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Includes 12 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Amanita Design. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. About This Game The definitive version of Machinarium is live! Now in full-screen with 12 new achievements, additional languages and full controller support. World: Machinarium world is populated only by robots of various forms and functions. Push the switch up to tear out toilet.. Pick up cord.

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Take it to King and plug it into his head. This opens game where you have to shoot 33 evil bots. Hint: take path to right. Keep going right past next screen, then follow path down. Continue to find key to gun. Thanks to William for the map! After defeating evil bots, King will give you a bulb. Walk down stairs on right. Return to elevator. Walk out door to right. Walk to box on the left. Click on box. Remember the frequencies on the box. Return to the King's chamber.

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Approach the orange screen on the left. Click the screen and dial in the frequencies from the box. Memorize the tune played. Posted by: eileen October 28, PM. This is a game that uhhh The world is so beautiful and the creatures are 'living' that you will feel like you can enter the game and play with them XD. How long is the game? I'm not sure how long it will take if you sit there with a walkthrough in front of you.

Without a walkthrough though I've been finding the puzzles quite challenging and I've been playing for a couple of hours so far, dipping in and out of it. It's an absolute delight of a game. Made it to the 3rd screen in the canyon, but totally stumped. Figured out the handrail and dials to move the arm, but not sure how to get the scoop. In the long run, it may not matter that much to you, but so much to the game designers.

You show appreciation and keep them in business. SonicLover - if any game was deserving of your epic narrative-walkthroughs, this would be it! I might just buy it so I can follow along with your story telling :. Had I money to spend on the Internets, I might do it here, just because it's a game by the Samorost creator, and there's a Mac version. Lacking that, however How long is the demo? The demo itself is around minutes, depending on how clever you are.

I think I'll hold off for now until my financial situation is a bit more stable That was not 20 minutes. Way too easy, and I felt like the crossing-the-bridge one was kind of a waste of time, since I could have just jumped off a cliff myself instead of convincing a guard that I was a guard as well, just so I'd slip off the bridge anyway.

I can't get the guy to shoot the dog with the plunger gun no matter what. He just keeps doing the thought bubble about getting the dog with the plunger gun and the walkthrough told me the solution, which I was ALREADY trying to do! I had to use the walkthrough to get it. Oooohhhhhh yes! I intend to savour the graphics and scenery with the music and enjoy the puzzling. Amanita Design have without exception created stunning games. And I have to say, to be able to download the soundtrack of the game as a bonus when you download the full version is joy.

Pure bliss! It's a brilliant game, as expected. I love how all the characters have personalities of their own and how the robot has memories cos it makes you identify with it and try harder to finish the game I hope it has a happy ending! It also makes you want to hug it :. However, it's a bit more difficult than the review would have you believe.

I've been making the poor robot exercise for a whole minute and nothing. I tried slower and faster, moving the bird from one part of the cable to the other, and I think I'll make the robot fall apart sooner than get the bird to give me my puzzle piece :. I really enjoyed this game all in all! It's very beautiful and the soundtrack was amazing :. So glad they included it so I can listen whenever I want! I found most of the puzzles logical and could solve them by myself despite a couple of "huh?

The projector lens in the fly trap How was I supposed to know that's where it'd be? I spent ages trying to see the spots on the butterfly flying around, and assumed I couldn't see the other wing. Shoot-em-up in the big robot's brain, which I felt was a bit of a let down for a climactic end puzzle. In saying that I loved the idea of the locked walkthrough book, a few times I was tempted to take a peek, but then after dieing a couple times on the little game I decided to make another attempt, but on puzzles that I found were far to frustrating such as:.

The final sokoban-esk box pushing puzzle in the arcade I spend half an hour before I gave up! I was willing to play through the game to get past the part that frustrated me. The idea was very clever. I found the heart-thumpingly tricky bomb puzzle to be a much better climax, and if this puzzle and the Big head robot puzzle had been switched It would have made for a more emotionally tense ending. That said, I spend a nice afternoon playing through it and I still rate it 5 mushrooms.

I agree that it was a bit of a confusing puzzle. I would suggest standing around in quite a few of the scenes just to take in the music and the interaction with the scenery our little friend has I'm having some trouble in the prison. For some reason I can't enter the middle door, what am I doing wrong?

I can't find it. Could anybody help me with the part where you're suppoused to shoot the dog with the plunger gun? The guy keeps doing the thought bubble where he thinks about the action but doesn't actually do the action. You won't receive the light bulb, but you will receive something that will help you get to it.

To answer smjjames's question: Go back to the prison and look in the cell where the two scared robots were. Look at the ceiling. It should be clear what to do from there. Just shoot the damn dog with the damn plunger gun already!!! I don't know why I'm stuck on this as I'm doing everything correctly. Is it complete? Maybe your missing a part that is in the room recently occupied by the two shady guys that got away. I'm disappointed that the musicians' beautiful jam tune doesn't seem to be included in the soundtrack.

