Uninstall google chrome mac mountain lion

How to Uninstall Google Chrome for Mac?

When you see the message notifying you that the uninstallation succeeded, click Done. To open the uninstaller, double-click it in the Downloads window. If requested, enter your computer user name and password and click OK.

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When the uninstaller starts, click Continue. Otherwise, the uninstaller cannot finish even though it appears to finish. Verify that uninstallation is complete. Flash Player User Guide. Select an article:. Applies to: Flash Player. Flash Player information. Flash Player installation failed.

If your Flash Player installation was not successful, use the following solution to reinstall. Solution: Download and run the uninstaller.

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Determine your Mac OS version. Run the uninstaller applicable to your Mac OS version. Click the Apple icon and choose About This Mac.

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Run the uninstaller on Mac OS X One thing I do with it is surfing the net. How do I uninstall Safari from my Mac mini? In the following, we will tell you how to uninstall safari. How to Completely Uninstall Apps on Mac. Well, you can actually do it. And you can save yourself much-needed space too after you have finished uninstalling Safari.

Maybe you prefer Chrome or Firefox. But have you ever tried to uninstall something on your Mac device just by moving it to the Trash? A lot of application leftovers will still remain and this takes up space. Your Mac device ends up using up too much space just because of app leftovers.

Uninstall Mac Applications

So, how do you actually completely uninstall Safari from your Mac device? Some applications actually rely on the said browser to function properly. You must know that this might affect your system adversely. The said tool has the following features and advantages:. It also removes the associated files of the said applications. You can preview applications one by one.

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And you can choose which apps to uninstall. Everything is under your management and control. You can now experience the power of this tool without having to put out money from your pocket. You have to know that you should also find all extra, associated files of Safari to completely uninstall Safari. You simply cannot drag the application towards the Trash. Why is this so?

First, dragging it to Trash will result in leftover files being kept inside your system. Second, Safari cannot be deleted or even modified since it is necessary for the operation of OS X. Again, you have to completely delete ALL of these files to remove Safari totally. If you have OS X Yosemite Mavericks You can completely uninstall the browser Safari from your Mac device.

It can be done in two ways: easily with a tool called iMyMac and another way through manual removal of the browser. If you have the newer systems, it is impossible to completely uninstall Safari. This is true for mac OS Sierra Version The farthest you can actually go towards doing it is by resetting the Safari browser and cleaning up all the information it contains. Why is it impossible to uninstall Safari in newer versions? And of course, it only thinks about your best interests.

With the System Integrity Protection, users cannot harm their device and its corresponding system files in any possible way.