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This means your computer will not be cluttered by unwanted software. There is also no sign-up process, we wanted to keep the conversion process very simple without any unwanted steps. Just drag and drop your files and see them automatically convert to PPTX format.

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This online converter works regardless of your operating system. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. No problem. Following file type s are not supported:. Conversion Results. Online Convert is a free online document converter that will convert your PowerPoint to multiple video formats and download it to your computer while you wait.

How to Edit and Open a PowerPoint Show

The site also offers a number of other useful file converters, all free, and with no watermark in the final output file. The ImToo converter boasts the ability to convert your PowerPoint files to video without the need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer. This software also provides the ability to add commentary, watermarks, and music to your PowerPoint before converting it.

This software provides a number of tools to help you customize and tweak your presentation prior to conversion. MoyeaSoft PowerPoint to Video Converter will convert your PowerPoint slideshow to a variety of popular video formats, preserving all of the effects in the original file.

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Video files are compatible with most tablets, portable media players, video game Consoles, and mobile phones. The site provides a number of tutorial videos to help users get started. There are many features to compare when Cons:idering the right PowerPoint conversion software.

Quality of output, support of PowerPoint effects, compatibility with modern devices, and one-click publishing are all important factors to Cons:ider. We hope you find the above list helpful in finding the perfect software for you! Do you know of any great PowerPoint-to-video converters? Share your favorites in the comments below! Quickly create eLearning content for employee onboarding, product training, and assessment. It is not clear to me whether ANY of these conversion prorams do a better job than PowerPoint itself does.

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Thank you for this Great resource! I am going to give it a try and see. I believe in quality and so far, the website Convert. It has such a great interface and performs the job in no time. There are three types of PowerPoint Shows: Save an ordinary presentation as a.


Be sure to save your presentation as a plain vanilla. Picture Presentations add an additional layer of protection to your work. But when you save your work as a Picture Presentation, each slide is converted to a simple image.

2 Best Ways to Reduce PowerPoint File Size

Slides contain text objects, image objects, animations, transitions, and many other special effects. By contrast, Picture Presentations contain only snapshots of your slides. If somebody wants to copy your work, they can see each of the images and retype the text. They can even grab and re-crop the images. But they cannot capture any of the magic that is PowerPoint. If you create a Picture Presentation, be sure to give it a unique name.

If you only save the Picture Presentation. PowerPoint lets you turn your slideshow into plain text.

When you create a rich text format. You lose all of the images, animations, slide-to-slide transitions, and other non-text objects.