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How to Convert DVD to Hard Drive on Mac OS X ( El Capitan)

Lacks customization options. What We Like Excellent customization options.

Easy to use. Reads from and writes to ISOs. What We Don't Like Interface can be difficult to navigate for more complex burning projects. Some options are for historical benefit and aren't really used much anymore. It's no longer developed. Download DVD Decrypter. Fine-tuning of content to be burned when you rip a video DVD. What We Don't Like Donation links on the download page.

Rip DVDs to Hard Drive with Free DVD Ripping Software

Compression is a mixed bag. DVDs can be automatically compressed to fit a standard 4. Download DVD Shrink. What We Like Excellent options for output formats. Ability to tweak the content of a video DVD. Can burn as well as generate a disc. What We Don't Like Some complexity in the user interface. Not as forgiving for inexperienced users. Our Review of Freemake Video Converter. Download Freemake Video Converter. What We Like Supports Blu-ray and other output devices.

Multi-platform support. Extensive editing capabilities.

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What We Don't Like Significant complexity arising from advanced-settings options. Interface doesn't match modern design standards.

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Handbrake will take a few moments to scan the content. If you failed to install libdvdcss.

How to Rip Episodic DVD Sets for Free on Windows (Also Works on Mac and Linux)

Handbrake lets you choose exactly what content you want to rip off the DVD. You can make all these adjustments in the Source settings. You can make your selection in Title. The longest video is typically the movie. Adjust the Chapters and Angles you want to retain in the associated drop-down boxes. Now you need to decide where you want Handbrake to save your file. You can also save to external sources, meaning you can add the video to an external hard drive or even a blank DVD. Click Browse to choose your destination. Make sure you give the rip an appropriate name.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see several Presets.

Choosing Your Software

They correspond to the quality of your rip. Not only does Handbrake offer several generic presets, but there are also device-specific presets. For example, you can choose to rip your video in a format appropriate for watching on a Chromecast with surround sound or on a Roku in p definition. Scroll down through the list to see what is available. Remember, the higher the quality, the larger the end file will be and the longer the DVD will take to rip.

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  • Don't know what to do with all your old DVDs? Here's how to convert them to MP4.

Picture, Filters, Video will have been determined by the present you chose though feel free to customize the settings further if you wish. The fewer you include, the smaller your end file will be. The subtitles tab lets you choose which subtitle files to copy and whether you want to burn them into the DVD itself or leave them as a standalone subtitle file How to Add Subtitles to a Movie or TV Series How to Add Subtitles to a Movie or TV Series Unfortunately, content you download off the internet normally doesn't come with subtitles.

Thankfully, it's easy enough to add subtitles to a movie or TV series. Here's how The ripping process could take quite a while, depending on the length of the video and the quality settings you selected. But Handbrake is not the only way to achieve the desired result. In this article we recommend the best ones available to buy right now. Which software do you use when you want to rip DVDs onto your hard drive.

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What do you like about it? Where does it differ from Handbrake? Your email address will not be published. Unless I'm missing something, why would you even want to rip a DVD at p? A DVD is standard definition and natively is no higher than p. Upscaling to p isn't that bad, but p seems overkill!! But of course, the comment section would rather talk about how copy protection is a problem. News flash: Unless it's a DVD you burned yourself, 99 times out of , it has copy protection!! Libdvdcss helps, like the article says! How come not one person besides me commented asking what's the point of ripping a DVD at p?

HandBrake (free)

Makes absolutely no sense!! This rips one single title, not the "entire DVD". The great thing about AnyDVD from RedFox formerly SlySoft is its ability to rip the entire DVD--menus, special features, everything--while removing all the annoying crap various copy protections, fake titles, region scripts, unskippable ads, et cetera. The horrible thing is it isn't free and only runs on Windoze. I really wish there was something like that so I wouldn't have to have a pirated copy running in a virtualbox of tinyxp for those cases when I buy a DVD and it turns out to have extra special protections to keep me from archiving it or those stupid region scripts that check the code.

Note that despite what the MPAA would have you believe, it is perfectly legal to make a backup copy for personal use of any purchased media in the United States. Then I transcode the resulting mkv file usually as mp4 using Handbrake. Any ideas?