Sirius xm radio app for mac

The company has opted not to include the Howard Stern channels in the iPhone app, even though these channels are available as part of the online service. This just doesn't seem like a wise or logical decision.

Sirius/XM iPhone App Reviewed

The Sirius system sounds better than the AOL service and is comparable to Pandora, which also streams at a rate up to k. I also compared the iPhone app to my plug-and-play Sirius Sportster radio in both the car and the home, and I found that the dedicated Sirius radio sounds a bit less compressed, with more space in the highs and a cleaner low end.

For what it is, though, the iPhone app's sound quality is decent. When the cellular network signal drops too low, you may lose the stream for a second. This happened to me in the car a few times when I was receiving Edge service; then again, my Sportster radio loses reception whenever the antenna passes under an obstruction, so it's kind of a push.

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The iPhone app doesn't require an antenna or a permanent power adapter, which is definitely a plus. Disagree with our product rating?

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Already have SiriusXM in your car? Streaming is included with every All Access subscription and trial. Click any of the channels below to start streaming. Listen to your favorite episodes from our catalog whenever you want, on demand. You can even store select episodes to compatible devices.

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Plus you can go back in time up to 5 hours with Start Now, and every song starts at the beginning whenever you change channels, with TuneStart. Now your favorites, settings, listening history and more stay in sync across all of your devices. Hear it all and then some.

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Over channels including exclusive channels that give you even more music, sports and entertainment. See the Full Lineup. Enjoy SiriusXM on many devices you already own. Learn More. Supported TVs:.

Supported Players:. The application does not require a browser and can just sit on your desktop pumping out that Sat-Rad love. There is a free public preview that plays for 20 minutes and then overlays noise on the audio. If you ever bought a product from Rogue Amoeba, they will let you download a fully working app for free.

If you haven't, you can get a license key for 15 dollars. The app is not a 1.

I tried it myself on both XM and Sirius. At first, it failed with some XML parsing errors, so I shut it down and tried later, and it worked just fine. It should be noted that there are some other ways to listen besides buying an app or listening through your browser. One promising solution is the donation-ware app called StarLightXM.