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I'm still finding out all the useful ways I can use it. I have everything from a grocery check list to all the crazy number of user names and passwords for the internet. I've started saving my favorite recipes and scanning my receipts as well. Every category getting its own notebook. Changing the covers to my own photos makes finding the right notebook quick and it's easy to use. It's a great little organization app. It's more than a basic check list or reminder list like I have used before but even for a beginner, with a little playing around and reading the tips I've found it to do more without having to spend a great deal of time figuring out how it works.

You can import your own images for book covers but it would be great if more covers were already in the app for basic categories such as groceries, to do list or journals, just typical things that people are likely to want to create a notebook for. The more I use it the more I find it useful to have. The features are incredible and it is so easy to organize my notes, prose, poetry, recipes, whatever it is I need to save. This app is a million times better than Evernote, which is bloated and ugly and inefficient.

Forms the basis for most of the Linux operating system, and as far as we can determine, for the Windows system. Its chief disadvantage is that it is insufficiently rigorous, and allows poor programming practices to creep in. It is also vulnerable to problems such as memory leaks and buffer overflows. By contrast, Pascal imposes a much more rigorous discipline on the programmer and encourages good programming habits and practices. A special kind of Object in Object Oriented programming. A program present in most computer operating systems which examines an input stream, either from the keyboard Console Mode or from a text file Batch Mode , interpreting or parsing the text to find instructions causing execution of operating system commands or running prepared programs or other scripts of instructions.

A small piece of code, typically consisting of a data definition or a small number of methods, which defines and describes a particular action or series of actions in a Pascal application. The act of compiling a program on one type of computer for eventual use on another computer with a different processor a different operating system. Another typical example is the Cross-compilation of the FreePascal Compiler or the Lazarus IDE on one platform such as Linux for use on another platform such as Windows or on the Macintosh computer using a totally different processor.

Examples are the FreePascal compiler and Lazarus , the OpenOfficeOrg suite of office programs, the Mozilla family of web browsers and e-mail servers. A system for producing orderly development of a software suite despite its use by multiple authors.

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A repository is set up, from which intending developers can check-out documents or files, and to which they can return edited material. Usually the posting of new or updated material is under the control of one or more moderators or administrators, and strict version control is maintained. A computer application designed for the structured storage of large amounts of data and for easy access to it. Many of the websites on the internet make extensive use of databases: for example, a vendor may keep his catalogue of items for sale on a database, and may also keep his customer transactions on another related database; a software development team like the FreePascal team might keep their library of programs and subprograms on a database; a medical research team might keep responses to their Case Report forms CRFs on a database.

Many of these use a common standard Structured Query Language to place data in the database and retrieve it. A database system typically consists of the actual Data files, a Server which reads and writes to the files, and a Client which interprets the users instructions. However, slavish adherance to Delphi constructs and standards is no longer felt to be a requirement, and FreePascal developers have improved on many of the Delphi constructs, in many cases producing a more flexible and more useful programming environment.

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All the procedures, functions, classes and other programming elements have been written from scratch by FreePascal developers, quite independent of the Delphi code. A computer program which can be used by developers to control the execution of a program in development, and show where a program is failing.

Debuggers typically keep track of the location in the program for example the line number in the source code , the contents of the variables in the program, and often produce a back-trace showing the instructions that were being executed immediately before the failure occurred in the program. A GNU program used to show the differences between two files, or even two directories. Used by software developers to check the changes in coding before committing an edited source file to a repository such as SVN.

The output from diff can also be used to generate a Patch which can be applied to a source code file without having to re-write or re-import the whole file.

The source code of most computer programs consists of lines of text with the program instructions arranged in a logical sequence. Some form of text editor is necessary for inputting the source code and editing or correcting it. It is even possible though not recommended to use Word Processor software for editing computer program source code. Many text editors offer Syntax Highlighting using different colours to show keywords, types of data or levels of nesting in statements or have automatic indentation to make the structore of a program more apparent.

Both the FreePascal and Lazarus IDEs have integral text editors which are the ones recommended for developing programs using the FreePascal Compiler, but programs developed using any text editor can be passed to the compiler, provided they are syntactically and logically correct. Each user will find his or her own favourite editor and come to recognise its advantages and limitations. And arguments between proponents of one or other editor are sometimes only slightly less heated than arguments about preferred Operating System!! The main collection of components used by FreePascal.

Once very popular for academic, scientific and engineering programs, its emphasis was on getting things done efficiently - very good for calculation-intense applications, but it made few concessions to ease of user interface. FORTRAN suffered from a rather rigid syntactic and formatting structure, though later versions have developed softer edges and make a few concessions to a windowed user environment with interactive input-output.

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It is still one of the best languages for doing really hard sums, but is much less popular than languages with a friendlier user interface. FreePascal initially set out to reproduce the features of Delphi in an open-source environment, and offered the advantage of working on a number of operating system platforms, but it has acquired a character and ethos of its own, and slavish adherance to Delphi compatibility is no longer the fundamental driver.

FreePascal developers write code entirely independently from the Delphi sources. Users who prefer to use a Graphical User Interface GUI can use one of a number of products, Lazarus being the best-known IDE which has been contributed to by over programmers of whom some are closely involved with the FreePascal project. One of the largest influences on Linux Graphics - it is a tool that some find hard to use at first, but it so infinitely configurable and intensively useful that most are eventually won over.

GNU is a wrapper around the Linux Kernel and Shell, providing a large number of user programs, user environments both graphical and text-based , applications and development systems.

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It also contains a large number of libraries for use by various packages and systems. It contains a set of Widgets or small graphical objects which can be incorporated into the forms or panels of applications. It typically consists of a text editor for developing the program source, a Compiler , perhaps an Assembler and a Linker to make construction and subsequent execution of the program quick and easy.