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The beginner levels are set for training, and players can get a feel for how the marbles move while learning about power ups and the many hazards that will plague the marbles progress.

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There are five available power ups in the game that will help players to become super advanced. There's the super speed power up, which gives a burst of speed to the player. The super jump makes it easy to jump onto platforms from a superior distance. The super bounce is a fun power up that will make it easy to jump from one platform to another.

The absorber and gyrocopter bring advance mechanics to the player too. There are many hazards in Marble Blast Gold. Hazards can be avoided using power ups. Land mines can be avoided by getting an absorber power up to absorb the damage or a super bounce to avoid the land mine completely by jumping over it. There are tornadoes to be run from, thin catwalks to carefully navigate and pistons to avoid.

Beside controlling the marble spin you can also make it jump over pits and obstacles.

With the help of the power-ups spread allover the landscape, you can make your marble fly or perform super jumps. These power-ups might come in handy when you need to complete levels within a qualification time. Your main objective is to finish each level as fast as you can and complete any additional challenges in the specified time frame. It is worth mentioning that you can hold only one inventory power-up at a time although multiple power-ups can be in effect at the same time, if grabbed and activated before the previous power-up expires. Instead of this, I've found the best setup for optimal control of the marble is to use one hand for the direction keys and the jump key, and use the mouse for free looking and activating powerups using the mouse button.

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Since the maneuvering controls are always relative to which way the camera is facing, you can use the mouse to change the camera direction while going around turns and other obstacles, making it easier to naturally move around the course. The stock levels in Marble Blast Gold are very well architectured. For the curious, all of the levels in the regular or. The beginner levels take you through the basics of maneuvering and controlling your marble in the game, and also through the various terrains, powerups, and obstacles.

These levels go by very quickly, so for the novice Marble Blast Gold player, it doesn't hurt to go through these just to get yourself oriented to the gameplay. The intermediate levels become very entertaining, getting into the real fun of the game. Advanced levels are tough, often taking more than a few tries to finish, but only in rare cases do the levels simply frustrate you.

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Many of the levels are also styled in the form of familiar places: there's a level designed like a skate park, one like a racecar track, a roller coaster, a skee-ball game, and a maze. It's very hard to get bored of the levels in Marble Blast Gold. The only danger to your marble in any level is going out of bounds by falling off the track or running into an obstacle, in which case the level is automatically restarted. If you hit a mine or fall through a trap door and manage to stay on the course, then you're still able to continue. Although once in a while there's a level that's really hard to get through, you usually don't have to spend more than 30 seconds to make up for your mistake.

And the advanced levels offer a lot of interesting twists that aren't found in other levels: platforms that rapidly rise to shoot up your ball high in the air, acrobatic platforms combined with super speed powerups that allow you to loop up and back, and levels that are designed to be like ski slaloms with holes through which your marble can fall. uses cookies.

Obstacles like tornadoes that fling your marble in a random direction, fans that try to push your marble off the edge, and trapdoors that drop out from under your marble keep you on your feet and looking for stable ground. Even the terrains can vary, and give you a lot of traction grass , very little traction mud , or even no traction at all space. One of the best parts about Marble Blast Gold are the various powerups that you can pick up to help in finishing each level.

There are super jump powerups, that allow you to jump to greater heights than usual, super speed powerups that allow you to bridge large gaps, gyrocopters that make you fall very slowly, super bounce powerups that allow you to bounce higher than normal, and shock absorbers that prevent you from bouncing at all. Marble Blast Gold even has powerups called "gravity modifiers", which obviously enough change the direction in which gravity pulls you.

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This allows for very intriguing levels like one shaped like a Moebius strip: you actually traverse the whole strip picking up gravity modifiers along the way. Although these gravity modifiers make the game very interesting, they can also make it very frustrating, as is the case with the Escher's Maze levels. Another great thing about the game is that informational messages often pop up at certain points in the level to inform you about what you need to do or what a certain object does.

These not only appear on the beginner levels, but also on intermediate and advanced levels, so you're never totally lost at what to do in a level. For advanced levels, there's usually only a tip at the beginning of a level, but it's very useful. The graphics in Marble Blast Gold aren't meant to be too realistic, but enough to allow you to easily recognize some of the objects in the game, like the marble, floors and walls, danger and caution signs, and the gems and powerups you pick up.

Everything is very colorful including your marble , and it all seems to go in line with the fun atmosphere of the game. You might get a little annoyed by the music provided with the game, though. Like the graphics, the electronic music is appropriate for the style of the game, but it repeats after only a short while.