Just copy it, change the extension to. I'm stuck at the arrow puzzle I got it to alternate with up and down arrows, with one blank space at the bottom Just spent the last four hours playing this, and I am totally engrossed! I am finding it quite challenging and have resorted to the key mini-game walkthrough a couple times.

Every time I do so I feel a twinge of regret -- not because I'm ashamed I needed the hint, but because it shortens the amount of time I'll be playing the game! I almost want it to go on forever Arcade Terrace: "Stretch up and squat down in a regular rhythm; keep doing that until the wire breaks". I have done this so many minutes But the wire doesn't break. I checked the walkthrough above and that seems to be the right thing to do, am I missing something? Plus you get to download the game in Windows, Mac and Linux formats, as well as the soundtrack for the game.

I just can't get it to pick up! Lucie, How do you change the file to an mp3? I was able to find the file on my computer but can't change the file type or get it to play I've been waiting sooo long for this. I'm beyond excited. I can't wait to play but I'm in the middle of moving. Boo, hiss. I can not for the life of me win the key mini game.

I can't even get past one spider. I need a version where none of them move I've been trying now for 3 hours out of sheer determination. The same button that starts the key game moving. It took me a while to figure that one out too. RF - after you get the elevator to work, you should now be able to climb up the drainpipe just up and to the right of the elevator doors. IE: first you raise your robot, the rope goes up, then when the rope go down, quickly duck, and so on. It is quiet hard, but you know you are doing it right if the rope swings harder. He will give you paper access to arcade. Get into the bicycle and move your mouse in circle, you need to move it in proper speed.

The meter will go up and you will hear click in each cycle if you do it right. Keep cycling until arcade 1 turned on. After arcade 1 turned on, play it. It is a space invader game. You got three lives and need to get score. Just like other space invader game, it is best if you shot the bonus red UFO. You got 5 minutes to match the numbers with correct fuse, just follow the cables.

Just like the walkthrough game, there is one downward here: you can't spam bullets and clicking a lot times will cause your character to be unresponsive. You will go up with your girl-robot to the king's room. Here your goal is to activate the ladder. Hear the music and remember it, then go to rooftop and play it on the machine. There are total 7 notes. It is As soon as you hear a sound and the ladder came out, click on the wheel so the robot girl turn it. It should be longer with some scenery, even seeing our characters fly above town with townsfolk waving would be sweet. Right click, copy, and paste so that you have a duplicate to work with I don't like to mess with the original files.

Then just click the file name once so that it's highlighted and you can type a new name. Highlight only the last , type mp3 instead, and click outside of the name box somewhere to get out of name-changing mode. Then you just have to import the newly renamed file into your iTunes or wherever. I'm stuck in 'Security Breach Furnace' I have the key, the scooper picks me up but the only arrow that appears drops me back in cart.

No arrow appears over the platform on the left. Thanks Lucie for the instructions on how to save the buskers' tune. I'm still in awe of Machinarium. No other point and click game is going to come anywhere near this one for quite some time. The subtleties, the detail; like JohnB said, "It's obvious everyone at Amanita Designs poured their heart and soul into this game". I have a problem. In the elevator after you got the lightbulb i placed in one of the empty holes. Anyone know how to get the other one or to get it out?

When I press the "play" button, it doesn't visually depress or cause anything to happen. This occurs no matter which direction the arrow is pointing in. I thus can't move the giant oil can to where it should be. I've read both the in-game walkthrough and the walkthrough here and as far as I can tell, I've done everything correctly. Any thoughts? Sorry to post yet again but I really need to thank Lucie again - I'm in raptures! I copied and saved the busker tune as you suggested and now I have it and I'm as happy as a robot sucking down sump oil Thnx a bunch :.

Without noticing it, I had moved the oil can back towards the grey structure with the pipes. If you do this, it seems the only way you can get it out again is to set the clock to 5. The button will then depress and move the can. It's a lovely game so far, though trickier than I was expecting having played Samorost and the sequel. It took me a while to figure that brute force doesn't work, but the machine can be tricked. I took a screenshot of the final step just before the computer lost. I used the following strategy to set it up as seen on the picture:.

Start building in a saw-like diagonal pattern blue arrows until you get an uninterrupted horizontal line with three of your screws the horizontal rectangle outlined in red on the pic. Using two other screws, build a straight vertical line that intersects your horizontal line the way outlined on the pic yellow arrows and the second red rectangle. If the computer is giving you a hard time here, you could do another saw-pattern instead. Watch the computer trying to figure which one of your two lines to block. It may help to disguise your pattern with fake line attempts so the computer blocks those instead.

