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Lorent : Au Canada aussi, tu peux te maquiller ou te promener nu, personne ne te calcule. Or un artiste ne peut pas tout expliquer. Aux U. Avec un besoin de dire des choses? Par militantisme? Lorent : Dans mon cas non. Lorent : Exactement. Patrick : Non mais je te jure.

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Et puis, plus tard, de la chanson : Brassens, Boby Lapointe, je me rappelle encore des textes. Cet album reste le number one. Finalement, on est un groupe graphique! Patrick : Oui! Patrick : Damien-Jean rires. Robin Thicke. Photographie Enzo Addi. Pourquoi as-tu choisi le nom Hollysiz? Je trouvais que cela sonnait bien.

Comme quoi? Ca a pris du temps. Le studio aussi. Tu parlais de ton envie de faire de la musique autour de toi? Il faut le temps de rentrer dans un album. Il y en a plein. Les renouveaux musicaux partent souvent de chez eux. Et je dois avouer un petit faible un peu moins pointu pour Bruno Mars.

Cela vaut aussi certainement pour ton parcours. Propos recueillis et textes : Lucie Rico. Son premier album, Zanaka, est sorti le 6 novembre dernier. Pas facile, au vu de son parcours atypique. Qui est Jain? Elle concerne les gens qui nous entourent. Un peu de tout.


Il y a pas mal de hip-hop mais aussi des chansons africaines et musiques traditionnelles. Comment composes-tu? Car chez moi, tout part souvent dans tous les sens. Quel rapport entretien-tu avec internet? Est-ce que tu aimerais un jour collaborer avec certains artistes? France et sur Paris en particulier. Je crois que cela suit tout simplement ma vie. Un peu comme un voyage. Vous composez, jouez, arrangez, chantez. Est-ce un hommage? Je racontais cette histoire au premier album. Il y avait Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, aussi.

Il faut juste se donner le temps pour bien diriger son objectif et au moins essayer. Nous avons simplement fait un seul concert pour Franky Knight. Ma musique lui a plu. Il a voulu produire un album sur-le-champ. Je parle de celle du public. Il rappelle aux gens qui je suis. Pas vraiment le hasard. Tu baignes dans la musique depuis toute petite. Il cherchait justement une chanteuse. Et ton rapport aux sixties? Je parlais de jukebox personnel… Oui! Pendant le premier E. Je ne sais pas encore avec qui je vais travailler.

Et puis, la mode a un aspect sociologique. Ce serait qui? On risque de livrer au public un format coffret et un format plus classique, avec 11 ou 12 titres ou Je ne sais pas si je garderais toutes les chansons, notamment les reprises. Est-ce que tout cela me rend heureuse? Avec un ami. Comme un message personnel. Quand je vois des gens ici en France qui se plaignent pour des choses superficielles, je trouve cela assez injuste. Le classique aussi. Je la sens. Quel genre de classique? La musique classique a un pouvoir en plus par rapport aux autres musiques. Parlez nous de ces voyages.

Comment abordez-vous votre relation avec le public? Eye Signal de Jon Hopkins. Pourquoi avoir choisi Cavalier comme premier titre extrait, pour promouvoir votre album? Tout ce que je fais est personnel.

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Elle est en train de travailler dessus. Le temps manquait, alors nous ne nous sommes pas assis. Car je ne sais jamais vraiment ce que je joue. Alors, en attendant, en effet, je tapote dessus! Du moins pour moi. Je crois. Devant un public? Cette chanson parle de cela. Keep Your Head Up est la plus ancienne. De la musique et de la ride. After having scored a 9. Traveller, passionate by surf videos and famous for his colourful wetsuits, he will be one of the ones to watch in By Laurie Cassagnes. After cover thousands of kilometres and overcome jet lag, where are you today?

I was in Western Australia at the start of the week, and now in Bali. Can you present yourself for the people who might not know you? My name is Nic von Rupp. My life consists of chasing the world Tour of surfing and filming the best biggest waves our world has to offer. When did you start to chase the waves for the first time and where did that need come from? I grew up on the beach. As a highly active kid I was always having fun in the waves with skimboards, bodyboards, until time came where I stepped up to the real deal.

