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I appreciate your help. The files you moved from the XP machine to the Mac probably have permission set incorrectly. Find the folder of pics that you moved from the CD. Using the drop down, set the owner to yourself. This should give you read and write permissions. Worst case scenario, you have to do them all individually. Permissions are not just a Mac thing, XP has them too. The owner of the folder with the pictures in is probably, according to XP, your girlfriend. Give it a try and let us know P.

As others pointed out, all files on the mac os have permissions and ownership. Once you have done the get info suggestion you might want to run repair permissions using Apple's Disk Utility. While in the Get Info window check the "open with:" drop down to make sure it corresponds to the application you expect to open these files.

Method 1. Locate and place the missing files back to the original location

The authentication means you don't have permission to access the file or folder. If you have multiple users the OS automatically only allows access to files for that user i. If you click on another userid and try to access those folders you will see a red stop sign symbol with a line through it on the folders. This means you don't have permission to access.

Note: to save time you can do a get info on multiple files instead of doing them one at a time. Just work on one file type like JPG and select them all in the finder and do the get info. Then change the permissions. Good luck.

Rename Multiple Files/Folders in Mac OS X

It looks like I might have to do every file itself, but once it's done, it's done. As before, thanx mr.

Can't create/rename folders in Outlook for Mac

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Forums Hardware Storage. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. May 29, 1 0 4, 0. I just purchased an external hard disk drive. I created a folder in it, but i cannot rename it. Do not change any entries on the left side of a row—bad things will probably happen if you do! But if I create a new row for it, using the existing rows as a template, I can then rename the Library folder, too:.

Before doing anything else, make sure your backup copy is there, just in case you want to easily undo these edits.

In Mac OS, why can't I change the name of a hard drive, folder, or volume?

Now drag and drop your edited file back into its original en. In the dialog box, though, is an Authenticate button. Provide it, and your modified file will replace the stock one you did check your backup first, right? To use the modified file, you need to restart the Finder. The best way though most time consuming is to simply logout and login again.

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