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Launch the Address Book once more. So, the Mail app fails at the beginning. Have you tried to handle this situation by managing your accounts and forcing them to switch on one-by-one rather than having all personal accounts launch at one time? You should probably do that to see if it helps! Do it before opening the application. Make sure your Apple computer is not connected to the Internet.

It will prevent Mail from downloading various messages while starting.

1. “macOS High Sierra download has failed.”

You will need Accounts over there. Every account has one next to it. Simply remove the ticks. Every separate account should be given some time to download the emails before activating the next one on the line. Extensions may also slow down the work of Mail. Perhaps, it is worth disabling some of the third-party extensions, especially those dealing with VPN and DNS, and watch the application working speedily again. It often helps. Once you remove the useless extensions, make sure to reboot Mail.

Fix Mail crashing after upgrading to Yosemite

It is important to identify the failing extension first by activating and deactivating each one-by-one. Sometimes, contacting the developer may help to solve the issue. Mind the displayed list. Make sure it does not have a tick in it.

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Escape in order to restart the app. After activating it again, exit and relaunch the application once more. The last thing to fix is an iCloud account in case a Mac owner prefers this one to send and receive e-mail messages. In case the system refuses to deliver your messages with the help of iCloud, several simple steps may solve the issue.

How to fix crashing in macOS High Sierra after upgrade

Remove the tick from the box behind Mail. After the process is over, switch on Mail in the same way. Then, quit the System Preferences menu. Open Mail along with the Accounts tab in Preferences. Select iCloud. Once you install the latest version of macOS Sierra or High Sierra, the problems with mail may occur.


It does not mean there is something wrong with this version of OS. Often, a re-launch is enough to prevent Mail from getting stuck. To make the procedure safe for your entire information, do the backup first. The initial stage is to shut down the Mail app just like in most of the cases. The quickest is to do it via Terminal. Apparently, this is not the only password issue with High Sierra. There has been detected a problem where macOS High Sierra would show you your original password instead of a password hint.

Meanwhile, you can protect your important data with a trusted encryption solution. Hider 2 app is a nice one and is quite flexible for most users' needs. Mail app in macOS High Sierra has proved vulnerable to errors as well. A few folks have reported that email notification stopped working right after the update. In other words, email banners were missing. Good news, it can be quickly fixed via System Preferences. Choose Mail 3. What else may go wrong? As a result, it takes forever to search for the things you need. Some apps offer an easy fix for this and will reindex or reorganize the Mail database on the new macOS for you.

For instance, the latest version of CleanMyMac app has a special tool that speeds up your Mail.

A quick guide to fixing El Capitan Mail problems | Computerworld

When within the Maintenance module, launch Mail Speed up tool. See the screenshot above. Despite the aforementioned problems macOS High Sierra still packs an impressive punch of simplicity and power. Get to know it more, explore the newly added features as each one has a tremendous amount of clever engineering behind it.

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    Note that offloading the Mail app will delete it but it will keep its data. Once the mail app has been deleted, simply reinstall the app. Also since the Mail is an built in app, deleting it will not remove from the home screen. You will still see its icon. And tapping the icon will also reinstall the app. Close the mail app force quit and reopen again. Trying the steps above should fix your problem if you are unable to open the Mail app.

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