How to make another email account on mac

Setting up rules, filtering your inbox, organizing mail, and searching for messages are all key aspects of any all-encompassing mail app. Each of our selected applications offers something in this department. We also considered user experience, as native applications have more flexibility compared to web apps in this department. Some use multiple windows for different elements, others offer tabbed email browsing. Better support for keyboard shortcuts compared to web apps also provides a boost to productivity.

Finally, there are a few small quality-of-life improvements that make your email client a nicer place to spend time.

Add an email account

These come in the form of handy features, like the ability to snooze emails to a later date, email tracking tools to let you know if your past message has been read, and reminders that notify you when it's time to send a follow-up message. No single email app will tick all of the boxes, so it's up to you to decide what you're willing to pay, which app feels most comfortable, and which features you can't live without.

Apple Mail is a free client that comes preinstalled on every new Mac sold—that in itself makes it a solid default choice for Mac users. The application's trademark postage stamp icon hasn't changed a lot over the years, and despite steady development from Apple, the client still retains its old-school feel. Aside from the attractive lack of a price point, Apple Mail is often chosen for its simplicity. It's a basic email client with support for a range of services including the company's own iCloud Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! The user interface is clean but nothing special, with mailboxes, folders, and accounts accessed via the sidebar.

Messages are presented as threaded conversations that are separated by subject. Unified mailboxes let you see all of your incoming, sent, and draft mail in a single list by default, or you can pick specific mailboxes if you prefer. One standout feature is the inclusion of smart mailboxes that filter your mail based on rules of your choosing. You can then quickly access your filters via the sidebar beneath the Smart Mailboxes heading.

How to Add a New Email Account to Mac Mail

There are plenty of other bells and whistles too. Handoff with iOS allows you to seamlessly pick up where you left off on your mobile device, and Mail Drop uploads large attachments to iCloud for easier sharing. For another free option, consider Mozilla Thunderbird , an email client from the developers of Firefox.

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Thunderbird is a free and highly extensible email client that feels like a classic version of Outlook. Some of the more useful features include tabbed email, sending of large attachments using cloud storage, and the ability to greatly change the look and feel of the app. Airmail takes the basic premise of an email client like Apple Mail and builds on it with more modern features and an emphasis on speed. You can browse and reply to all of your mail from a single unified inbox, which brings all of your accounts together in one place.

When you compose a new message, you'll use a dropdown to select which of your connected accounts and personas you want to send from. Airmail is a fast and clean email client that doesn't bog you down with features you don't need. If you're familiar with Gmail's shortcuts, you'll be off to a flying start, but you can also set your own custom shortcuts to navigate with your keyboard. Conversations are threaded by subject, with a Quick Reply button for replying to a message in-line.

Click the small speech bubble icon, and a reply field will pop out, which makes it easy to respond to a specific message in a thread without losing your place. Composing a new message or "full" reply takes place in a separate window, much like Apple Mail. You can drag and drop your attachments into this window, with full support for iCloud's Mail Drop link sharing.

The 9 Best Email Clients for Mac

Snooze email directly from your inbox so that it appears at a more relevant time, which you can define within Airmail's preferences. Turn your messages into to-dos or memos using Airmail's built-in organizer in two clicks or using a keyboard shortcut. The organizer lives at the bottom of the sidebar and looks and feels just like an inbox for your schedule. You can even access your Google Contacts directly in the app using Google's search-as-you-type functionality. If you're willing to spend a pretty penny, we'd also suggest Newton formerly known as CloudMagic.

Spark is a desktop email client that brings Gmail-like features to Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo! It includes a smorgasbord of conveniences, like the ability to snooze an email for later with a click and smart sorting of your inbox into categories like "Personal," "Notifications," and "Newsletters. Spark for Teams is where the mail app takes on a whole new life. The team behind Spark hasn't just built a convincing email app—they've developed a collaborative email platform.

