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For tips and other useful information, see the Photomatix FAQ. The User Manual is available from the Help menu of Photomatix Pro, but you can also access it online here:. User Manual Photomatix Pro for Windows. User Manual Photomatix Pro for Mac. Update Log Photomatix Pro for Windows. Lightroom Plugin for Photomatix Pro 4.

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Main Features. Download Photomatix Pro 6. I used to have the previous revision, and I too noted immediately that the newer version behaves very differently. Wish I could go back to the older version. I am getting better results out of 2. I'm keeping both copies installed lucky they don't interfere with one another. Yep, pretty easy to crash version 2.

I actually moved back to 2. Not only does it bounce a lot faster, it produces much better results on all tone mapping settings. The only thing missing is the upgraded capabilities of deghosting and good automagic image alignment which I usually end up doing with Photoshop.

I'm using 2. I really like the new version. I've had crashes with 2.

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I've got the 2. Not a single crash. On the bad part, I also find often a grey veil on my photo can't say if it's new but I easily get rid of it in Photoshop. Finally, I sometime end up with a photo that doesn't look as much as I set it for much more contrast and much darker , not too often but it's annoying when it happens was bit like that before too. Originally posted ages ago.

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I've 2. I've got 2. It's the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with in photography. I've gotten to where I Print Screen the preview and crop to just the photo to use it to upload to Flickr because I cannot get a final copy that looks anything like what I want it to look like. Try to resize your HDR before tone mapping then. I have the latest version, bought a few days ago and it keeps crashing.

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I am using Vista, with 2 gb of main RAM and another 2gb of speed ram. I am converting 3 exposures of canon RAW files. I also find it odd that the output after clicking 'apply' seems not nearly as good as the preview image. I noticed of course the reorganization of sliders into tabs, and the addition of additional controls, which I really like once I got used to them. That being said, I absolutely did notice that the results are "worse" than before.

By this I mean that the output does not match the preview as well as it did before. This has always been a problem in Photomatix, but it really does seem to have gotten worse in the past few versions. I've dealt with HDRSoft tech support three or four times about this problem and they give me a bunch of suggestions that never help with the problem. I spoke to someone from a different company and he told me that Photomatix has really bad memory leak problems and that is the real cause of the problem, not the issue that HDRSoft always tries to blame it on the different size of the output compared to the preview.

For all of you who are frustrated by the Photomatix problem of the output not matching the preview, I have a suggestion for you: Check out "Dynamic Photo HDR" at www. I downloaded the trial and after about 5 minutes I was sold. It is WAY better than Photomatix. As a long time Photomatix user and fan, that is hard for me to say, but isn't it amazing that after just a few minutes of using Dynamic Photo HDR I can say that? So check it out, maybe you'll agree with me.

This has been driving me crazy! I haven't done any photo processing in a little while, and I've upgraded my pc now running windows 7 and upgraded formatted and started over my Macbook Pro to Snow Leopard. At first, I thought it was something I was doing different during shooting I do real estate photography and landscape shots mostly.

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Now, they look like utter crap while tonemapping. There's tons of noise especially in skies, windows, water, etc. I am SO frustrated right now. I can't find an old download of Photomatix. Where can we get an old version!?!? Personally I like the newest version 3. Yes, the processing is different from previous versions, but you just need to know how to adjust the new one. Two things stand out in the new version: 1 Smoothing now has two different processes.

The old type where you choose radio buttons and the new where it is a slider. The slider is much better 2 Highlight and shadow smoothing sliders.

These really work now and get rid of a lot of noise. Anyway if you still want to go back here is how: Go to the download page and scroll all the way to the bottom. For Windows: www. I have 2. Thanks for the link guys. I found this thread from searching Google and didn't even look at the date! LOL months ago permalink. Just saw this old thread pop up, and I was wondering Has anyone compared results between the plugin-in and the full version?

I'm still using the same plug-in I was using 2 years ago.

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 6.1 Final​ Full Keygen

Should I still be using it, or a newer version of the plug-in? Or, is the full version prefered? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Scott months ago permalink.