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My test project was based on a post by Adam Wisneiwski though I had to use the cached google version due to a bad gateway error. In that post, Adam laid out the process to put together a basic python app that uses a native cocoa GUI created in Xcode. First, some background: I have anaconda python installed in my home directory, so I had to add some packages so python can connect with the Mac Cocoa framework.

Test your setup by trying to import Cocoa in python. After that, you should be able to run py2applet on the command line and it will return a default help message. Next, we can start to package this app by creating a setup. Notice that you call this with the name of the python application file.

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The setup. Next, create a new xib file for the app window. For a filename, type in SimpleXibDemo and it should add the. Next, add your. IBOutlet This will be the recipient of actions within the script. To lay out the GUI, drag three buttons onto the window from the Object Library lower right side by default.

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You can change the text that appears on the button by double clicking. Ctrl-drag from the button over to the FirstResponder. In the pulldown, choose terminate , this will associate the quit button with ending the program. Next, we have to associate the window with the python class that it represents, and link the buttons to the appropriate IBActions.

Enter the class name in the top field Class. This associates the window with the class that will handle actions.

This connects the two buttons to the corresponding class functions. You can then run it from the command line as:. I had to change the setup. If you use anaconda, then it should be similar to the path above though your username is probably different. He's French, and founded Melting Rocks. On IRC, he's tito. He lives in France. On IRC, he's tshirtman. Akshay Arora. He is a freelance developer. He is from India.

On IRC, he's qua-non. Jacob Kovac. He is an independent game developer who is very interested in creating game development tools for Android. He lives in Utah. On IRC, he's kovak. Alexander Taylor. He is a postdoc in physics, with a little time to make fun graphical interfaces. He lives in the UK. On IRC, he's inclement. Matthew Einhorn. He is a developer using Kivy with Python to automate scientific research. He lives in the eastern USA. On IRC, he's matham. Richard Larkin. Richard is an educational software developer B. Sc, Hons from South Africa. He likes being silly, meditating, music and hugging fluffy things.

Armin Sebastian.

Programming with PyQt (Python 3, Qt 5) on a Mac Book: JGRPGTools 002

He is an independent developer from the Carpathian wilderness. On IRC, he's dessant. Thomas-Karl Pietrowski. Peter Badida.

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He is a hobby coder, bookworm and pianist, who fancies portability and simplicity. He lives in Eastern Slovakia. Andre Miras. Linux geek and open source addict, he works as a software architect and lives in Spain. Terje Skjaeveland bionoid. George Sebastian georgs. Gabriel Ortega. Arnaud Waels triselectif. Thomas Hirsch. Joakim Gebart. Rosemary Sebastian. Jonathan Schemoul. Talks Here is a list of talks about Kivy if you have made a talk, don't hesitate to share it Interfaces tactiles et mobiles avec Kivy.

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Install using pip, follow the instructions here. Installation on Windows.

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Installation on macOS. Installation on Linux. Ubuntu PPA. Kivy Laucher 1. Packaging for Kivy Launcher. Raspberry Pi.