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Jun 19, AM. My spreadsheet application will ultimatley be used on the iPad, but I'm still having problems preserving the data in tables, even with the use of forms. Keep in mind that the users may not be familiar with spreadsheet programming. I have one sheet table that displays the calculated results and I can protect formulas in this table by placing a transparent rectangle over the whole table no direct input required to this sheet.

I would prefer the rectangle to be locked in place over the table with a password to prevent unlocking , but it can't be done on the iPad at the moment. Not too much of a problem though. I also use forms on the iPad to input selections from the user. Predefined record and category names in the input tables are ultimately displayed in the forms which allow the user to input the correct information into the input tables.

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I use this information to lookup data in other tables using VLOOKUP etc and then calculate the final result which is displayed in a result table as mentioned above. If the user presses the delete key in the form a predetermined record is deleted and will proclude any furter input for this record.

Is there any way to undelete a record? Jun 19, PM. Jun 20, AM in response to jazzizgreat In response to jazzizgreat. I'd suggest that you check in that discussion area for advice on working with forms and other issues peculiar to the iOS implementation. But, you have to undo in a timely manner and you have to suffer the loss of other entries that might be undone in the process.

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: jazzizgreat jazzizgreat. Question: Q: Question: Q: Locking Cells and Tables to protect data This issue has been raised before, and judging by the number of posts on this issue, I'm wondering why Apple did not initially include, or at least now include this handy feature? More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Thank you anyway for your advise and will certainly forward my request to Apple.

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Jun 17, PM in response to jazzizgreat In response to jazzizgreat Hi j, Perhaps Apple does not see this as such an "important issue" that needs fixing. Regards, Barry PS: If this is as important an issue as you make it to be, you should Provide Numbers Feedback to Apple, requesting a Feature enhancement be added to a future edition of Numbers providing this ability.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Jerrold Green1 Jerrold Green1. TV Speciality level out of ten: 0. Problem 1: If the user presses the delete key in the form a predetermined record is deleted and will proclude any furter input for this record.

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How does one inhibit record deletion in forms? Any other help would be appreciated. If you don't want people to select locked cells, click to clear the Select locked cells check box. If you want people to be able to select and fill out unlocked cells, click to select Select unlocked cells. Before you click OK to finish, you might want people to do other things to the locked cells, like select them or format them.

How to Lock a Picture to a Cell in Excel - Solve Your Tech

If so, under Allow users of this sheet to , choose the elements that you want people to be able to select or change. You may need to temporarily turn off protection so that you can unlock cells. Then type the password. Then click to clear the Locked check box so that it is not selected. If there are other cells that still need to be locked, on the Review tab, click Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook. Then type a password for the sheet, and verify it by typing it again. Expand your Office skills.

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