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Fast shipping! Great value! Love the computer. It works great and I will definitely buy my next computer from you guys. Hopefully next time I can get one in excellent condition instead of just good condition. Minor scratches on the lid of this one. It doesn't effect the performance at all and is truly a bargain deal for a like new running macbook Pro. Thank you again. Works well.

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First time purchasing a Mac, because of cost for new, decided to purchase refurbished, was reluctant and worried at first, but so far has been great. Outside covering is scratched some, normal wear and tear, but bought cover and no worries. Great computer for cost.

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  6. So far so good. Received my MacBook three days ago. There are a few scratches on the exterior, but nothing major. Functions pretty much as a brand new computer. Very happy with my purchase, will update if anything changes. You don't really need to use this thing like a laptop: keep it plugged in behind your monitor if you want to. That said, I use a laptop with an external display and it works just fine -- think of it as getting a high-quality inch display and trackpad to sit along your existing monitor when you need it.

    OK, how about this? Laptops are designed around balancing the different needs of power drain, thermal efficiency and performance.

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    I guarantee you that the MBP's components will be throttled down to custard-like speeds to prevent overheating when I get on it. My daily routine is to have Chrome open with a hundred tabs, plus Pages, iTunes, Photoshop and Slack all running at once. Why would I knowingly submit myself to a bad computing experience? Laptops have come a long way, with components that are far more capable of running at full pelt than they used to be.

    Ars Technica 's review found that, even after 30 minutes running at full load, the i7 in the MacBook Pro didn't throttle. Not to mention that USB-C and Thunderbolt are so fast that the difference between internal and external accessory efficiency is moot. These things are just better machines. How about the fact that those laptops -- with their integral batteries and tightly integrated components -- have a far shorter shelf life than desktops? As an investment, buying a desktop is likely to give you a better payoff, because it'll last much longer than its all-in-one brethren.

    The battery definitely has a limited shelf life, but if you're permanently plugged in, what's the problem? Repairs, though. Have you seen iFixit's guide for repairing the MBP? It got a repairability score of 1 out of Which means that if this thing breaks, It's quite likely that I'll have to buy a new one.

    We're clearly not going to agree on whether or not a laptop can do a desktop's job, but even if you're never buying a laptop, there are still myriad reasons to not buy a Mac Pro.

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    First, along with the discount, Apple announced it's working on a new new Mac Pro, one that it hints will be more expandable and powerful than the current generation. That's not a coincidence. Apple also teased a "Pro"-level iMac for later this year. Buying a Mac Pro at a discount now is essentially just helping Apple with its spare inventory problems. My only concern would be whether it, too, would struggle to push multiple displays, because its integrated graphics would be concentrated on its own screen. If Apple could make it even slightly expandable, with a shitload of RAM and discrete graphics, then it could very possibly swing my decision.

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    The fairer comparison with the Mac Pro would be the inch 5K iMac, which has discrete graphics onboard. Even so, it has its issues. None of the models have SSDs as standard, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone in should be spending that sort of money to boot from an HDD. It's a huge bottleneck. We'll just have to wait and see if it does that. I'd wait for that -- hell, I've waited this long to upgrade; a few more months to see what the pro iMac looks like won't kill me.

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    Yeah, you've kind of made the crux of my point for me. If you're not happy with a MacBook Pro as a desktop replacement, wait to see what the new iMac can do for you. Macbook Replacement Parts! Macbook Pro - 13 inch, Mid Very well taken care of and in great condition. Running most recent version of Mac OS Mojave Wanted MacBook pro. Selling my Mac book pro, due to the fact I bought it for school an used it twice.

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    Mac book pro Look brand new. Completed updated. This upgrade service is designed to supercharge aging Mac Pros and make them competitive with even the most expensive iMacs. Mac book pro mid Hello Im selling my pre owned Macbook Pro Mid in very good condition. No scratches, No dents Battery last hrs if used if not it last till the next day. Comes with charger only Bought from another seller few months back but barely used as I still prefer to use windows. Can nego a bit but no lowballers! Please see the photos for the specs!

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    I upgraded and these are original parts! Mac Pro 5.