How to use remote for powerpoint on mac

PowerPoint Keynote Remote Install

Important: For best results, set Apple Watch to wake and display Keynote when you raise your wrist during the presentation. Then tap Last Used App swipe up to see it.

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  2. Mac OS Presentation Remotes for PowerPoint and Keynote.
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Advance to the next slide or build: Tap. Return to the previous slide: Press firmly on the watch display, then tap. The Apple Watch screen updates to display both the Forward and Back buttons. To return to the previous slide when both buttons appear, tap. If you stop and restart the presentation, or if Apple Watch goes to sleep and then wakes up, the Apple Watch screen redisplays only the Forward button. To return to the previous slide on the presentation device and to the two-button screen on Apple Watch, press firmly on the watch display, then tap.

Stop playing the presentation: Press firmly on the watch display, then tap. If you followed the directions in the introduction to this task, Keynote appears whenever you raise your wrist to control the presentation from Apple Watch. This feature is useful, for example, if you want to emphasize a particular bullet point on your slide—you can underline or circle the bullet point for your audience. Use the laser pointer: Tap the laser pointer and move your finger around the slide; the laser pointer follows your movements.

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  • Erase the last highlight: Tap. Continue tapping to undo all your drawing on the slide. Return to the previous slide or advance a slide: Tap the left or right arrow on the slide.

    PowerPoint Keynote Remote Control - Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

    In the presentation manager , tap. Add another presentation device: Tap Add a Device, then follow the onscreen instructions. Remove a presentation device: Swipe right across the name of the device, then tap Delete. Reselect Enable when you want to use them again. Open Keynote on the iOS device that you want to use as a remote. The device displays the Set Up Remote screen. Click Remotes at the top of the Preferences window, then select Enable.

    Best presentation remotes for mac

    Click Link next to the device you want to use as a remote. A four-digit code appears on the Mac and on the device. Verify that the four-digit codes match, click Confirm, then close Keynote preferences. After the devices are linked, you can control the presentation from the remote device.

    Use iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as a remote control You must first set up the iOS device to be a remote control, as described in the previous task. Play the presentation on the Mac. Switch back to your Mac… Click on Link next to the device and enter the 4-digit passcode. I would suggest have an iPod Touch just for use as a remote rather than utilizing your iPhone. It says that system requirements are for Windows only…but the remote acts like a wireless USB keyboard and so it can be made to work great on the Mac.

    They work well with Keynote on the Mac as well.

    Controlling the presentation with a remote - iWork -

    Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. February 20, Tim Cimbura Here we discuss three presentation remote options that will assist you in changing slides during your next presentation. It has the following features: Allows you to look at the current slide and your speaker notes portrait view or the current slide and the next one landscape view.

    Timer option Up to ft wireless range Simple finger swipe controls You need to own an iPhone or iPod Touch to use this remote option…and it only works with Keynote…not PowerPoint.

    PowerPoint Keynote Remote

    Here are instructions for how to set up your own temporary wireless network between you Mac and iOS device this will not provide live internet access…just a connection between the devices : On your Mac… Open System Preferences and click on Network. Select WiFi and be sure it is on. Select a Channel: or leave as default. Select Security: None for simplicity. Open your presentation in Keynote. Select Wi-Fi and make sure it is set to ON. From Choose a Network… select the network you just created on your Mac. Press the home button to go back to your app screen and open the Keynote Remote app.

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    Select Settings. Click on New Keynote Link… and make note of the 4-digit passcode. There will be no worries about getting interrupted by a phone call mid presentation. Slimmer than an iPhone. Smooth slideshow controls.