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If you have many such files, chances are that you need to edit MP4 videos. Although various MP4 editors are available on the market, they are a little space-consuming in order to ensure good performance. Here I'd like to share a powerful and efficient MP4 editor that designed for beginners and hobbyists. With it, you're able to trim, rotate, crop, merge MP4 files, as well as personalize your MP4 videos with rich text, filter and transitions.

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Moreover, after you finish MP4 video editing, you can directly share your creation on YouTube, Facebook, or save to any format you want. To cut your MP4 video in to certain parts, drag and drop the video on the Timeline and highlight it. Then place the red Time Indicator to where you want to cut the video, and click the Scissor button above the timeline.

After that, move the red marker to the end of the scene, and repeat this again to cut the video into several fragments. If you want to cut off the unwanted parts, right click the video and choose "Delete".

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To join several MP4 video files into one, you just need to place all the video files on the timeline, adjust the order and hit "Create" to export it. If you want to make the joined videos look like a really intact movie, just add transitions between clips for smooth change from one to next. To do this, click "Transition" tab on the main screen. If you don't want to choose the transition one by one, let the software choose the transition randomly by right clicking and selecting "Random to All" option.

Sometimes you may need to adjust the settings of audio. Cons: It is known for suffering from frequent crashes. It has never been easier to make movies with iMovie. Just choose the clips you want to use. Insert titles, add effects, and create a full soundtrack with powerful tools that are as simple as drag and drop. Pros: - User-friendly interface - Improved audio editing and fun movie trailers Cons: - Not support direct import - Very time consuming to import trans-coding and pre-processsing.

This free video editing software is a set of essential tools for everyday video editing covering all of the basics such as converting between formats, trimming footage, appending one clip to another, and applying filters and effects. While Avidemux doesn't offer the most extensive video editing feature set, it's not a pared-back Windows Movie Maker style affair either.

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You might have to go hunting for some of the more advanced options, and using them may require you to look at some of the many online tutorials written by its community of users. Pros: - It is fairly simple to use and is lightweight.

MP4 Editor: Choose the Best MP4 Video Editor by Yourself

Cons: - The interface is outdated. As a non-linear editor, VSDC works in rather a different way to many other similar tools, letting you position video clips and other elements on the timeline wherever you like and edit them there. I have been looking for this application for years! Final Cut Pro has never liked avi.


I downloaded this in 2 minutes started dropping in avi files and VIOLA — I converted them all to mac friendly files — fast and easy. This is a MUST have app for every mac owner who does a lot of work with video. Thank you for your valuable comment. We are so glad that our product has been helpful to you. Please pay close attention to us. Thank you! I feel this app needs more reviews of love.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018

I searched forever trying to find a way to put my movies onto apple devices since they are so picky. Perfect little program, and even includes subtitle encoding!

Here are 3 ways to convert your FLV files to the MP4 file format

Please download this app if you like your movies on the go like me. Thank you for your valuable comments. We couldn't be happier that our product has been helpful to you.

Best (Free) MP4 Video Editor on Windows or Mac

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