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When you release your finger from the mouse, you will have an Icon on the desktop a snap-shot of the area you highlighted. Double click on the Icon and you will have a snap-shot in the upper left hand corner of your screen to preview.

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You can save and rename the Icon on the desktop, just like any other Icon. There are no instructions on how to do this with the machine; that is why I am including it here. Internet sites can be deleted with the x F1. The sound and mute keys are used a lot. The Fn key is used to access the lower part of all these shortcuts. For example on the Mac, the last two shortcut keys on the right are good only when you use the Fn with them to dim or brighten the screen.

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I have had no successes with them as a zoom key. With the iMac Magic mouse, you can sometimes zoom larger by tapping the mouse and your screen will start to get bigger and then it will start all over again. For Mac owners this is a wonderful keyboard. As all Mac owners know, every action can be taken in many different ways - this keyboard just gives you another choice. And as for the price; you cannot beat it.

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I'm prone to spilling stuff into my keyboards, but this one has generally survived the experience. However, last night I spilled half a bottle of thick, rich beer into mine. I immediately ordered a replacement, and while I was waiting figured I had nothing to lose by trying to fix the soaked one.

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After removing the screws from the bottom don't miss the one under the QC sticker it came apart pretty easily--and looked totally disgusting inside with years of debris accumulation. I carefully separated the ribbon cables connecting the keyboard proper from the small circuit board didn't want to risk washing the electronics , and bravely gave the keyboard a thorough soaking with hot water using my kitchen sink sprayer.

Propped it up vertically in a warm location to dry. After a few hours, when everything seemed dry, I put it all back together the ribbon cables were a bit tricky , not really expecting it to work. But, it works perfectly! All the keys operate smoothly, and it looks almost like new. So, the replacement I ordered will be a spare to keep until the day when I find a more effective way to destroy the current keyboard.

I am typing this review on the keyboard and it works great. Yes it's plastic, and its not the same as a metal Apple brand keyboard, but it's also a fraction of the price. Just because something gets worn out from heavy use doesn't mean that its a bad product, it just means you used it a lot. Some of these reviewers need to get off their entitled millennial high horses and stop complaining about every little thing I've had this keyboard for over 3 years and works fine.

The keys don't feels as good as the ones on the white plastic MacBook which was what this keyboard was used on , but it isn't bad. It's probably the cheapest keyboard you can get that has the correct label and arrangements of the command keys for Macs. One issue I discovered recently is that this particular keyboard is not compatible with Clover bootloader.

If you don't know what that is, it won't matter to you, but on an off chance that there might be another person that might have the right combination of hardware, I will just note the issue here. The keyboard's power light will just blink and Clover will hang before the boot screen until you unplug the keyboard.

Once you do, Clover will continue and you can plug the keyboard back on after the Apple boot screen comes up. The keyboard will work fine after that.

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From the current pictures, there may have been an update since I purchased this keyboard. So maybe this is not a problem with the current one, it is a problem with the one I have. Gehen Sie zu Amazon. Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Alle Preisangaben inkl. EUR 21, EUR 39, EUR 22, Sie wird im Vergleich zur Steuerungstaste selten benutzt — ihre Position an einer derartigen Stelle erscheint undurchdacht.

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