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Boxshot features a huge number of customizable book shapes, including hard-cover books, paperbacks, and magazines; open and closed; standing or lying down — whatever you wish. Boxshot features the latest iPad and iPhone shapes, so if you need a cool screenshot of your app on a device — you're at the right place!

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Boxshot features a crystal-clear, hardware-accelerated editing mode that makes the most of your graphics card to give you the best scene editing experience possible. Boxshot loads high definition range images for use as environment and lighting. This makes your images very realistic. Boxshot supports complex rendering scenarios by using jobs. Create a job with a few shots of the scene and render it later, when you have time. Almost every shape in Boxshot is scriptable, so you can control the whole scene with just a few lines of code.

Scripting combined with jobs gives amazing results. Rendering may take a long time, so why not put the shape in the queue and do something else? Boxshot can render all queued shapes while you sleep. Boxshot supports resolutions up to x when running in 64 bit mode.

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That is more than A0 size at dpi! Boxshot lets you put any flat object in a stack: books, boxes, disc cases and so on. Mix them together to create a beautiful scene. Boxshot is still growing. Request features, provide feedback and get free updates. It's really cool! Why endure a photo session if you can do everything in Boxshot? Use our professional ray-tracing engine that creates production-quality, realistic images of your shapes. Boxshot helps non-professional users create amazing images. Boxshot helps you focus on your design by providing a cleaner and more intuitive user interface than any other 3D application.

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If not, you can always load your own 3D shapes and render them along with the built-in ones. Boxshot features a sophisticated materials system that supports reflection, refraction, bump, and much more. We also include a library of materials to get you started. Besides, your XP is probably final, whereas Windows 10 is still Preview. A correction, these are NOT complete builds. Usable, but still not the final, complete version of the software. And these builds will eventually expire when the final Windows 10 is released. No word as if a full clean non upgrade license will be free.

I have found that OS X Yosemite requires hardware from model year or newer, and it must have a Retina display. Apple needs to fix that, or just not allow older Mac users to upgrade older being over 1. For Windows, Windows 10 is quite good indeed, at least as good as Windows 7.

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In each side you think or go, Apple Locked your own volonty to stay with machines who satisfies you! My experience is different. I had Yose running on a Mac pro 1,1 and although I think the interface is horrid it ran perfectly. Your observations are not borne out in independent benchmark testing of Mavericks vs. MacWorld is the FoxNews of Apple news, biased as it gets and trumpets the party line, never deviating.

Have you ever seen an Apple product get a review of less than 4 or 4. Nope, never happens. Talk about conflict of interest! Best OS X version yet. Runs reasonably — not substantially worse than Snow Leopard. Though a bit grindy when more than one person is logged in :. Not fine enough for everything e.

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Great tutorial, Virtualbox is really easy which is nice. For those seriously interested in virtual machines, Parallels performance is significantly better, as is VMWare. But, both of those are paid applications, making them better for enterprise or work environments. Not sure what they expect those people to do for the time being, but Windows 10 final will be out soon enough I suppose. Most powerful of all. True Real-Time Multitasking True 64bit, and above all around. Nice programs ,and true UNIX.

Still cant be beat.

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    Anna says:. February 24, at am. Trumplestiltskin says:. Marceline says:. September 17, at am. John Hightower says:. January 22, at pm. They are high resolution and ready to download within seconds of uploading your cover image. These are just some of the great mockup templates you can select using our mockup software:. Unless the book spine is an issue for you I am certain you will love the free book mockups created with out software.

    If you are an author, publisher or product creator the chances are that you are always running into the need for your book without a background. Grab one of our 10 book png files with your cover image right inside! Adazing Menu Skip to content. Ebook Cover Creator More people use our free ebook creator than any other on the internet!

    Large selection of mock-up formats Great for authors who already have a cover Perfect for showcasing a realistic image of your book on your website or social media Our easy to use software creates free book mockups in less than 30 seconds. Why Use Our Free Book Mockups Some people love cracking open Photoshop and feeling like they put hard work into something, but other would rather focus on all the other things that need to be done, like: marketing your book Our free software easily and elegantly creates realistic mockups whatever you are trying to promote.

    To Step 1: Select the mockup template you would most like to see your book cover rendered as.