This includes unique features like the ability to comment privately with team members on email in a small chat box to the right of the message. Collaborative composing allows you to invite other team members to collaborate and proofread your email in real time just like Google Docs. Create secure links that point to specific threads or messages, and share them with your team. With these features, Spark could even function as a lightweight CRM solution.

If you're looking for an email client specifically for shared inboxes vs. Front allows you to connect mailboxes to channels, then assign team members to those channels. It's a powerful tool that can spread the heavy load of a busy inbox across your entire team. Canary Mail is an email client for the security-conscious individual due to its support for end-to-end encryption using PGP. With encryption enabled, nobody aside from the intended recipient is able to read your message—not even your email provider.

How to set up an email account for Apple Mac Mail

Encryption can be enabled with a single click while composing your message. In addition to privacy features, Canary offers a range of tools to improve your productivity. This includes the Focused Inbox, where Canary learns which emails are important to you and hides the rest with one click on the Focused tab at the top of the window. You can also search your mailboxes using natural language processing think: "photos from Dad last month" to find things quickly. There are a host of other useful features that elevate Canary beyond its security-focused roots. You can track your emails to find out if they've been read, snooze incoming messages for later perusal, and unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking the thumbs down icon at the top of the message.

Canary is suitable for use with Gmail, iCloud, Office , Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP accounts.

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Unibox describes itself as a "people-centric" mail client, something it achieves by grouping your messages by sender in reverse chronological order. Instead of seeing your inbox as a list of messages and subject headings, Unibox shows you a list of recent correspondents and the number of unread messages within each conversation.

The app presents everything—including email composition—in a single window view.

The advantages of autoconfiguration

Respond to an email, and a compose box will slide into view, providing just enough room to type your response and still read the original email thread. This simplicity in design is seen throughout the app, from truncated message threads to the ability to view all files exchanged between yourself and another contact by toggling either of the attachment views at the top of a thread.

It's not possible to view your inbox like a standard inbox in Unibox. There's nowhere to view all of your outstanding drafts either you'll need to find the contact, then open the editor to view them. This is a radical conversational approach to email, and assuming your own email habits are compatible, it works. Also available on SetApp. If you have an Office subscription, you're already paying for Microsoft Outlook. That should be reason enough to give Microsoft's full-fat email client a go, since it works with Microsoft accounts, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo!

Outlook maintains the same familiar design that hasn't changed much over the last decade, which is why it may feel a bit stagnant in the UI department. There are many new features to get stuck into though. Focused Inbox is one such trick: It separates your inbox into two tabs, placing all the email that Outlook perceives as important on the Focused tab. Twitter-like mentions let you tag people, with Outlook automatically adding their email addresses in the "To:" field, which can come in handy if you're often adding coworkers to emails. Email Address: Your full email address.

Password: The password for your email account. Mail will attempt to contact the mail server. The default search uses "autodiscover. However, don't worry!

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  8. It's normal for this to happen due to Media Temple's servers not having autodiscover settings enabled by default. When an autodiscover setting has been unsuccessful, the message "Unable to verify account name or password" will appear in a new settings box.

    How to Change the Apple ID & iCloud account in a Mac - MacBook Pro , iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air

    Fill in the fields using your email info and access domain. If you do not see this box and are using a version of Apple Mail that was released prior to OSX Sierra, skip to "Additional steps for older versions of apple mail". User Name: Your full email address. Password: The password to your email account. Outgoing Mail Server: Your email access domain. Please note that by default, Apple Mail versions 10 and higher use secure SSL connections for both incoming and outgoing servers.

    We highly recommend that you do not change this, but SSL and port settings may be modified under server settings in the preferences menu once setup is complete. You'll then be asked to confirm which apps that you'd like to attach the email account to. Select email and any others that you'd like and click Done. To maintain functionality and security, Media Temple recommends that you update to the latest Apple Mail version available. If this is true for you, use the following settings:. We strongly recommend connecting via IMAP. Port: You will want to connect using the correct port based on the settings you have selected.

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