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I assume this tip is for Windows 11? Anyone know if I can get OS X Should I wait for macOS 11 before installing it on my stone monolith? HAM — comes from pigs? Heaven help us! Mac on Windows, good luck! Am using El Capitan and it is right up top in the Toolbar area after you click on the system prefs. No need for such an over-the-top response. A few words in the original article to note which versions are affected would have been sufficient to resolve this.

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The screen I get when logging into the app store is different from the one you show. How do I get to the one you show? None of the choices on the first screen I see when I log in takes me there. So, there evidently are some steps you left out?

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Save the Mac App Store Password for Free Downloads in Mac OS X

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How to Download Paid Mac Apps for Free OS 10.12.3(macOS Sierra) Easiest Way!!!

February 3, at pm. Manny says:. You might also see the misleading message You have updates available for other accounts, even if you use one Apple ID. This type of error can happen for various reasons. Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Read More to fix the issue.

We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Open Terminal and type the following command:. Press Enter and the com. Delete the contents of this folder. Relaunch the Mac App Store. Note that this is a system cache and temporary folder. Do not delete any files or folders here other than this directory. This type of problem occurs when you install a beta version of macOS on another partition or external drive. Apps you install on it get indexed by Spotlight. The index that the system creates will make the App Store think that a duplicate copy of the app exists on another drive.

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Fixing this issue is simple; you must delete the duplicate copy of the app and rebuild the Spotlight index. Open the Apple Menu and select System Preferences. Choose the Spotlight entry and switch to the Privacy tab. Click the Plus tab at the bottom of the list. A new Finder window will pop open. The indexing will stop for this drive.

Close the System Preferences window. The system will begin to reindex everything on the disk drive, which will take some time. Can users read and edit each other's files? What happens when you delete a user account? Read More , then you might face a similar problem. Apps you install on other accounts should not pose a problem. But if you delete the user account, the App Store will not know that you have done so and will encounter similar issues.

The App Store provides regular updates to both system and third-party apps.

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You might see a familiar Waiting or Installing—Calculating message just beneath the download progress bar. When the download begins, the App Store creates many temporary files in the cache folder.

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In the first step, you must clear the App Store cache folder as mentioned above. Quit the Mac App Store, then open a Terminal window and type the following command:.

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Delete everything inside. Next, you must delete the user com. To do so, go to. If an app gets stuck during the installation or gets corrupted for some reason, then clear the contents of this folder. Otherwise, skip this step. This will ensure that when you re-download the update, the processes will not hang again. Open the Activity Monitor and set its view to All Processes.