How to use onenote on mac

Apple Notes provides several options while typing a note.

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You can add tables, change font types, add bullet points, add media files, integrate sketches and drawing, and so on. In this area, OneNote takes a lead with adding voice notes support along with the same options as offered in Apple Notes.

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In short, both the apps offer pretty much all the basic editing features in a familiar UI and should be enough for your usage. I would like to see the ability to change fonts colors in the future updates.

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  6. Drawing capabilities remain rich on both the apps, but the OneNote doesn't support it for iPhone. Apple Notes includes drawing tools like pencil, brush, pen, and eraser. You can also change the colors and thickness of the tips. After using a notes app for a while, it will be filled with several notes and folders. Looking for a particular note can become a jarring experience no matter how organized your notes are. Thankfully, both OneNote and Apple Notes provide a robust search function. Just search with a relevant term, and you should be able to find it.

    OneNote even lets you delete the search history. Just swipe left on the searched term and delete a word from it. Sharing is where Apple's limitations become apparent. You can share the note with someone using their Apple ID or can send a note directly through WhatsApp or an email. Sharing menu lets you choose from several options like lock note, convert pdf, or send as a simple note. OneNote goes one step ahead and lets you share the whole notebook with another person.

    You can also send the Note via email or any social network.

    Remember, while sharing a note with the likes of WhatsApp, the app won't send a simple note. Instead, it will generate a pdf and share it on the platform. Download the OneNote Clipper for your browser, visit any website, choose a clipper option, and you can add a bookmark, clip a particular part of the page and even save the whole article directly into the OneNote. Once the person accepts the invitation, you can begin adding text, photos, links and more to note and track all the changes. Do note that it might take a while for changes to appear in real-time based on the iCloud syncing cycles.

    Apple Notes is only available on Apple's platforms. On the other hand, Microsoft offers OneNote on every platform you can think of. Its vast platform availability is what gives it a huge advantage over Apple Notes. Before talking about pricing, you need to understand how the syncing works on both apps. All the functionalities are free to use.

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    The premium model kicks in when you run out of storage. After you have maxed it out, you will need to buy additional cloud storage to add new notes.

    7 Tips to Get More Out of OneNote

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    Tips If you work on both a PC and Mac, save your OneNote files to SkyDrive so that you can seamlessly transition from one operating system to the next. You can send an email link, or post your OneNote Notebooks to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by checking the box next to the OneNote Notebook you want to share. You can log in to your SkyDrive account from a PC version of OneNote and access notebooks you are storing in the cloud. Edits you make from that desktop PC are automatically saved to the cloud as well.

    SkyDrive also has a desktop app available for download via the SkyDrive log in page link in Resources.

    Mac Alternatives to OneNote

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