Power mac g4 cube itx

This is so that once screws are added to secure the side panels and attach 2.

The Power Mac G4 Cube

The internal walls I mention above are: a an inner cross piece that carries the fan and which braces the two sides and holds them apart and b a shelf which in the Cube above is used for carrying a DVD drive, but in other variations can carry hard drives up to 3. You will notice that one side wall has a large rectangular cut out. This is because on all ITX boards it seems that this side is used for SATA connections, fan sockets and other cabling so to have a cut away portion here lets you have easy access for plugging in and removing cables when the construction is complete.

These are through threaded on 4 of their 6 sides and are 10mm square.

Project Mac Cube

A key feature provided by this construction method is that any one of the outer panels may be easily removed for access to change components whilst maintaining the integrity of the shell to make the change and then can be simply screwed back into position again. This removes a lot of the frustration and skinned knuckle joints normally associated with a Cube mod!

So there you have it, a taster of what the Cube kit will be like and how it will work.

Step 2: Heatsink Modification

Once the production panels get here I will share them with you to show how it all works in final form. All Cube kits will support: Rear fan mm of 15 to 25mm thickness.

The Cube kit - The Laser Hive

Standard ITX board. Up to 2 Drives mounted on interior side walls. Pico type PSU. With shelf: Adds room for 1 x 3.

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OR laptop type Optical drive plus 2. When a shelf is fitted note that low profile less than 8cm tall coolers are preferred.

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When no shelf is fitted then coolers up to 14cm tall may be supported. When no shelf is used there is the interesting possibility for fitment of radiator based all in one coolers. I have tried this with an early Silverstone Tundra and it works, but please note that careful choice of components for such an arrangement is critical. If you wish to make no cuts to your original Cube case then I advise keeping a simple configuration and to use low profile RAM. In addition, there is no included display.

Power Mac G4 Cube Intel Reloaded Edition - my 2nd Hackintosh Case Mod

The primary intended market for the Mac Mini was for "switchers" users moving from a traditional Windows PC to Mac who would already own a compatible display, keyboard, and mouse. Other customers could easily purchase these if needed.

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A special version of the computer is also intended for use as a server in a small network. It includes Lion Server and has a second hard drive. The updated unibody Mini is notable as Apple's first computer to include an HDMI video port to connect to a television or other display, more readily positioning the unit as a more expensive home theater device alternative to the Apple TV.

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