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Data Guardian 3 is perfect for those who also use a PC, because it's one of the only top-tier apps that are available for both systems, which means it offers great cross compatibility. Unfortunately, it doesn't use the absolute best encryption in the industry — AES bit — and instead uses Blowfish bit encryption. While its encryption is strong, it's not at the level of AES So, that's a major setback.

Pair that with the fact that it doesn't have a file shredder, and Data Guardian 3 falls lower and lower on the list for Mac encryption and protection needs. Hider 2 is an elegant, sophisticated option.

How Do I Password Protect My Files & Folders In macOS?

Not only does it use top-of-the-line AES encryption to protect your data when hiding, it offers password protection of files and folders to make things easier and more secure. And, you only have to enter one password for the "vault. You can even categorize your many folders and files to easily find them within your vault.

What's more, it's one of few programs for Macs that feature a file shredder option, which deletes unwanted files permanently off your drive. To top it off, you can protect an external drive in the same way, continuing to provide security away from the computer. It's easy to think you're safe because you can't see the criminal in the digital age.

But they're out there. Now, knowing how to set password for folders and docs, you'll be ready.

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All of these methods and applications have their merits. If you can't or don't want to spend any money at all to protect your Mac, the disk utility that comes with it is probably your best bet.

Windows 10 Pro folder encryption

But if you're looking to upgrade to really protect your assets, Hider 2 is tough to beat with its extensive features. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. How to Lock a Folder on a Mac.

Using Encrypto

Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. And click Save to finish this encryption process. Maybe you will think this free way without any software is a little complex and tedious, if you long for a simple way, you can use the following two easier ways.

How To Password Lock Folders On Mac

There are also ways to password protect folder Mac without using Disk Utility. Perhaps the first way is not convenient and useful enough. MacFort is a competitive and wonderful tool that gives you the ability to password protect folders and files on Mac. Just with simple clicks, it will let you password protect several applications data, such as iPhoto Library, Outlook, Evernote etc. It provides day free trial without e-mail register. Launch it.

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Set your vault name and password. Then click Create button. Note that if you forget the password there is no way to retrieve it. Click the left arrow privacy on the right top. Then click the Add symbol to import folders that you want to password protect. Click the button beside Location option to choose the folder. Then name it and click OK button. Now that it's done.

If you want to unlock the folders, you can double-click them in the list or press Decrypt option and then type the password. Though MacFort for Mac encrypts folders using the same disk image method as Disk Utility, it creates password to lock folders much more quickly than Disk Utility, with the help of a friendly and intuitive interface.

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  6. It is a standalone app to password protect folder Mac without Disk Utility, and no one can view an encrypted vault without knowing the correct password. If you are interested in using this tool, you can get your free trial on its official website. In the parts above, we talk about how to password protect a folder on Mac. In this part, we are going to share a bonus tip. If you want to password protect apps or websites on Mac, not only folders and files, Cisdem AppCrypt would be a fantastic choice.

    Locking a File or Folder on the Mac to Prevent Changes & Deletion

    It is designed specifically for MAC system to protect your applications and block the distracted website on Safari and Google Chrome. It is the best encryption software for Mac that will allow you to safely and securely password protect iPhoto, iTunes, Contacts, iMovie, Facebook or any app and website you like on your Mac. And it also encrypts your files in an indirect way.

    Once closed, everything is clean. Without the master password, whatever you stored in Concealer will be inaccessible. There are also some other smart features that may interest you. But the point is that you can simply drag-n-drop files and encrypt them with best security. Unlike the Terminal and Utility Disk methods, you should have Concealer app for encryption and decryption.

    However, there is a free trial version that allows you to save a limited amount of data.

    How to Password-Protect A Folder on Mac

    However, we are going to compress the folder or file with a password. This way, the contents cannot be accessed without a password. In my case, I had my files on Desktop. So, this means the file Photo. You have to provide a strong password after the command. In a second or two, you can see the zipped file on your Desktop.

    Do one more thing: delete the original file, since the same is safe inside one ZIP file. As you can see, this method works like a piece of cake. Also, this password protection would work even if you transfer the ZIP file to somewhere else. The folder will not be shown in Spotlight search anymore. So, we have covered the 5 best ways to make a private folder on macOS.

    How to Password-Protect A Folder on Mac

    The first four methods use higher levels of encryption while the fifth one is compression. If you ask us, Utility Disk is our favorite one. Let us know in the comments. But when he's not writing about technology, he is interested in Food and pop culture. You may also like. Forgot or Lost Fire Stick Remote?