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For Edition, choose Windows 10, and click Confirm. Next, select the desired language, and click Confirm.

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Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more video walkthroughs. A lot will depend on how much space you have, and how you plan on utilizing the Windows 10 installation. The Boot Camp Assistant will download Windows support software, partition the disk, and copy the necessary Windows files to get started. Select the desired language, time and country format, along with keyboard or input method, and click Next.

Boot Camp lets you run Windows 10 on your Mac. Here's how to use it

If you already have a Windows 10 product key, enter it and click Next. You can compare each version of Windows 10 here.

Click Next after choosing the desired version. Windows Setup will copy needed files, and install features and updates. The installation process should only take a few minutes. Step Upon rebooting, the Windows logo will appear again, and the setup process will continue and reboot again. You can opt to use express settings, but I recommend clicking the Customize button and disabling most, if not all of the switches.

Click Next to proceed to the next pages and repeat the process. An account name is required, but a password is not.

The Most Common Windows 10 Drivers for Mac mini, Mac mini Server, and Mac Pro

Click Next once you select the desired user name and password combination. Step On the Meet Cortana screen, you can choose to enable the Cortana personal assistant. I recommend keeping it disabled by clicking the Not now button. On the Welcome to Boot Camp installer box, click Next and accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Install to proceed with the installation.

If any additional driver installation boxes appear, be sure to Install those as well.

Installing and Testing Windows 10 S on Mac Mini----Part One

Once the installer completes, make sure the Restart System box is checked, and click Finish to reboot your machine. Step Upon rebooting, click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and connect to your local Wi-Fi network. Note : This next step is very important, because it updates to the latest sound driver. Select any of the updates that appear, and click the Install items button in the bottom right-hand corner.

How to install Windows 10 on the Mac mini using Boot Camp Assistant [Video] - 9to5Mac

Since my Mac mini only has GB of storage on board, I went with the minimum amount allowed. Step 9: Click Install to begin the Boot Camp setup process. The setup process will download necessary Windows support software, partition your disk, and save the needed support software to the Boot Camp partition. After doing so, click Okay , and macOS will reboot into Windows. Step Click Start on the initial Setup screen, and then click I do not have a product key at the bottom of the Activate Windows screen.

Step On the license and notices screen, check the Accept box in the bottom left-hand corner if you agree to the terms, and click Next.

Installing Windows 10 on a Mac without Bootcamp

Windows will now copy all of the necessary files and begin the installation process. This process will take some time, so be patient. I recommend watching our video walkthrough above to see how I opted to configure my Windows 10 installation.

Step The Boot Camp Installer should automatically pop up on the desktop. This will install all of the needed drivers and settings to complete your Windows 10 Boot Camp installation. Step Upon returning to the desktop, click the search box to the right of the Start Menu, and search for Windows Update. Click Check for Updates to load system settings and click the Check for updates button to start downloading and installing the necessary Windows software updates.

Congratulations, Windows 10 is now installed on your Mac mini!