoir, J'ai actuellement un soucis avec Mouse Recorder Pro 2, celui-ci ne fais pas les clique gauche lorsque je le lance pour faire une macro sur un jeu, serait-il possible de m'aider? Merci, Cordialement, Hi, I currently have problems with Mouse Recorder Pro 2, it does not do the left click when I run a macro to a game, is it possible to help me? By auto-nakidki. By Shynet, at Mar 15, RfDjalma - please update to the latest Mouse Recorder Pro version.

By RfDjalma, at Mar 6, A new detail, when i try to macro again, he dont "copy" the moves who i do with the event view opened, he just cont alot of deley time, so i try to add manually a few events, and in the benning works, but after he just read and stay stoped. Hello, thanks for the progamam.

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I have a few issues , i dont know why,yet, the macro dont run when event view is open in win server , the code opens a event log evtx, wait 10 seconds and save a txt file with the log, in the beginning everthing was fine, but now it just after open the EventView -Microsoft-windows-backup, it read the lines and dont do anything. I have a similar code running in win server , with Net frameWork 3. I have a good new and bad too. The Bad is, they dont work without Admin "permision", like right click and Run as Admin The Good is, when i try to open the calendar with Admin permision, the code works, so is just never close the calendar.

New detail: When my first view is the eventV he dont record anything, just stay blank, weird By PeterG, at Feb 9, Installation and start ok, but it doesn't record anything. Clicking on "record" it minimizes but nothing gets recorded. Tried "new" and "record" etc. No error shown, simply not recording at all. By Duenpuscurn, at Feb 8, By Titi, at Feb 8, By asdasd, at Feb 7, By good, at Feb 6, By furnishing fabrics, at Feb 5, By hope, at Feb 2, By nice, at Jan 20, By Shynet, at Jan 16,