Transfer samsung galaxy s3 photos to mac

If you get an error message, simply unplug the cable, unlock your Android device, and re-plug the cable.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 to a Mac and iPhoto

If your Android device pops up a screen, select MFT to enable two-way dragging and dropping of files. Posted on Apr 25, PM. Page content loaded. Apr 24, AM in response to cloud4mac In response to cloud4mac.

Recover deleted files from iOS/Android Device

AirDrop is an Apple only transfer option. Android would have no Airdrop capability since its not something Apple makes available to other manufacturers. Other than plugging the Edge in via USB, and using Photos or Image Capture Apps on your Mac to get the photos out, you would probably need to use a Samsung sync app if one is available. Apr 24, AM. I personally like to keep a lot of things in the cloud. Therefore I send all my pics to my Google Drive.

3 Ways to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac-

From there I can easily download them to my desktop computer. If you're looking for a direct connection you can either plug in a data cable micro-USB from your phone to the USB port of your Mini or install an app from the Google Play store in your phone. I tried DroidNAS, which worked for me.

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Apr 25, AM in response to cloud4mac In response to cloud4mac. Apr 25, AM. Apr 25, PM in response to cloud4mac In response to cloud4mac. Apr 25, PM. I use this app with my Apple devices, and have been very happy with it. There is an Android version. Dec 3, PM in response to cloud4mac In response to cloud4mac. Android File Transfer somehow not working on my S8.

I use Phone Manager to transfer S8 pictures to my iMac back and forth. Dec 3, PM. Dec 26, AM in response to cloud4mac In response to cloud4mac. Hello there! I've found an easy way to transfer images from Samsung phone to Mac which is through AirMore, a free web-based sharing app. You just need to access the site on your browser and connect your Android via scanning the code from the page.

Once connected, go to the Pictures tab and check the files you want to transfer. Press Export to save it to your Mac. Dec 26, AM. Question: Q: how to transfer photos from samsung galaxy edge 6 to mac More Less. Then inevitably, people will spend much more time on playing with mobile phone than before and certainly there are many important files stored on Samsung storage space.

Sometimes you may need to transfer data between Samsung and computer , such as contacts, SMS, photos and videos, for backup, and sometimes you also want to copy files from computer into your Samsung device. Next, we are going to show you two ways to transfer files between Samsung Galaxy and computer. Turn to the left bottom of your computer screen and click the Windows logo, then, click the folder-shaped icon in the lower-left side of the Start window. This will open the File Explorer program. Click the name of your Samsung phone from the left side bar of the File Explorer and click to open it.

Decide to choose the "Internal Storage" or the "SD card" folder according to where your media files are saved.

Open the folder labeled " DCIM " where your photos and videos are stored. By the way, you should find other folders if your media files are not all in the DCIM folder. Now, you can select the photos, videos and other more media files you want to move to your computer and copy and paste them to your computer. You can create a folder on your computer to save the transferred files. If you want to copy files from computer to Samsung phone, you can select the files, copy them and paste to the Camera folder or other folder where your media files are in on your Samsung phone.

You can also transfer files from Samsung to computer, and vice versa, using one click, without the complicated operations like above. Here this Coolmuster Samsung Data Manager is exactly one of the best assistant programs to help share files between Samsung smart phone and PC.

How to Transfer Photos From a Galaxy S3 to a Computer

With it, you are able to view all files on your Samsung phone and computer before exporting. Thus you can transfer them selectively. As you know, contacts and text messages are generally forbidden to be accessed to computer. While, by running this software, the entire contacts and messages on your Samsung cell phone can be copied to PC with one click. In fact, this Samsung File Transfer program could be very functional, just download the free trial version to have a try.