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I took it to the store, and they ended up just exchanging my laptop. The Omega Man Member.

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Jan 19, 8, 0 Montreal - Canada. Newt said:. Is it this one? My guess is rather hardware issue or some dodgey piece of software. OmegaTreeFish said:. Even my crap old laptop with 1st gen i5 Intel HD graphics runs lol pretty decent in low settings. Does the Mac you have even have a dedicated graphics card?

I don't know. If it was that bad I would just do a clean format and install if the OS. Easiest way to make sure its not some just running hidden in the background. And is your friends the exact model from the same year? Yeah, it is a pretty slow computer overall but gaming is the only time it's really noticeable. I just restored disk permissions. Extremely tired so I think I may take a nap, but I'll make sure to post if it makes a difference in game. My buddy uses the exact same model. Is there an easy way I can find my specs?

Haha, sorry.. Mar 12, 9, 19 Might just be the client, I would always have to boot camp into windows to get full 60fps about 6 months ago just because the Mac client was terrible.

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Dec 8, 5, 0 0. Delusibeta Banned. Feb 18, 10, 0 0 delusibeta. Put me in the "yer laptop's busted" camp. Sounds like a hardware issue on your end. Either that, or you've been sold a lemon. Samyy Member. May 10, 12, 0 0. I have both a windows partition and a Mac partition and I get half the fps on the Mac side. Smooth 60 on windows choppy 30 on Mac.

I would partition if possible and install windows 7 less headaches in my experience with the lol client. Lazaro Member. Jun 7, 1, 0 0 I don't use Mac but do you have the latest updates? Macs updates come from the App Store nowadays otherwise: To get updates immediately, follow these steps: 1.

Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu. Choose Software Update from the View menu. Click Update Now. Select the items you want to install, then click Install. Enter an Admin user name and password. After the update is complete, restart the computer if necessary. You should maybe upgrade to Maverick Druz Member.

Dec 24, 3, 8 OSX is a horrible OS in my opinion, makes issues like this tougher than it should be to pin point. Mar 6, 11, 0 Chico, CA. Sounds like a hardware issue. If you want to you can always try dual booting and installing windows and see if it works better there. Druz said:. Burger Member. Jun 9, 9, 48 1, 40 United Kingdom. My Mac Specs: Processor 2.

I may go into the Apple store later today, but I doubt they will know what's up.

How to Play Competitive Gaming Titles On a Mac

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  6. Your GPU is an onboard Intel chip. Burger said:. Are you sure your friend has the exact same model? Is his a 15" by any chance? Yours sounds like a Early Macbook Pro 13". Is there any other programs that have problems? Are you having sudden shutdowns or something? We both got them at the same time in and they were the newest models at the time.

    Terrible frame rate in LoL and other games on Macbook Pro (not wi-fi related)

    Something must be chewing performance on your mac then. You are running Mountain Lion right? If it looks ok then run your game for a minute, come back out and see in the CPU, Memory and Disk tabs to see how much usage, thrashing etc has been happening. Post screenshots if you like.

    You Can Now Play League of Legends On Your Mac | The Escapist

    Just updated to mavericks the other day, lag happened waaay before though. I should mention that there has been a grinding sound inside of my laptop I made a thread about it. It literally sounds like a screw is lose and maybe it got caught in my hard drive? Lord Error Insane For Sony. Jun 8, 28, 0 0. Dreams-Visions Member. Dec 8, 72, 1 0 Miami, FL. I think you should try running Apple Hardware Test. Instructions are here. Atlas Member. Aug 24, 3, 0 0 28 Albuquerque, New Mexico. Oct 16, AM in response to v1ct0r In response to v1ct0r.

    Well the 15" macbook pro with dedicated graphics is fine with games, As regards to the unreleased OS, Here is a summary of the statments I could find:. Mavrics will be released this year fall. No date has been announced. I wonder how late fall lasts in Cupertinlo;. The historical precedent is any Mac purchased after they announce the release date will get a free upgrade.

    Conclusion of Esports on a Mac

    Since they haven't announced a release date, history indicates if on purchased a Mac today, one would not receive a free upgrade. Oct 16, AM in response to hands4 In response to hands4. I guess I will wait till the OS is actually available and see how it peforms on the hardware I desire. My Macbook is still functional and I am very happy with Snow Leopard, sure I can't play LoL but for everything else it just works fine. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

    Official Mac Client Trailer (2013) - League of Legends

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