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Crashes or misbehaving programs can corrupt the disk directory or application cache files. The good news: Yes, there are some things you can do. And, perhaps, adopt some more-efficient computing practices for yourself along the way. This trustworthy software is the fastest way to clean, optimize and maintain your Mac.

Far and away, the most common issue I find when computers are running slowly is that the hard drive is nearly full. When your hard drive gets too full, performance suffers. There is always a constant stream of information going between RAM and disk storage. The operating system uses disk storage for temporary data: virtual memory swap files, application cache files, etc. You start to see that rainbow beach ball more often. When space completely runs out, the machine becomes unresponsive and virtual wheels grind to a halt. The Storage tab will show the amount of available free space your Mac still has.

If the remaining space is less than 2GB, your computer is struggling. A good rule of thumb is to keep at least three times the amount of installed RAM free. To free up space, delete unneeded files, old downloads and installer files ending in. Movies, TV shows, music and pictures can also take up lots of room. You can copy some of these files to an external hard drive, then delete the originals to make more room.

Remember to empty the trash after deleting to actually free up the space. The disk directory is the list of files stored on your hard disk along with their locations.

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Sometimes this can get out of sync with the actual files on disk. Cache files are temporary holding places for constantly changing information, such as installed fonts, graphics from web pages, Spotlight indexing, etc. As above, program errors and crashes can corrupt cache files, making them fully or partially unreadable.

This, in turn, causes individual programs or the OS itself to misbehave. There are a number of utilities on the market to help with these problems, but a very simple solution is built right into your Mac: the Safe Boot. Among other things, a Safe Boot runs a full scan on the hard drive sector by sector and fixes problems found in the disk directory. It also clears cache files of old data, so you get a clean start on your next reboot. To perform a Safe Boot, restart the computer and hold down the Shift key until you reach the desktop.

This may take a few minutes, and depending on your OS X version you may see a progress bar onscreen for part of the process.

7 Known Issues With OS X Mavericks and How to Fix Them

If so are there any quick fixes? Other than that its been running smoothly. Upgrade to Maverick went without problem and everything seems to work fine except when it goes to sleep or screen saver. Any idea how to fix this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Scrolling stopped working in Safari among other places on the "History" page after upgrading. The download took me about an hour, I am lucky enough to live about m from my exchange, though that said, it was 6gb, so I have dropped it onto a USB installer. Only bug so far: every time I hibernate, my corporate Exchange info has to be deleted and reinstalled in order for me to receive Exchange email. No problems with sending. No problems with Gmail. Any suggestions? I'm waiting since Pro Tools has not been certified to work with Mavericks. I'm currently on When I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion I found that the drivers for my Brother and Epson printers were not there, also the software for my Agfa scanner.

All three of those peripherals had been working as well as on the day I bought them. I had to find and buy third party software for the scanner, and one printer, independent but free software for the other printer. I wonder how many problems would be thrown up by Maverick! Even the name rings alarm bells! I conclude that I shouldn't try to fix something that's not broke!

The commands on external keyboard on Mac Book pro don"t work anymore since I upgrade to Maverick, like send computer to sleep, etc. I notice is a lot slower. Very unhappy with the upgrade. Also 2 of my external drives are not recognized anymore. I upgraded one of my IMac's to Maverick, and "surprise" the "Pages" files I happened to open with Maverick now will not work with my other machines not yet upgraded. Terrible to lose access to my word processor documents just because I happened to open them on the "Maverick" system…….

I bought them for their higher quality and better security, but the mature looking and stable Windows 7 Pro with support until and tons of software and hardware options convinced me to switch. None of the models are even basically user serviceable or upgradable anymore,. Of the two closed systems, one has to chose the one used most by the business and corporate world as they purchase most of the machines out there.

2. Restart

Apple is done for, yes they continue to make profits, but as a serious computing platform they are no longer a viable option. I might get a few more malware issues on Windows, but restoring from a restore image is simple as using TimeMachine or Carbon Copy Cloner, no drop in performance either like with newer OS X versions. It is nice Microsoft is supporting this to , since they have yet to really fix Windows 8 for desktops laptops.

I really have no idea what they were thinking.

When your Mac runs slow, give it a tuneup

There are tear downs of the new Mini Pros and they are fairly servicable — except the GPUs — but you can get dual FirePro Ds for a very nice cost upgrade — if that is the kind of system you need. These systems are nice and fairly powerful. I do mis the optical bays, but not for the optical drives — but many aftermarket places allow you to install a boot SSD and then have a larger slow HDD for all that data — which is a great combo … but no optical drive bay — no second drive … no combo — this is kind of sad too.

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    That's all I meant. Same problem… is not possible to solve it? Fixed, thanks. I upgraded and now Mail keeps crashing when I open it.. Have you found any fix yet? Mail is useless now. Can you uninstall the OS X Maverick? Can't uninstall it….. I use Gmail for contacts and calendar, and use that service to sync to all my iDevices. This is on a Mid 17" MBP 2. A highly recommended upgrade, in my opinion.

    Mac running slow Re-Install OSX Mavericks? | MacRumors Forums

    Did upgrade from Lion. So, where's all the problems, interminable downloads and failures. You're busted guy. No stopping here anymore. Really sad. I can't fathom as to why Apple didn't allow for Safari upgrades on Snow Leopard. I will give it a shot tonight. I have had bad experiences of Apple OS upgrades.

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email Address never made public. Recommended reads. I just reinstalled and it is a lightening fast Mac again. I wish I had seen this earlier before trying many, unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem. Thanks again! Thank you for the fix Vaibhav Aggarwal. Simply repairing permissions seems to have got rid of the dreaded spinning ball and it took less than five minutes.

    Thanks to Michelle too for the site. I know I enocuntered this nusuance before and swapped out a file in the install package using a program. Any assistance would be appreciated to get this fixed once and for all. It may have to do with the fan setting in the Air since my fan is constantly running. Have you tried the other fixes that we suggested at our site? Thanks guys my mac is now blazing fast. Hi Alekks. Backups are always recommended, especially before OS X installs!

    Thanks for pointing it out. Thanks in advance! Just open Disk Utility app on your mac, select the disk on which Mavericks is installed and click Repair Disk Permissions. However, I already has Mavericks installed, so it will not allow me to reinstall Lion. What could I do? Mac book is back to normal and a pleasure to use! Thank you. Thanks so much for this article! My MacBook Pro was like molasses after I installed Maverick and the other solutions I saw for fixing the problem were very technical and time-consuming.

    I did the Mac Clean and the reinstall and everything is back to normal. Better, actually, than before. It works perfectly well. It took me less than 7 minutes. I think it might have to do with his system in particular. Thank you Cyro!

    This finally fixed my problem! I tried the reinstall of OS X Maverick, which failed. It said not possible to create recovery file. Thank you so much!! Thanks guys and girls for this posting and especially Cyro — fix disk permissions was the answer for my Macs speed problem too. Cleaning up temporary files folder added some speed also.

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