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Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Announcements. Google Chrome. Google Chrome won't launch on new installation. After installing Google Chrome for the first time on a new Mac, it fails immediately. Here are some relevant messages from the system log: Apr 19 steel ksinstall[]: Apr 19 steel com. Google Chrome[] : Service exited with abnormal code: 21 Apr 19 steel ksinstall[]: This user installation will be skipped.

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Looks like your browser profile has been corrupted, that being the case, tyr creating a new profile by following the below steps:. Quit Google Chrome completely. In the Mac menu bar at the top of the screen, click Go.

How To Update Mac with Apple Software Update (OS 10.8 and earlier)

Select Go to Folder. Locate the folder called " Default " in the directory window that opens and rename it as " Backup default. A new " Default " folder is automatically created as you start using the browser. Let me know how it goes. There is no Default folder in that location Ever since I installed it, Chrome has closed immediately after I started it, so I don't think it ever got as far as to create a default profile for me.

Thanks for posting back, Jim!

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Could you confirm, if you can see a folder named Profile1 in that location? If yes, try renaming it to backup profile and check if that helps. I'd also suggest you to share a screenshot of the folder you've able to see in that location Eliminate sensitive information. Here's a screenshot of the folder If the issue persists, try downloading offline installer by following the below steps:. Move the file to the computer where you want to install Chrome. Open the file, and follow the onscreen instructions to install. Still no luck:. Thanks for writing back, Jim! In case you've any other device, I'd suggest you to try using Chrome on it and share your results.

Update Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac computer – Davidson College

If you're the only user of the computer, you're probably an administrator. Just use your usual login and password. Google Updater is designed to download and install programs in the fastest and most efficient way possible; however, if you're using a dial-up connection, it may still take a while to install programs. You can look at the progress bar in the Google Updater window to see how your installation is progressing. Google provides separate installers for these.

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  • How do I install programs? Click the program you want to install. Click the Install button. That's fine. You can pick and choose whichever Google programs you like. And you don't have to decide all at once. Whenever you want to add or remove a Google program, you can use Google Updater.

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    Once you have installed Google Updater, you can use it any time to install more software. How will I know when there are updates or new programs available?

    Google Chrome won't start on MacOS

    Google Updater keeps track of the programs you have installed and can alert you when new versions become available. By default, updates are installed automatically. Double-click the Google Updater icon. Uncheck the box labeled "Notify me when updates are installed". Click "Done". Google Updater is set to update all your installed Google software. Google Updater keeps itself up-to-date automatically, in addition to updating the other Google software you've installed. How do I uninstall programs? Click the program you want to uninstall. Click the Uninstall button.

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    To uninstall Google Updater, you first have to uninstall other Google software on your computer. You can't uninstall Google Updater while you have Google software on your computer because we need it there to keep your software up-to-date. If you have any Google software other than Updater , click it, then click Uninstall. Click Google Updater. If asked, enter an adminstrator account name and password. Google Updater for Mac has been retired because Google software, such as Desktop and Notifier, no longer require its use.

    If you had it installed, we did some housecleaning and automatically removed the program for you, using GoogleUpdaterGhostInstaller. Introduction - How does Google Updater work?