I must have been around 9 when i started getting into surfing. That was it, my first love, never looked back ever since. There is some pay checks involved straight away, but I only really felt professional at 17 when I got 5th in the World Juniors in Australia. Last year Nike gave us the chance to choose the colours of our wetsuits.

I did get a little excited and accidentally put all fluoro colours on all the wetsuits. It was alright for carnival time, but I had to surf in it all year. I do have to admit it was an embarrassing year of surfing … Aha! It really has pushed surfing to the next level. Which one of all competitions you did marks your memory the most and why? Probably market me the most so far, it was the. It was like from being an average school boy to becoming 2nd in the European Pro junior tour and then becoming 5th at the World Juniors against the best in the world.

Good memories… Your best wave? Probably this year at the most feared Pipeline in Hawaii, I got a 9. On the internet we can more watch you than read you. Do you prefer to appear in video to talk about and show what you do? Surfing as the interesting visual side that the surfing community really enjoys watching videos of their favourite surfers giving their best moves.

Do you spend all your time to search for the most beautiful waves or you sometimes try to challenge the snow, the wind or the tar? I like to ask one thing. How many continents did you lay your feet on and which culture that you felt the closest to? But what I can say is I lay feet on every continent at least 1 time a year.

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What type of music or artist do you listen? I read books, Facebook, I listen to music …I like everything, house music, rap, groovy stuff, rock… What are your upcoming projects in the next few months? What are your objectives for in terms of results? Win some some big WQS Events! Christian McLeods passion has led him to explore places around cold and rainy Ireland. He spends his days between finishing college and exploring his lands. CRUMB catches up with the youngster to ask about the technical aspects of shooting in the water, his gear and craziest stories.

Christian, where are you right now and what was the last thing you did before we started this interview? I would love to say something crazy like climbing a volcano or something, but in all honesty, I just got home from college. Tell us about your background, where are you from? When did you first discover an interest in photography and did surf photography kick in? So naturally, I picked them up and started investigating, tearing them apart and taking photos etc… Then I grabbed my own semi-old digital camera and started bringing it to college.

A lot of sneaking by Lecturers with my small camera bag had to be done, and it grew into an addiction. From there, I think it was about 5 weeks and I took it with me on a little surf to a local spot, and took a couple snaps, showed them to a friend who said I should send them to Tonnta, the Irish surf magazine. Three weeks later it was published as a double page spread I still have the copy on my desk! It was so surreal. Even after I had that image published it was still just a hobby, a fun outlet to pass the time after class. I like engineering and would have no problem working in that industry, but this is my love.

Is there any particular camera that you like to use the most? Where was your last shoot? What did you do there and what did you bring back from it? What is or has been your favourite location to shoot? Do you prefer to shoot from land or in the water? There have been so many beautiful places! Norway was one that really sticks out in my mind, but then again Ireland just has so many amazing landscapes, not many countries can compete. I have no preference, to land or water, when it comes to photography, it completely depends on the waves and the landscape.

However on a personal note, I love being in the water more than sitting on dry land. Has the ocean always been a huge part of your life? First time I remember seeing the sea was when I was 7, in California, and I was only driving by on the way to the airport. I started surfing when I was 15 and from there my love grew for the ocean. You spend a lot of time in the ocean with dangerous currents and house highwaves. I remember i so vividly. I was swimming with my housing, and trying to get a different angle moving closer to the end bowl and sneaking just over the edge each time.

Jack Johns dropped into this massive barrel and I started to smile, pulling the trigger I knew I had something special and I just made it over that wave and over the next wave aswel. It seemed like there was a brief lull, so I started taking a couple shots of the landscape and I hear this whistle, and a few hoots and hollars. I look and the jet skis are way out in the channel, and the surfers and way out to sea. I never felt my gut drop like that in my whole life. I got pulled deeper from the rip and closer to the cliffs, and. I thought I was gonna make it, dove under the wave, popped up, kept my head down and kept swimming, knowing there would be another one, and boy was I right.

A massive 15ft set wave was already starting to break out the back and I had the slimest chance of making it. I swam as hard as I could with my 1Kg waterhousing and my little legs. It suddenly felt like I was about to make it, the feeling of raising t the surface out the back. Then, I felt this thump and heard the sound of crushing ice. I was immediately thrown and felt as if I just jumped off a giant ledge, then another pounding. I eventually came up and took a breath of air to see the next wave break ahead, and white water heading towards me.