It still won't be easy and you need luck too, but at least it's something to go by. Good luck. I have the controls set but when i jump in the cart i have no idea how to change the direction of the machine to fling me the other direction. I've tried clicking everywhere over the left ledge I'm having trouble with the game in the Green house. I got the first four just fine, but I can't crack the final two puzzles. Any help? Where do I start? Help please. I've tried everything and cant shoot the dog. I think I need a piece of string or something like that to hold the plunger to the gun but I've looked everywhere and cant find one.

The comments and walkthrough haven't helped. What am i missing? This is a beautiful game. I love it even the frustrating parts. Thanks for the kind words. One more note: there are some hidden musical gems in there too. I like , which is a tune that plays on another "station" on the radio that gives you the notes for the music puzzle.

I actually copied the entire folder of music tracks and changed each extension to. Whew, I finally shot the dog. Took forever and it was just a little thing keeping me from doing it. Now I'm stuck again. There is no fly paper under the shelf and I'm sure I will need it at some point.

Also I cant figure out how to turn the inside part of the clock. The crank only turns the outside. Can anyone please help. I am on the arrow puzzle on the outside prison. I carry the two boxes to the botton of the magnetic tool. I have done the puzzle, and the magnetic thing seems to work, but it dont get get the box. I am stuck on this for days and i thing it is a bug, cause I solved the puzzle, the thing seems to work but nothing happens. Can someone help me? Is there a way to debug or only starting over and praying????

The pattern on the 0 floor of the elevator is not solvable, am I right?

That could have been interesting EE. Actually I didn't figure it out: I found the information about the music files and changin their extensions on another forum after doing a bunch of searching, and just passed the information on here. I managed to solve the bird on a wire puzzle after I realized the surface of my table was too smooth so my mouse didn't have much traction and the cursor was moving too fast.

I put my mouse on top of a piece of woven fabric and I was able to make the movements a lot easier. I've seen the robot who plays the five-in-a-row game actually makes mistakes and not take the chance to win. But the way to play the game is just like strategy you would use in games like Reversi or Go. You try to set up a situation in which if he blocks one line of five, he leaves you open to finish another one.

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Don't bother trying to complete a five-in-a-row if you know he'll block you. Just leave it open, block him to prevent him from winning, and try to trick him. Can somebody help with the minigame in the Greenhouse? I'm totally stuck on the last two puzzles. I started my game over because it had no fly paper in my game and with this new one it was there.

I'm having so much trouble with the puzzle at the electric post. I never was very good at solving these and the hints and locked mini game, even with the picture there I cant do it. Been working on it for 2 days. Its the one with the missing piece that you have to make a path. Impossible for me. Ended the whole game in just a day!! Thanks to the walkthroughs Very challenging puzzles I'd say. MatheusBLZ - If you've solved the leapfrog puzzle then all you have to do is flip the switch on the left side of the puzzle box back to the "up" position.

Use the key which you pick up on the far right of the scene to open the box on the ledge on the left. The only wires you need to switch are the blue ones. Switch one set so that the red wires are connected to the black and the black to the red wires. Did you notice the owl took one of the pieces? You'll have to get it from him.

I'm stuck on the elevator, there's a stick hooked over a lamppost that you need to stretch up and get. He stretches but doesn't quite reach it. I'm sure I'm overlooking something small and silly. Any idea what it might be? I am having trouble frying the cat. I switched one of the tiles and pulled his tail but nothing happens. I have given the batteries to the guard for his doll, but the elevator doors do not open, any suggestions. I have used the sizzled cat, and all musicians are playing, but I still have the cat in my inventory, is that relevant? Further to trying to give the doll to the bot in the very beginning.

I extended the robot and he swallowed the doll. From here on I cant go on I keep getting the hint balloons every time I click the bot and simply cant get my way out of this. Please help.

The extraordinary adventures of a robot in love

Freddy - It seems as though you're having problems using items. If you mouse to the top of the screen you'll see items in your bot. Click the item you want to use and it will be active in the scene. Good Luck! I am feeling very stupid right now. I've read through all of the post and nobody has been stuck where I am. That makes me think I've missed something very easy.

Machinarium: Pointing-and-Clicking the Future

I'm in the clock area. I've done almost all of the game without the hint book, but had to open it to figure this one out and it didn't help:. Where do I get the oil or sunflower oil for this guy's wheelchair? Nothing is working and the hint book says I give the can right back to him and then he tells me about sunflower oil or something.

I'm completely confused. Thanks to anyone who can help me. Very upset to be stuck here after I've gotten so far without help. Many goals in Machinarium take a while to be accomplished. It sounds like from your description you have quite a way to go before you'll solve this puzzle. For example, have you already. I dropped the bird, completed the puzzle and charged the wire.

I unplugged the drill, pulled the wire and moved the ladder. When the cat jumps on the railing nothing happens. I can't fry the cat. I know the wire's live, I get a charge when I touch it. Do I need to reload and start over?