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Hey Minhaz. Welcome to the Ziggo Community. Thanks for making this topic, so we can help you! I don't know the reason of this problem at once. So i could use more information.

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What is this new wifi hotspot from Ziggo you're talking about? A modem, or a wifi-booster or something else? Can you give us the brand and model number?

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When you say "jump between 5G and non 5G", do you mean switch between the 2,4ghz and the 5,0 wifi-networks? Do these two network have diffrent names? SSID's Please let us know, so we can help you asap. De Ziggo Moderators helpen waar nodig, gaan voor overzicht en een positieve sfeer. Samen weten we meer!

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It is a modem. If I switch between these 2 networks a number of times, it starts working at some time. But it does work again when say for example I take my laptop outside home and come back later. It may help. If this doesn't help Twitter, ziggo and espn are all sites that can only be reached over IPv4. This will also be the case for the majority of Sites on the Web. See 1 how you can check a particular site for being Dual Stack or IPv4-only.

My conclusions are: You have IPv6 Firmware running on the ConnectBox it is one of two possible types of IPv6 Firmware ; this means that an IPv6 Connection will be made whenever possible or an IPv4 Connection otherwise; The Firmware is sometimes not working properly since it looks like you can only make an IPv6 connection to the outside world when the problem occurs the solution There's an easy solution that may solve your problem: replace the Firmware by IPv4-only Firmware.

The fastest way to do this, is contacting the Ziggo Chat: www. We may however first look a litle deeper in the current problem, to find out if it can be solved or not. It will at least give better understanding of what's going on. Let me know if you're interested in some more investigation. What we need to do is looking in the ConnectBox what kind of IPv6 Firmware it runs and inspect the address assignments of the MacBook when in trouble. When needed, I can give you details how to do this, later on.

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Type the Domain Name of the site, like f. Hello, I have previously tried factory reset but it did not work. Now if you like to check further on the issue as you yourself suggested, please let me know what to do. I am ready to help. Or should I ask Ziggo to change the firmwire of the device.

Please let me know at your earliest. I'm sorry that my reaction is a bit late. Can't test this. Don't have a ConnectBox myself. I included 2 Images as examples. Its not needed to include an image, but if you decide to do so, please blur private info like in the examples. I'm also interested in the address info of the MacBook when the problem occurs. Especially what the IPv4 address assignment is. A connection over Ipv4 seems to be the problem, right? What I can find is f. Please show an Image, if possible.

Your problem, as I understand it, does not only occur on the MacBook but on other systems you use, too. Just a double check: Am I right here? If so, I'm afraid, that something is wrong with your ConnectBox and it is not some strange event just related to your MacBook. You tried a factory reset of the ConnectBox, to no avail. You can try just once more, but we can't be optimistic about the result. Maybe a swap of the ConnectBox by another is an option. This can be arranged with the help of a Ziggo Moderator of this Community.

I can give an alert to the Mod Team for this, to visit this Topic faster than they always will do. And as always, a replacement of the Firmware by IPv4 Firmware, can still be a kind of shot in the dark solution. I promise to react fast to your findings. Regards Han. Hey, jarielcapitain You are our man!

Many thanks. Keep on following this Topic. Together we will get the best result. Hello Han, Thanks for getting back to me. Actually I cannot the page that you have mentioned. Also in response to your questions, Han, please be informed that my housemates who has Windows and Android devices are not facing any issues.


Ok, when Windows and Android Devices work fine in your Network then the ConnectBox is not the first suspect to be the cause of your problem. You mentioned these other devices in the opening of the Topic, but it slipped my mind, to be honest. Thanks for pointing out this fact again. That explains the timeout of the Login Page of the ConnectBox. We need to focus on the MacBook first. Unfortunately you show an image of Proxy Settings.

I can see that the MacBook has a wireless connection. Is it possible to test it with a cabled connection?