Martin mac 600 wash moving head

A simple change of the front lens makes narrow and wide beam angles possible. The compact shell of the MAC is easy to detach. Modular construction makes components easily accessible and a snap to remove. Furthermore dedicated anchoring points, a safety wire attachment point, a quarter-turn fastening system and a mid-pan-range locater make for trouble free rigging.

Two separate Omega adapters and two different clamp types are available. A 4 digit LED readout allows the user to customize settings for easy programming. Error messages are easily understood, lamp and fixture usage is displayed and the readout flips for easy reading in any position. The MAC employs a watt discharge lamp producing a luminous flux of lumens.

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Product already in the list. Browse the list. SKU: LIG Categories: Automated Lighting , Lighting Tags: audio video equipment rental , audio visual equipment rental , audio visual rentals , av depot , av equipment , av rental , av rental depot , av rental florida , av rental miami , av rental near me , av rentals , avr depot , avr florida , avrd , mac , martin , wash. Cookie Cooky : Short for Cucalorus. Crank-Up Stand: A stand that is raised and lowered with the aid of a rotating handle and gear mechanism.

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Crown Glass: A type of glass that has excellent optical quality, used for lenses and mirrors. C-Stand: Short for Century Stand. Cucalorus: An opaque or translucent material having one or more cut outs that will allow light to pass through in order to project a dappled form or pattern, such as the suggestion of the shadows of tree branches, on the subject and background.

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Current: Short for Electrical Current. Cutter: A narrow, rectangular flag, ranging from 18" to 72" in length, and 6" to 24" in width, generally used to block only a portion of the light beam. Cyc: Short for Cyclorama. Cyc Light: Short for Cyclorama Light. Cyclorama Cyc : A vertical surface, which is used to form the background for a theatrical set that, is usually made of heavy cloth drawn tight to achieve a smooth, flat surface, or left loose and textured.

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It is meant to suggest limitless visual space. Traditionally, cycloramas were dome shaped or horizontally curved, but may now also be flat or vertically curved, as well. Cyclorama Light Cyc Light : A light source mounted at the top or bottom of a cyclorama in order to light it in a smooth, uniform manner. A third item is connected to the second in the same manner, and so on until all items have been connected.

Martin Mac 600

The control console is connected to the input connector of the first item only, but sends data to all items via the interconnecting control cables. Some items that can sometimes be daisy chained are color scrollers, automated light sources and dimmer racks or packs.

Demo: Martin MAC Quantum Wash LED

See Feed Through. Daylight Filter: A filter used to balance light from a warmer source, so that the spectral distribution will approximate daylight, i. DC: Abbreviation for Direct Current. Dichroic: A type of metallic coating applied to glass and some other materials that allow certain wavelengths of light, or other electromagnetic radiation, to pass, while reflecting all others.

Diffuse: To scatter light using diffusion material. A term used to describe a somewhat dull or stippled surface that is moderately reflective. Diffuse Light: Soft, generally even illumination. Diffuser: Generally, something made of diffusion material that softens the quality of the light passing through it to produce a more flattering light with less noticeable shadows. In the film and video industries, a fabric panel, used for diffusing, with the light source being a light source or sunlight. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials of varying textures and opacities.

Diffusion Frame: An apparatus used to hold diffusion material. It can be configured of various shapes and sizes, and may be composed of one or more pieces. Diffusion Material: Any reflecting or transmitting media, for which the reflected or transmitted light is distributed uniformly, i.

Diffusion Media: See Diffusion Material. Digital: A term used to describe the use of binary code to record information that has been reduced to numerical form; usually instructional information in regard to control consoles. Dim: To change the intensity of a light source. Dimmer: An apparatus used to control the intensity of a light source.

Martin MAC 600 NT User Manual

Dimmer Pack: A portable housing that contains a group of electronic dimmers, usually not less than four nor more than Some dimmer packs are designed for permanent installation. Dimmer Panel: An apparatus, usually 19" long, that contains a group of electronic dimmers that are installed into a dimmer rack. Diode: A solid-state rectifier. Direct Current DC : An electrical current that maintains constant direction. Batteries provide DC current. Direct Current Voltage: A voltage that maintains constant polarity.

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  5. Direct Lighting: Illumination on a subject or area that goes directly from the front of the light source in a straight line to the subject or area. Distribution: Short for Light Distribution. DMX A somewhat unique digital multiplex signal with specific characteristics that is commonly used in the stage and studio lighting industries. Control consoles designed to generate this signal were originally designed to control a maximum of apparatuses, usually dimmers, but now can control many more. Donut: A flat metal apparatus with a circular hole in the center used to reduce halation and sharpen the image when using patterns.

    Dot: A small, round scrim, diffuser, reflector, or gobo, placed close to a light source, used for dimming, softening, bounce lighting or casting shadows, respectively. They are usually 3" to 10" in diameter. Double-Ended Lamp: A somewhat elongated lamp that has a base and contact on each end. Duvetyn Duvatyne, Duvetine, Duvetyne, Duvyteen : A smooth, lustrous, velvety opaque fabric used for butterflies, cutters, flags, gobos and overheads in the film and video industries.

    Ears: The three individual slots that function as the color frame holder found on the front of some light sources. They are often used to retain other items, such as color wheels, barn doors, etc.