I made it fine under that, apart from the feeling of my foot being caught on kelp. I started to panic and started shaking my leg, and finally made it free and up to the surface again. Got washed out to the channel and started to kick when I realised my fin was gone, which I later figured out was shaken off by myself in the panic of the attack of the seaweed. Everything worked out fine. Which other surfers have you already photographed?

Do you know them or they ask you to come with them? I know quite alot of the Irish and British surfers and have shot with them on a variety of swells. I find it such an honor that they find my work good enough for them to ask.

If my work can stoke someone out, it makes me happy. The business and the sport has changed over the last years. In your opinion what are the biggest changes that surf photography is confronted with currently? This is great for broadcasters, newspapers, journalists with their iPhones but pretty bad for photographers. I am not. Saying this, the growth of social media has helped so many photographers and artists like myself to show their work to the world and let people enjoy it, instead of it collecting digital dust on an overpriced hard drive.

I love you and hate you social media. In terms of self-marketing and social media, several of your photographs have been regrammed by the Red Bull Instagram account. Do you think that the influence of these kinds of brands helped you? With which brands are you in collaboration now? I love spreading the stoke. At the moment? Typing out my Thesis for college. Surfing, sending emails or spending time with my girlfriend in no particular order. Music my good friend. The band MEW have always been a great travel companion to me, always in m ear reminding me of old adventures.

Nothing beats a little old school jazz either… Finally, what does the future hold for you and your work and where do you see yourself in five years from now? But saying that, I see myself traveling and spreading my adventures and working with the best brands and magazines across the world, no question about it!

Have you got any projects up your sleeve? Any last word? You will see. Thanks to my Mom for bringing me to the ocean, and all the people and companies who have helped me stay at the ocean. He makes average waves look good, he makes powerful waves look soft and impossible tube time look easy. Everything is second nature to him.

Half German, half Canarian, globe-trotter … Considering the way we want to speak about the boardculture in Crumb, it appeared as an evidence to us to interview Pablo Prieto for first in Water section and that he makes us share his experiences. Hey Pablo! Where are you in the world today? Hi, I am in Fuerteventura at this moment. I live in a little apartment in the north of the island. Can you present yourself briefly for the people who might not know you?

That is one of those questions no one knows what to say… Well my name is Pablo and I am half german and half spanish. I have grown up most of my life in the canary Islands, Tenerife. I love travelling and the ocean and really enjoying photography lately as well. When did you slip on the bodyboard for the first time and where did that need come from? When I was living in Germany age 4 -9 I have always dreamt of Surfing.

I think my older brother got me into that thought. When we moved to Tenerife the first thing me and my brother wanted to do is surfing, but there was. It is a very big sport in the Canary islands and considered one of the best places in the world to practice this sport due to its incredible type of waves. The Fronton Pro. The sensations the sport gives you on so many ways was more than enough to fall in love with the ocean and the sport. When did you start bodyboarding professionally?

My first contest was at the age of thirteen. After that point everything happened fairly quickly. Meeting others on a same level provides you with the motivation to improve quickly. With the age of six I entered the German National Team and started to challenge myself to compete on European level. I was still at school at this point and my studies have always been a priority.

Once I finished I had more time to. Tell us about that. How did you work on it, design and technologies wise? Throughout your Bodyboarding career you enter many events, that can be forgotten quickly. Being able to design my own Signature Model is something very special to me as a reflection to my achievements. I have been riding with Arin for 6 years now. And the relationship I have with the Shaper and owner of the brand is incredible.

We work on different materials depending on the type of wave and water temperature trying to increase the performance of the riders. I had a variety of boards prior of being of Arin. I had a good idea of what kind of boards I liked in terms of shape and dimensions. It was friend Amaury Laverne ,French rider from Reunion Island and IBA Word Champin Amaury Laverne who helped me finding the final dimensions of an all round board that should suit the kind of waves I identify my surfing the most You did a lot of competitions, which one marks your memory the most and why?

I think those done on local territory are very special due to the support you see on the beach. The actual waves play a big role as well though. I just love that place, the people and the waves. Being an invitational event and not part of the World Tour changed the attitude and atmosphere entirely.

