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I will use more and more this system in the futur. The source code can be found on GitHub. Continue Reading. More information about the plugin can be found here. Download scene file.

It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean. The plug-in is on alpha stage. It mean all functions are not implemented yet or will be removed. Only compatible with cinema4D R14 and more. Windows 7 and OSX. This is open-source, you can change it the way you want. The plugin allow to add time, reset time to zero, start the timer, stop the timer and Update from the current document.

Minimaliste User Interface You can dock it just above your regular coordinate manager. Adaptive UI It change the labels and units when you are in uv mode. The dialog variant supports smoothing of vertex maps! So, if a vertex map is selected, it will be smoothed instead of the selected object.

The amount parameter controls the strength of smoothing. It corresponds to a single time step of the solution of the curvature diffusion equation. Large amounts steps can be used at the cost of accuracy with respect to the continuous time solution. For more accurate results, the number of time steps taken can be adjusted. The Squared Operator option makes smooth transitions to non-smoothened areas can sometimes produced odd results though.

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The different operator types select various approximations to the continuous Laplace operator. Pick one that works best.

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The implementation is based on the paper by Desbrun, M. Furthermore, the plugin registers a new cone-shaped falloff type. It can create smooth transitions at the interface of its influence region. It was originally developed for character animation - to mark "problematic" regions for smoothing. With this tool you can quickly melt two points together. This makes it still useful and much needed. Otherwise it is superseded by the build-in Stitch and Sew function. This is a minimalistic "duplicate" generator.

That's all :.

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This is a generator object actually. It can map objects from an area which represents uv space to the surface of the respective object. The object used to define the mapping must a UVW Map. There are no other restrictions. It works with primitives, uv mapped polygon objects, subdivision surfaces, deformed objects, animated objects or any generator objects which generates geometry with UVW Tags attached. To use a object it can either be put as first child under the UV Deformer or referred to by a link. The output consists of polygonized objects or clones respectively.

Splines also work, in which case line objects are generated. There are various options to control the details of the mapping procedure. There is no description of these. Example scenes are available though. Known issues: C4d R11 seems to have broken the handling of generator objects as map. Often they won't be recognized and the UV Deformer will do nothing. This is a plugin material to simulate light scattering in the atmosphere. It is primarily intended for views from space.

It can also handle views close to the ground and will produce acceptable sky colors and aerial perspective.

Key features

But it does this quite inefficiently. Credits: Inspired by the work of Bruneton et al. This is a shader plugin to render star field backgrounds for space scenes. It is similar to the build-in star field shader but with a lot of options. Basic usage: The maximum diameter of the stars is set as pixels in screen space. The distance between the stars is set by the UV-Spacing parameter.

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That means the distance is measured in UV space. You will need to adjust this spacing when you change your mapping parameters. Furthermore the shader cannot handle arbitrarily large stars. Their diameter may not exceed the spacing in between them.

Keep in mind though that the respective parameters are measured in different spaces. There are channels for auxiliary shaders to determine the spatial density distribution of stars Density Map , and their brightness distribution Intensity Map.

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Analogously you can set a probability distribution for the star size. Link Size to Intensity means that bright stars are also large and vice versa. This is a shader plugin to change the time value for the evaluation of another shader. The main purpose of this plugin is to be able to use the same animated texture several times, at different times without having to create a lot of copies of virtually the same material.

The evaluation time is determined by an offset from the current time and this offset is determined by a user data entry in the respective texture tag. The timeshift shader has the parameter "Data Name" to determine from which user data the offset is taken. This is a videopost plugin for color mapping. It works analogous to Cinema 4Ds native color mapping effect but with different parameters.

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The reason for its development is simplicity, in comparison to the native effect. The 0. Terms of use: Do not distribute without my permission. Use at your own risk. I am not accountable for damage done by it. I also do not claim it to be fit for any particular purpose. Overview UVtoObject Generates polygon objects from uv maps. Use polygon modeling tools on UVs! Comes as deformer and dialog based Point Collapse Tool Tool plugin to merge two mesh point together Transform Transform tool inspired by Photoshop Duplicate Object Minimalistic generator to make multiple copies of objects Noise Deformer Deforms objects based on noise functions SplineConnector Generator which gathers child splines into a single one SplineNoiseDeformer Deforms splines in perpendicular direction based on noises UV Deformer Place objects on surfaces via uv maps Atmosphere Shader Physical atmosphere material.

Simplifies manual packing of multi-object atlases.