Gantt chart excel 2007 mac

Staying in the Edit Series window move down to Series value.

Excel on Mac - Create a Basic Gantt Chart

This is where you will enter your Task start dates. It is easy to do.

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To the right of the Series values field you will see an icon which looks like a spreadsheet with a red arrow on it. Click on it the one by Series values and Excel will open a smaller Edit Series window.

How To Create a Gantt Chart in Excel | GanttXL

Now simply click the first start date in your task table and drag your mouse down to the last start date. This highlights all of the start dates for your tasks and inputs them into your Gantt chart. Make sure you have not mistakenly highlighted the header or any extra cells. When finished, click on the small spreadsheet icon again the one with the red arrow which will return you to the previous window called Edit Series.

Click OK. Your Gantt should now look like this:. Here we will add the duration data to your Gantt chart. In the Edit Series window, click in the empty field under the title Series Name , then click in your Task table again, on the column header that reads Duration.

Gantt Chart

Staying in the Edit Series window move down to Series value and click on spreadsheet icon with a red arrow on it again. Select your Duration data by clicking on the first Duration in your project table and drag your mouse down to the last duration so all durations are now highlighted.

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  8. To exit, once again click on the small spreadsheet icon with the red arrow to which will return you to the previous window. Click OK again to build your Gantt chart which should now look something like this:. Right-click on one of the blue bars in the Gantt chart, then click on Select Data again to bring up the Select Data Source window.

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    Select the Edit button to bring up a smaller Axis Label windows. Again, click on the small spreadsheet icon. Be careful not to include the name of the column itself.

    How to use your free Excel gantt chart template

    When you are done, exit this window by clicking on the small spreadsheet icon again. Your chart should now look something like this:. You have really built a Stacked bar chart. Now we need to format it so it looks like a Gantt chart. To do that, we must make the blue parts of each task bar transparent so only the orange parts will be visible. These will become the tasks of your Gantt chart.

    Excel Gantt Chart Maker

    To select all of the tasks bars at once, click on the blue part of any bar in your Gantt chart, then right-click and select Format Data Series , which will bring up the Format Data Series window in Excel. Don't close the Format Data Series task pane because we're going to use it in the next step.

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    You probably also see that the tasks on your Gantt chart are listed in reverse order with the last task on top of the Gantt chart and the first Task listed at the bottom. This is easy to change in Excel. To do so click on the list of tasks along the vertical axis of your Gantt chart. This will select them all and it will also open the Format Axis task pane. In the Format Axis task pane under the header Axis Options and the sub-header Axis Position put a check into the checkbox called Categories in reverse order.

    Instead, the ribbon became the new place to go for all your charting needs. At first glance, it may seem that you are left with just a bunch of chart type buttons on the Insert tab of the ribbon. Not true. These buttons are just the starting point. You may want to take a few moments to explore the available options. I especially like the predefined chart layouts and chart styles on the Design tab that provide instant professional results.

    How to Project Dashboard Excel Template. All in Excel, no installation needed. Works on Windows and Mac Use Excel to create simple Gantt charts. Microsoft Excel can also be used to develop a Gantt Chart but it is not the best software to do it.