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nook Disassembly by TechRestore

Share on social, email, and other apps. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device. Before the update you could see the cover of all the books you had available to read in your library. Now you have to scroll through either by author or title and click on each to see them.

Of course you can see recent ones that way, but I want to see all my books like it was before. I do not understand why they had to change that aspect of the app.

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Bring that option back, please!! Ok, they let me know I could view them that way by title or most recent, which is good, but why take away the choice by author? For those of us that read a lot this seems like a crazy change to make, this is a reading app after all, anything available in title should be available in author also the same format. So, still no 5 stars because of that. If you prefer the one you've created, you can save it for later use.

Other options include adding bookmarks for sections you want to return to, making annotations, locking screen rotation and adjusting screen brightness. While you can control screen brightness as a basic setting of the iOS, this option is particularly nice since it controls screen brightness only when you're in the Nook app, not the overall screen brightness for all apps, which remains unchanged. All things considered, the Nook app is a solid choice for reading. Where it's not so helpful, though, is when it comes to buying books.

The extra steps to the process of getting books is a tad annoying. Under Apple's App Store rules, if your app allows users to buy things, those count as in-app purchases , from which Apple takes a 30 percent cut.

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Amazon has made the same decision with its Kindle app. The logic behind these decisions certainly makes sense, but it's not a completely frictionless customer experience. When it comes down to buying books, though, the process is easy. Once you've done that, launching the Nook app reveals that book on the app's home screen. Guess not. Amazon sells books that happen to be ebooks, the readers are just a way to read them, not the point of the company.

Report: Barnes & Noble Retires PC, Mac Nook Apps

Amazon gives away free reader software for both Mac and Windows as well as pretty much every device out there, making it easy for me to read both on a small screen and on a larger screen. Uhm, no. IMO- Amazon really ties you into their system just as much if not more so. Sure they do it well…. In fact, when they release the new reader in the fall maybe they should sell it at cost and offer 3 free ebooks as a promotion.

This is their hail mary to rope in a customer base. Gonna go to my Kindle app I guess. I just Googled it and tried to find it. I am a Mac user so the lack of a working Nook app for Mac has been a major annoyance for the past couple of years. I am a Mac user. Or else illegally remove the encryption and read it using Calibre on my Mac, but that would be illegal, right? Easier to just buy it from Amazon rather than go through that kind of hassle just to read the content I purchased on a decent-sized screen.

Report: Barnes & Noble Retires PC, Mac Nook Apps

I could imagine how difficult it is to work in the social media department for Nook. Your job description is to promote books, new releases and interesting stuff but all you do is damage control. I enjoy your blogs and youtube channel and appreciate all the updates in this industry.

Keep up the good work. They seem to be doing everything within their power to destroy themselves. Myself I am rather indifferent about them. I chose to purchase eBooks from Kobo because they were far better at international expansion and having eBooks in a variety of languages. But I digress. I agree big time here. The link to the transfer tool is dead. There is no way to download or transfer books or files of any sort.

Should be a class action suit against them?

Barnes and Noble Unveils Broken Nook Website

I had the voyage and returned it. I have the last Nook Simple Touch Glow with the page turn buttons. So it appears I will keep my old Glow going as long as I can for use on camping trips, sigh. My entire Nook wishlist is gone. In a response to myself- I finally stumbled on an free Android file to mac transfer tool on google that works with NookHD. So I can now drag and drop as before. So ignore some of the above. A suggestion- I always just download a sample to my device.

All my samples on still on my nook.

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I think I agree with most of your points. I do have a Nook Glowlight and can buy books from Barnes and Noble. I do like their e-reader interface and the overall UI design, even though the e-reader itself was designed poorly. I am also reading more print books, but I always have anyways.


I tend to read mindless stuff on my e-reader, fantasy, science fiction, throwaway type novels that would otherwise clutter my bookshelves. They do not. They direct you to use a Nook study app? I also discovered you can use the google Android file transfer to drag and drop files.

I just clicked on your link. Yeah, did you even try downloading anything off that page, already? I also use this method with Kobo. There are other things wrong with the new web site. I cannot log in.