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That particular one came from the Google Material Design pack.

I wished this website also used a more legible font. How about at least going up a few weights? Hope the new font is more readable. More legible, yes. While the site is primarily for designers, I do not and never have placed a whole lot of effort or focus into the design of this site. For those reasons, simple fonts work best. Brilliant, our accounting software became very unsightly when zooming the screen with the default Yosemite font so we went back to Mavericks.


This has made Yosemite now usable for us, many thanks!! I used the same method with Input System Font, and I llllllove it. San Francisco font is pretty nice though! So how is this font modified from most other fonts? Quite more readable than the default Helvetica Neue on my late iMac. Others were less satisfied, leading to a little rush of code and articles to help you switch the system font back to Lucida or to some other font that happens to appeal.

Hi, I did the above but something went hinky with at least one pop up window. When I try to log in with my password to get into the firewall area, all characters in the pop up window are showing up as a capital A inside a square. Any thoughts?

First, Download The Replacement System Font

Thanks in advance. Skip to content. First, download Fira System Font Replacement. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. Early MBP. I did it… looked cool, then when I restarted, not only was password not entering, typing invisible password was still incorrect. I cant get into my computer now.

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Having to reinstall OS and hoping I can get in so I can promptly delete this program. Lucida is not worth all this trouble. But, for some reason I actually like San Francisco even though it can look a bit awkward in some places. I still want the old Trash can though. The Dock could still look cooler. I think Mavericks was the peak of the look except for the leather Calendar.

Change the default font in Word for Mac

Just keep toning down the pinks Apple. Back to blues, greys, blacks and whites. No more pink. I hear that Apple is working on an exclusive Hello Kitty iMac Pro in hot pink and all decked out with sparkly things stuck to it.

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San Francisco was created in part to make the system font easier to read. Why go back to Lucida Grande? Both typefaces are awful. Check out Input from Font Bureau. Free for personal use like this very thing. A few versions old, so use with caution. Same here, advise not to use it, Asterisks no longer appear nor does the i-bar for the curser move in password field.

In some cases I get small faded squares instead of the asterisks.

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Changed back to San Francisco, bounced PC, and uninstalled the app. No help….. Bummer, have to restore to get my system back in order. Running High Sierra The reason is the app basically places a modified system font file into a user level system folder.

So if you just delete the app, that font stays in place. I had the same thing happen, fonts are jammed together, virtually unreadable tabs in Safari, previews in Mail also jammed together.

Change the Default Font in Apple Mac OS X Mail

What exactly did you restore, the system? You can restore from a backup but that should not be necessary unless you messed something up separately. When activated, passwords become invisible. That is, the password input field will not even display dots when you type in it. I had the same issue and reverted to the original font. It took me a few minutes to figure out why passwords were invisible. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.