Huawei software for mac 10.6

Connect Huawei to your Mac, mount it as disk and get access to all files and folders directly in Finder. Besides wide range of sync options SyncMate offers you non-sync ones too.

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Sync Huawei contacts and calendars You can sync contacts and calendars on Huawei with Mac for absolutely free. Sync folders and media With Expert Edition of SyncMate you can sync Huawei images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with files to Mac. Extra sync option Besides wide range of sync options SyncMate offers you non-sync ones too. SyncMate turns out to be an irreplaceable HiSuite for Mac solution - get rid of duplicate entries and manual data update.


This way, you don't have to stop what you're doing on your computer to add a new program on your phone. You can also update your handset to the latest version using your computer. There is no need to download any ROM package on your device since Huawei HiSuite will be responsible for searching the latest update and install it in your device. Users can also compose new messages directly from the desktop app itself and send it to single or multiple recipients. The app even has an option to import and export existing messages between the computer and the mobile device. Finally, Huawei HiSuite lets you take screenshots from your phone screen and save them directly in your computer.

It also supports two-way import and export of pictures and videos with safe and convenient operations, such as drag and drop. The app even lets you preview any picture or play any video by simply clicking the space bar.

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If you own a Huawei device, then Huawei HiSuite is a necessary tool to have in your computer. By having this app, you can manage your phone's speed and efficiency. It can also save you the trouble of tinkering with your device by providing you a simple and uncomplicated software where you can do it.

Since it works with any Huawei smartphone , you can use the app whether you have the latest model or an older one. What do you think about Huawei HiSuite?

Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Support and contact. For quick start instructions: Download the appropriate binary package , and double-click on it in your Downloads folder. Follow the instructions in the installer. Assuming that the installation proceeds without errors, after it completes, connect your phone to your Mac by USB. It should flash once, and then become solidly checked. The latest version available is 9. Improves support for devices including Nokia 7 Plus.

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This version only supports MacOS Release 9. Adds support for OS X Thanks also to David Ryskalczyk for his help in wrestling Xcode. This is the newest version that supports OS X Fixes issue where unsigned kext would not be installed restoring support for OS X Thanks also to David Ryskalczyk for his help in tracking down the issues with Adds code signing support in Installer and for kext.

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Improves compatibility with older versions of OS X early Fixes issue 3 reenabling installation on bit machines. Adds potential fix for issue 5. Disables installation on bit machines, and includes new device support.