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DSS Player Standard Release 2 Overview

This Mac software also allows secretaries or transcriptionists to transcribe dictations with a compatible Olympus foot switch. You can record and save your voice directly to your computer using your Olympus RecMic USB Microphone, or dictation recorder, and even control the recording functions Rec, Stop etc..

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  3. DSS Player for Mac is compatible with High Sierra - Olympus Professional Dictation Support.

Just like when recording on your dictation recorder, you can edit an existing recording by overwriting or inserting voice. Several playback features are included in DSS Player for Mac to provide you with easier listening of recorded files, including — Volume Control, Speed Adjustment; to slow down or speed up the rate or playback, Noise Cancellation; to help isolate voice in recordings where there is a lot of background noise, and Tone Adjustment; to increase or lower the pitch of a recording.

We have notified Olympus and will update this post with news as and when we get it.

DSS Player for MAC - Customer Support - Olympus - Downloads

No news as yet but Olympus have confirmed to me that it is now a known issue. I am glad we could be of help.

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  • Please keep an eye on our blog, as soon as we hear of a fix we will post the details. No still nothing I am afraid. Checking with Julian from VoicePoint over in Europe see earlier comment they too have had no confirmed dates as yet. Hi guys, Just to say thanks for this fix!

    DSS Player for Mac Download

    Of course, I was avoiding getting down to the tough stuff at the time… Your fix saved my bacon. November 18 …screwed myself by upgrading toos high sierra…need my reports guess I will have to reinstall the th previous operatiing systm…olympus please get going!!! This is fixed, Olympus released v7. This launcher contains the latest administrative components, client software, virtualisation drivers and additional tools for IT administrators to install, customise and centrally manage an ODMS Release 7 environment in Workgroup Mode.

    Dss player version 7.0 mac

    This updater contains the latest package necessary to update System Configuration Program to the latest release. This patch includes all updates from previous patches. New in this Patch : - Resolved an issue where ODMS would not save changes made to the header column order when restarting. Audio Software for Digital Audio Recorders. Due to this delay, when running ODMS in a Virtual Environment some users cannot successfully login to launch the application.