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To download the iPad version of Questionmark Secure:. Questionmark Secure will be downloaded and installed automatically. An icon will be placed on your iPad's home screen. At this point, you must activate a Guided Access session in order to launch the assessment. Before you can do this, the Guided Access feature must be enabled on your iPad.

To enable the Guided Access feature:. This passcode controls the use of Guided Access and prevents you from exiting the assessment while taking it. This would be the cause of the problem.

Question marks in OS X and what to do about them

If I delete the Atom. Secondary issues: Before I rebooted the computer, I opened Atom. A second icon appeared at the end of the dock, appearing to be the icon that Atom now runs from. I have two Atom icons in the dock now. Fun fact, this exact issue happens with GitKraken - another Electron app. I have a feeling it's deeper than just Atom, but something within Electron. I think I found the issue. It has to do with apps downloaded from the internet.

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In the case of normal installers, it prompts you to verify it at the point of install. But VS Code is an application you manually extract from a zip file, so there is no installer. That prompt comes the first time you try and run it. The problem is most people just download and unzip the app, drag the app to Applications, then to the dock, then run it. But you've dragged an app to the dock before it's been verified which is the real cause of the problem. The solution is to verify it before you add it to the dock. I again deleted everything, but this time after I unzipped it into Downloads, before I moved it anywhere, I ran it right from there.

It verified and opened fine. I then copied it to Applications, then the dock and it worked as expected.

How to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac

As a third test, I repeated test 2, but this time I copied it to Applications first before running it, then ran and verified it from there, then dragged it to the dock. Sure enough, that worked too. It's not a VS Code issue, it's not an Electron issue. It's not an Archive Utility vs Dr. Archiver or anything else issue.

Check your Downloads folder

It's a 'You added it to the dock before you verified it was safe! Before you add it to the dock, open and run it from anywhere. Doesn't matter. This seems it would be the case for any zip-distributed app. This shouldn't require a workaround; other apps in Sierra don't suffer from this problem.

It's annoying to users to have to read a GitHub post and type commands into the terminal, and for many people, they expect it to "just work" like other apps and text editors. It can be a dealbreaker i. Please read my post. This isn't a problem with VS Code or Electron or anything else.

Installing Questionmark Secure for iPad | Questionmark

It's a case of a not-yet-verified app being added to the dock. Again, TLDR version of my original comment above, before you add it to the dock, open it and answer the 'app downloaded from the internet' prompt. Once you've affirmed that you do want to open it, close it again and now you can safely add it to the dock. This is the case with any app that would put up that 'downloaded from the internet' prompt. I too am using a fresh-out-of-the-box MacBook Pro following the exact steps I described and it works perfectly.

This issue has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. If you can still reproduce this issue in Safe Mode then please open a new issue and fill out the entire issue template to ensure that we have enough information to address your issue.

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    The things I would ask are: How did you install Atom? In what directory did you install Atom? An Update about it: I reinstalled Atom 1. Thanks for following up!