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Go ahead, make a Sim whose greatest aspiration is to hone his gardening skills. Or maybe you want to create a […].

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The Sims 3 Complete Collection 1. Create over a million unique Sims and control their lives. Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even the home of their dreams. Then, send your Sims out to explore new […].

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Paragon NTFS Welcome to our Forum! Regarding The Sims 3 , read this , and read this page if you run into any issues with The Sims 4. This is my version of the guide for those who get errors along the way or don't know how to begin. If you had already downloaded Wineskin to try and install the game, I suggest uninstalling it and restarting--unless you use it for other apps. Once that has finished, select "Create New Blank Wrapper" and choose the name for the app The Sims 4 , then wait--this will take a while to load.

If "Mono" and "Gecko" pop-ups appear, click install. Then select, "View wrapper in Finder" and drag the application to your desktop. Double-click the wineskin wrapper you just moved.

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You will get an error message first, but just ignore it and double-click the wrapper again. These careers give the player an opportunity to follow Sims to work. When the player is following a Sim in their workplace, the player is given tasks that are needed to be completed in order to have a promotion.

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There are three active careers: Detective , Doctor and Scientist. The tasks that are given to the player must be completed successfully in order to gain a promotion and are always special to the career their given in.

How to get ANY Sims 3 expansion pack free (PC or MAC) + all serials

In the detective career, Sims must solve crimes by going to a crime scene and collecting clues, in order to catch the suspect, with finally interrogating them and putting to jail. In the Doctor career, Sims must cure patients that are gathering up in the lobby by making tests, making a diagnosis after collecting enough evidence of an illness, and later up in the career performing surgeries. In the Scientist career, Sims can create crazy potions, gadgets, and even a wormhole generator that Sims can use to explore Sixam. In Get to Work , Sims can once again have their own retail businesses. After a Sim purchases a residential or vacant lot for their retail business, they will travel to that lot.

While they are on the retail lot, players have two options to manage the store. The simplest way of managing the store is through the "Owned Business Panel" located in the bottom right of the UI, next to the motives panel. From this panel, players can manage a Sim's retail store as they would with a cash register. The business panel shows each lot's name, whether it is open or closed, and number of hours opened for.

Customers will enter the lot and will walk to a random object or mannequin of their liking, with a bar above their head that showcases their interest to buy. Getting it to the top is when the customer will decide to purchase the goods and an employee or the owner can ring them up. There is a variety of retail businesses such as a photo gallery, bakery, book store, or clothing shop.

The Sims 4: Get to Work

Shops can sell practically any item. Sim-like playable aliens return in Get to Work. Aliens are similar to those in previous games, though there are a few differences. For example, they appear roughly the same as before, but glow slightly when feeling strong emotions. A notable exception is that they now have multiple skin tones, including blue, green and purple. They wear either a black, green, or grey body suit. Aliens can also wear normal Sim clothing. Aliens have exclusive interactions not available to normal Sims. They can analyze personalities, empathize, erase minds and disguise themselves to look like normal Sims.

At any time, players can edit and adjust how an alien will look while disguised. While disguised, an alien can appear like a normal Sim and not be spotted by Sims. If a Sim figures out the alien is in disguise, the alien can erase the Sim's mind and go about their day pretending to be a normal Sim.

Aliens can be created from the Create a Sim menu. From Create a Sim, players can choose from a range of alien face presets, unique eyes, and a range of skin tones such as blue, purple and green.