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As I've only been DJing for a short period of time, I plan to upgrade to a better one later. I've been into mainly just producing before that. The sound coming from my speakers and headphones are fine at first, but after a while in Traktor like mins The sound gets distorted, but when I switch it to another soundcard such as my laptop and back to BCD it works fine again.


However if I were playing an actual live set somewhere, this would be a problem. It's not selectable in the Audio options So I can't cue with my headphones But with Asio4all I don't get the distortion problem, it sucks i can't use both outputs!

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Can anyone help me out? Or maybe it's something else on my laptop causing the problem?

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I agree to try the latest drivers. I think there was a problem with some of the early drivers.

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Hmmm, yes I believe I downloaded the same driver. I reinstalled it about a week ago, since I reformatted my computer. Maybe i'll remove it and try installing again.

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You could try asking here. It's pretty quiet these days but you might get a answer from ChefT who's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the BCDs. Originally Posted by Lew. Messages: 1, For Traktor Pro you need a. Thanks for the reply. I have no idea how to make a. I'll have a good read of the manual as there must be something in there I have missed.

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Are other controllers compatible with Traktor Pro? Its such a great bit of software I really love using it but would love to use a controller with it.

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BCD control? This may be obvious to alot of frequent users: but as a casual user I also had trouble selecting my BCD I had hi-lighted it before but I had to select - mark X in the box to the left of the BCD to control in the midi set-up. I also didn't see the "midi" light lit up when I hooked up my BCD , but the Mac audio setup did, so I thought that Tractor didn't see it.

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  • It turns out that the Midi light in Tractor only lights up when you press a midi button on the BCD These were the 2 things that I first ran in to. All of my cueing comes though my headphones AND on the master out Cheft,Thanks, figured it out about 10 minutes after post.

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