Raccourci clavier souligner word mac

Friendship in incredible waves with only a few people out, combined with a good result 2nd is definitely one of my best memories. Big Hallo to all my friends From Puerto Rico. Your best wave? The best wave is always at home. No matter how good it gets it will be the one where you have experienced the most and shared good moments amongst your friends.

Wow, made me count now….. I would definitely say that if I have had my frequent flyer cards on me at all times, I would be considered a very good customer. A destination, or a culture that you felt the closest to? I am a mix of cultures myself and have always felt comfortable with cultures that have had many foreign influences in their past. On the other hand every place has so many incredible things to offer that are so unique and not found elsewhere. I still have a lot to discover but once again Puerto Rico is one of those places I felt like at home. It has the latin, the island live-style I am used to and a great passion for the ocean, light-life…..

I heard that you created your own surf camps, what were your motivations? I have worked as a Surf Instructer within Surfcamps since the age of I love the sport, the people you meet and the lifestyle. Whilst in University I met my 2 best Friends and business partners Joe and Sami who also follow the passion for the sport. We had similar ideas on how we would like our future to be, and after 4 years we still live together working hard every day and enjoying what we do.

Of course there is learning how to surf, skate, bodyboard… but there are also cultural excursions organised in big cites close to the camps, and party… Can you explain the goals you set to achieve thanks to those activities? I guess we try to teach the lifestyle of surfing that surrounds the sport as much as the technical part of it. Travelling and meeting people from around the world who share the same passion is just part of it. Most people who come to visit us come back and develop their skills and passion for travelling visiting us in Indonesia, Morocco and on Fuerteventura.

How do you explain that? That is very nice to hear, thank you. I believe in having teachers who love what they do. These have been in the sport for many years, travelled the world and many of them have also competed on international level. They love to be in the water helping until they see the satisfaction and excitement of their students first waves. The students motivation and excitement is a reflection of the Instructor.

Thanks boys. What are your upcoming projects in the next few months? We have been working really hard on our current projects. Bali, Morroco and Fuerteventura are our new destinations and we hope to be able to deliver the same quality we have been delivering in France so far. Is there something or someone you wish to talk about?

I would like everyone who has not done the sport to try it. Find the time to escape from routine and find a passion. Going surfing will always make you smile and forget about problems. With a knapsack on his back, a camera around his neck, and his feet on a skateboard, He illustrates and photographs people and places that inspire and stimulate astonishing moments, from every corner of the world. How to do what he does? Go travel, go experience, go live. Can you talk a little about where you grew up and when you got into art and more especially photography?

I grew up in Australia on the Gold Coast, well known for its amazing surf and perfect weather, so I spent a lot of time outdoors exploring which I guess lead to my passion for travelling and adventuring later on. My interest in Photography came from travelling; I became obsessed with trying to capture the beautiful and interesting places and situations that I discovered around me. With art and illustration it is something that I have always been doing since i was a child; I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember.

What drew you to life as a photographer? Skating, exploring, cultures, interesting people, beautiful places… All the things that need to be shared! Can you share what visually appeals to you as a photographer and why you shoot what you shoot? I am drawn to images that create a feeling or atmosphere of a place or a moment. Something that feels totally true and real to the moment, something very organic. These images are the most interesting for me. What advice would you offer to photographers that would like to get into lifestyle photography? Travel the world, meet interesting people, explore… Be inspired by your surroundings.

It is hard to understand what to capture if you have not experienced it yourself. I know you travel a lot. Where were you in the world? On how many continents have you laid your feet on? I have been to every continent except for South America! I have travelled in India a few times and spent some time in Sri Lanka… also apart from that I have spent the last few years back and forth travelling around many places in Europe and also down to Morocco. I have lived in England, Italy, Portugal and Turkey and recently lived in New York for a few months and travelled around America in a van.

Currently I am living in London! Hopefully I will continue to travel and learn and gain new experiences. How do you feel when you travel when you leave your hometown? Do you take the travel as a break or a new adventure? Can you explain why you choose Mowgli? People started to call me Mowgli because I look a lot like Mowgli from the Jungle book and I have a crazy love for animals.

I guess it suits my passion for exploring and adventure aswell so I thought it was the most fitting name to use for myself! Which aspects of surfing, skating, travelling and lifestyle do you try and capture through your photographs? I think all of these things have a sense of freedom and creativity that is an important part to try and capture as a part of the lifestyle.